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  1. Some more details https://nypost.com/2024/04/04/us-news/royal-caribbean-cruise-horror-as-20-year-old-man-jumps-overboard/
  2. Well I read the fine print on Royal and Celebrity—-they are the same. I guess when I bid twice on Celebrity they showed cabins in all the categories that I bid on. I did mock bookings. So I am assuming my Royal bid was a waste of time. I’ll leave it just in case. Well I almost didn’t bid because we are extremely happy with our booked cabin. Thanks for all the information. This was an eye opener.
  3. This was my first Royal Up. I know that the offer went out to everyone on my cruise. It seems crazy. Thanks for the explanation. It’s different from Celebrity. When I bid on their site you could see available cabins. No guarantees but you have an idea of where you could wind up if the bid is accepted.
  4. Are you saying that the cabins that are being offered in Royal Up are not available? On Celebrity Move Up you can what cabins are available to the public and not every category is offered.
  5. I received a Royal Up offer for the following — every single category for suites from junior suites to the Royal Suite and every suite in between. My cruise is next month and it is sold out. If they have every category above the balcony available to bid on, I don’t understand why the ship is sold out. We are sailing on the Radiance. Is this common?
  6. Thanks for the quick responses. When I went to place my bid it specifically says you get suite perks for the Grand Suite.
  7. I am looking for a quick answer. I’m thinking of bidding on a Grand Suite. Will we receive all the benefits associated with the cabin?
  8. My husband doesn’t drink. We are eligible for the 2 coupons per person. Can I use his seapass or does he have to be present? He does not drink soda so obviously I will be drinking the four glasses of wine. Thanks
  9. My Radiance cruise is February 17th and it was changed from 6:00 to 5:15 for set dining. My friends cruise is January 11th and they did the same thing to her.
  10. It says on the Royal website one punch per espresso shot? Does anyone know how many espresso shots are in the caramel macchiato and the frappes?
  11. It now clarifies the amount of punches on the Royal website. It states on the bottom.
  12. What is the current limits or costs for appetizers, main course, and desserts?
  13. We enjoyed our large balcony. It was the first cruise where we could use the balcony every day of the cruise. The cabin size was okay. It could have been a bit larger. Our room steward was responsible for the suites and us. He was excellent. He came twice a day. We had signed up for the green program and we did receive the extra Captains club points. We didn’t have any issues with the location. We found the location to be very convenient.
  14. Princess Cruises will be sailing from there also.
  15. It froze in the 3rd section. I was listening with headphones and decided to play over the speaker. It froze. I had to restart. What a pain.
  16. Will that make crowded at the entrance to the dining room? Are there separate lines? Do you check in on the app?
  17. That is what it appeared to be but I never saw that before. Thanks for the response.
  18. Off subject but Radiance related, I didn’t want to start a new posting. I just saw on the Radiance Compass that main dining set time and any time dining are on the same deck. Any how I have set dining for 5:15 and I was wondering what deck that would be. Thanks.
  19. https://www.cruisehive.com/two-carnival-cruise-ships-delayed-after-heavy-fog/117281 also on port of Tampa site
  20. I’m surprised no one on board has given any details or updates.
  21. Yes but there are four Celebrity ships in the millennium class. They would all fit under the bridge. They are the same as the Constellation.
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