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  1. Does the butler walk you to the front of the customs line? We cruised in a suite on RCCL and the Concierge walked us right up to a customs agent bypassing the whole line.
  2. MiniChunks

    Please help - 2 Freedom itineraries

    more sea days and the ABC's makes 4th of July a no brainer for me
  3. MiniChunks

    Seaside cabin 18024, 18029

    Thank you. Those are great!
  4. MiniChunks

    Seaside cabin 18024, 18029

    We booked the Seaside with our kids for next April, and ended up in YC suite 18024. It is showing this as an accessible stateroom which is a little larger than normal balcony suites, with a larger balcony. Has anyone been in this cabin, and more importantly have information or pictures?
  5. MiniChunks

    Looking for opinions please! Indy or Jewel?

    As long as we are referring to the RFS on Freedom Class ships, there is definitely a window in the "master" bedroom. The hall bedroom is identical to an interior room with no windows. The beds in both rooms can be combined or separated to meet your liking. We were in 9408 on Freedom last year.
  6. MiniChunks

    Current Beverage price

    Vintages wine menu
  7. MiniChunks

    Current Beverage price

    previous menu continued
  8. MiniChunks

    Current Beverage price

    This menu was from the Pit Stop bar, but was also found in other random bars throughout the ship.
  9. MiniChunks

    Current Beverage price

    Schooner Bar menu from Jewel of the Seas TA 5/6/18
  10. MiniChunks

    Quick Review of Jewel OTS May TA

    Hadley I agree with you pretty much 100% regarding everything. I'm still working on finishing my full review of the cruise, but I think you summed this up nicely. I would be interested to hear more about the incident with the crew member you had to report if its not too intrusive. Overall i'd say the crew on this sailing was the best we have experienced with RCCL.
  11. We loved the whole Abruzzi experience. Sat in at a Cafe in the Piazza for a few hours drinking, eating and listening to the music. It was a highlight of the whole trip. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  12. Haha. Sorry Margaret. The harsh reality of real life has crushed my cruising spirit and every time I start again, something causes me to stop. I'll do my best to get more up by the end of the week. For now I'll just leave these here Peak of Mt Tiede in Tenerife Off the coast of Benidorm after leaving Alicante Closing the Schooner Bar around 2:00AM on the last night with two of our favorite bartenders Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  13. MiniChunks

    Majesty Bottomless Galley Brunch

    Just did galley brunch on Jewel and I thought it was worth it. Tour was interesting followed by brunch in Chops. The brunch was good with some very nice steaks with the steak and eggs. Mimosas and other drinks were plentiful.
  14. MiniChunks

    More fake service dog nonsense

    I didn't manage to get a picture of the dog i'm assuming this was meant for on the Jewel TA last week, but I did see her all prettied up in her stroller with the elderly couple that was pushing her around. Then there was this....
  15. If everything goes well you should be fine, but getting into FCO was not the easiest process i've ever encountered. The airport was relatively quiet when we flew out, but security and immigration in the airport had decent lines. I'd get to the airport as soon as possible.