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  1. I will get on a ship the first chance I get. Don't care about vaccination numbers, but hope there is no mask policy in place. I'm vaccinated and ready to get back to normal life. Vaccination is a personal choice that I don't believe should be forced on anyone, and if you are willing to take the risk, you should be willing to accept the consequences. I just hope the cruise lines don't shut down a cruise because of a couple positive tests. Arrange for quarantine facilities at the ports, and drop off anyone who tests positive(yes, myself included).
  2. If you click on the image for the beverage package, above where it says you already purchased it, it will take you to the next screen showing the current price. At least that's how it has been working for me.
  3. We always fly in the day before for peace of mind. A few years back we were flying out of Boston headed to Ft Lauderdale and there was a large group on our flight trying to get to Miami for their cruise that day. We had a delay from a staffing shortage that pushed us back a few hours, and all but assured this entire group would miss their cruise(the first day or two anyway). The panic and stress we watched these people suffer was not something I ever care to experience first hand. If I can't make my schedule work to fly in the day before, I likely won't book the cruise.
  4. I know in my cruise planner, all i have to do is click on where it says you already purchased this and it brings you to the page with the current price.
  5. I believe you are referring to me 😁 Ok, maybe not lunch, but we are usually in the 2 - 3X breakeven crowd, and we tip generously. I find that friendly conversation and a couple extra bucks here and there make the crew members happy, which makes me happy in return. I don't believe extra tips are expected, and I don't believe a crew member would give sub-par service to people who do not. I do believe that they are willing to go the extra mile for people who do though.
  6. With regard to cruising, I agree with you 100%. My response to Arthur had to do with the conversation they were having about Disney and theme parks.
  7. That is not something I'd ever heard of, and I appreciate you posting that. I went and did a little research on my own, and while not very prevalent, it is certainly something to be considered.
  8. I guess that is where our comfort levels differ. I've got a 12yr old and twin 9yr olds, and based on the way kids handle COVID, I'm not worried. We just traveled to Costa Rica for spring break with them, and continue to live our lives. At this point, I have no plan to get my older daughter vaccinated. IMO, there's really no reason to subject a young person, who has little to no risk of complications, to a vaccine that has no long term studies done on it. If the vaccine were to become mandatory for school, or school related activities, I would be willing to reconsider, but I will wait it out as
  9. It's none of my business whether you are vaccinated or not, but if you are, why are you worried about people lying about their vaccination status. I am vaccinated and don't care even a little bit if the person standing next to me is vaccinated or not. The risk is on them. If you have been vaccinated and are still worried about the person standing next to you, what was the point of getting the shot?
  10. We were in Costa Rica and an AI 2 weeks ago, and they require you have travel insurance with a bed rest add on in case you test positive on your way out. I know the resort we stayed at would put you up in a room there, but i'm not sure what other places do.
  11. I wasn't questioning, but looking for details that could be happening on different itineraries. It's good to know that loud bass is a possibility in those cabins. It seems that the longer cruises, ones where there are likely to be higher numbers of diamond and up cruisers, they use the safari for DL overflow. Perhaps that changes the nightly function of that space.
  12. almost everything aft of the forward elevators(not including the actual aft balconies) have larger overhangs starting on deck 9, then getting worse above deck 10 on Radiance class. We were on deck 8 with very little sun able to get to us under the overhang. The lower you go aft of the elevators the better the chance for sun. The deck 11 cabins on the starboard side have little to no roof above them and deck 10 on the port side are fairly exposed. Cabins forward of the elevators have a better shot at sun because they dont have the big pool deck hanging out above. Not my picture below. borrowed
  13. Please correct me if i'm wrong, but in my experience, the music has been moved to the centrum for the most part. The Safari/Colony Lounge was used for DL overflow most nights, followed by Karaoke, Quest, etc. I don't ever recall late night entertainment in that space. Perhaps that is because I was on longer sailings with less of a "party" demographic?
  14. We've done a 14 night TA on Jewel, and 11 night Southern Caribbean on Serenade and a 12 night Mediterranean on Brilliance. The Radiance Class sisters are my favorite ships in the fleet. If you're not looking for a Promenade, Flowrider, Zip Line, etc. this is the best class of ship. I do enjoy all of those things, but it just doesn't feel like a boat. To me, it feels like you're at a floating resort. The Radiance class with all of the glass for outward views feels like a ship. I've never felt like I was on an old boat that Royal just keeps around for the hell of it. We have another 14 night TA
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