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  1. Stayed here last May and it was amazing. Splurged a little and got one of the corner suites overlooking the Pantheon out one window and the fountain out the other. The "elevator" was terrifying and was best used as a luggage shuttle. I took the stairs. The pictures were taken from our windows(which open) and from under the Pantheon dome looking at the hotel
  2. Saw this a few doors down from me on last years Jewel TA. Are service cats allowed
  3. The walk off line did build quickly, and got very long after we got there. I can't remember how early we got down to the meeting area, but knowing me it was at least an hour before we were supposed to get off. In any case, we were in the front of the line.
  4. We did self disembark off Adventure of the Seas back in 2015, and were at the airport before 8. Keep in mind we were passengers 4 and 5 off the ship so we had no wait for anything. Got right through customs, directly into a cab and there were no lines at the airport yet. Bottom line is you can do it, but i wouldn't try it again. Too much stress at the end of a vacation.
  5. we've stayed at both the Condado Plaza Hilton and the La Conch Renaissance. Don't remember if they had a shuttle or not, but theyre very close to the pier. I'd stay at either again.
  6. I just booked a drink package for a March 2020 cruise and was hesitant to use my OBC because i wasn't sure how/if it was refunded in case the price dropped. Good to know.
  7. This has happened to me more than once... MIKE MIKE MIKE!!!!
  8. Romecabs got us from the ship to Rome, then Rome to the airport. I can't say enough good things about them. They were at the boat already when we managed to get off an hour earlier than anticipated and the driver was waiting outside our hotel the next morning 20min before he was supposed to be there. English speaking, very friendly and knowledgeable.
  9. We were on the Jewel for the Eastbound TA last year in cabin 8594 and the fire doors were closed every night. As Hoopster said, there was a tiny bit of noise in the hallway, but once the cabin door was closed it was silent. We never did smell any smoke
  10. We recently sailed on Seaside in YC, but our experience anywhere outside YC almost exactly mirrors yours. Getting charged for drinks that were included, wrong directions, constantly feeling like you were going to run into someone(except it was just me in the mirror). I thoroughly enjoyed the YC experience, but would never book that ship again without YC.
  11. Duracell Bunny? When did the merger happen?
  12. Congratulations on finishing your treatment, and I wish you well.
  13. We had the Royal Family Suite on deck 8 aft on Freedom in 2017. Like most people have said, the only vibration we felt was maneuvering in port. Being down on deck 6, your view is not going to be that good, and your balcony will not see much sun. Thats the trade off for having one of the biggest balconies on the ship. Having said that, you are way better off than looking at 4 solid walls in an interior.
  14. Hotel Abruzzi, as i mentioned, was a highlight of the trip. Between the location, the room and the staff, I would highly recommend to anyone. Leave it to me to not actually take a picture of the front of the hotel. I actually cropped this out of another picture I took. Our room was the window on the top floor all the way to the left. On the opposite side of the corner of the building was another window looking over the fountain. Here were some pictures we snapped from inside the room Just about the same views, but at night, plus the view of the hotel next door Then a couple we took roaming the foot path at night
  15. As i said before, the drive around Tenerife was amazing. Here are some pictures of the adventure. I really wish i took more. This was the section of the hiking path where it is only accessible by permit. You can see that it starts off relatively tame, but as you get higher it gets very narrow and winds around quite a bit. There's a good reason they only issue 30 permits per hour to go up. The view from the top was really cool. You can see how the lava cooled as it flowed down.
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