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  1. Well I would not be testing if the government didn’t require. Therefore I would not have the expense. To top it off they are making it more difficult by requiring testing 2 days before the cruise.I have had all 3 vaccines.
  2. So the CALL would be the classic drink package that was included in the original booking and not purchased separately - is that correct?
  3. The reason I mentioned the November 11, 2022 cruise was a valid cruise date for the Constellation because I have read on numerous posts where people clicked the wrong year when booking their cruise. I have even read where people showed up at the ports a year early not realizing their mistake. Of course they blame the cruise line. I understood what the OP was asking.
  4. There is a November 11 cruise in 2022 for the Constellation.
  5. I read 4 pm. I normally watch the port of Tampa webcam. Sometimes the ships depart a lot later than what the schedule says.
  6. Jim, I read over the cafe Al bacio menu. I did not see if they offered a non dairy milk substitute. Do you know if they offer one or more milk substitutes for the coffee drinks? Thanks.
  7. Yes they would. It tells you exactly. The offer has an expiration date.
  8. Holland America and Princess are continuing Covid protocols. https://cruisefever.net/cruise-lines-extend-vaccine-and-mask-requirements-for-cruises-through-early-2022/
  9. If I I can’t check in by the beginning of November for our November 7th cruise my TA said to call her back. She said to be patient.
  10. Jim, Did they say how many passengers are sailing on this cruise?
  11. I was able to complete the health survey on the carnival app. The website was just working.
  12. I was able to complete my health survey through the Carnival app. I did a screenshot so I would have proof.
  13. I just completed my health survey. I used the Carnival app. I did screenshot for a receipt.
  14. Same issue. I tried different devices to log on to carnival all with the same results. I’m glad it wasn’t just me.
  15. Person posted on RCCL side that Royal accepted the ID Now from Walgreens.
  16. The Constellation is the same size as the Carnival Spirit class ship. We have sailed several times on the Spirit class from Tampa. Each time we disembarked was Deck 3.
  17. I checked my cruise. It states you have to do a health assessment 3 days before. My check in date is now 2 weeks before the cruise. The time I checked it was 6 weeks before the cruise.
  18. Last Carnival cruise I brought plastic straws that I washed and took home to place in my garbage at home. We have the metal straws but I am always afraid someone will poke their eye. I also have reusable straws but I prefer the plastic ones.
  19. My RCCL offer was $200 when I spend $500. My husband’s offer was $350 when he spends $1000.
  20. You just made my day.
  21. Today I was able to click on the link in the email and it worked.
  22. OK! I just logged back in and my e document was available. This time I downloaded to my iPad. This is a very long and detailed document. At the very end there is one luggage tag to print. Obviously you can make more copies. My document shows prepaid gratuities but does not show my drink package or my onboard credit. When the website was working in the past, it showed my onboard credit and allowed me to book a dinner. I can’t access my cruise planner. Every time it is hit or miss!
  23. I read your post. I’m on the same cruise. I logged on and saw what you saw. I opened the e document. I said great. I read they are not mailing luggage tags but I wanted to see what would happen. It took all of my information but the country drop down window was not working. I then went back to the e document and it was gone!
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