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  1. We have done many tours spur of the moment. Some good, some just so so. Most of the Caribbean is easy to DIY. If we want to do something a long distance from the ship we go with the cruise tours.
  2. I know a young man who went with friends on a island hopping cruise. The first night his friend's wife told him that she wanted a divorce. At the end of the cruise his friend said that it was still the best vacation ever.
  3. You are pretty optimistic when you consider a trip with your boy friend 2 years in advance. What happens if you book and then break up?
  4. We had our Carnival cruise cancelled for September and have 124 days until a 11 night Celebrity to Southern Caribbean. We stole this one and if it is cancelled we will never, I mean NEVER, get another for the same price. If I was a betting man I would wager a major sum that it gets cancelled. If it does I will get in the truck and go to Rockies on an Elk hunt. No sportsmanship to it. I just want to see something thrash in the leaves.
  5. We have done two easterns, a 7 night on RC and 10 night on Norwegian. Both were pretty good. St. Kitts, St. Lucia, St. Thomas, Marinique, St. Marteen (the Dutch side), St. Croix and and Barbados all get the seal of approval. Not crazy about Antigua. Winter is a good time to sail Eastern. You need to get at least as far as Grand Turk to get warm water in the winter. There is a volcano on St Lucia that you can drive to and has some great site seeing on the way. Here is a picture of the Pitons. Take a camera.
  6. Which cruise line and when is departure? Some lines have postponed departure until 10/1.
  7. If they don't get cancelled we will have our 19th and 20th cruises this fall. Number 20 will be our first on Celebrity.. Really looking forward to it. 11 night Southern. YEAH!
  8. We have 2 cruises booked. We will drive to Galveston in September and probably to Tampa in November. I have seen some good price on flights to Tampa though. We'll see.
  9. We bit the bullet and booked for late November. Celebrity had a great discount for Arkansans. We got a 11 night out of Tampa for almost half price. Southern Caribbean going to Grand Cayman, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao and Labadee. If they sail, we sail.
  10. Got a call for an upsell today for our sailing this Sunday. We have a inside low and was offered an extended Balcony for $260. Tempting, but money is money.
  11. The only good discount that we have gotten was our cruise next week. We booked through Carnival and paid $200 less than friends who were going with us. We booked cabins next to each other and bookings were identical. It was a perk because we are platinum. The only way that we would have paid less by booking with an online TA was by booking a Guaranteed Inside.
  12. You might be interested in a trip to the turtle farm or to Hell. You could send a card postmarked from Hell to family, just to let them know where you are.
  13. No me importa. It may be, but the best that I have had was in Las Bresis just off of the Malecon in PDC. Another, and probably the best food that I have had was in PDC also. There was a street vendor who serves Cochinita Pibil. It was suckling pig rubbed with spices and cooked in banana leaves. My mouth waters just thinking about it. I want MORE!
  14. I have to agree. One of my favorite things to do is eat where the locals eat. We get off of the beaten path and try the local cuisine. Came close to finding the perfect fajita in Playa del Carmen. Don't have any idea what I had in Progreso in the mercado just off of the malecon, but it was awesome. As for drinks, I'll do a few Corona. Red Stripe, Belikin, Sol, or Modelo commercials in port. It is a lot cheaper than the drinks on the ship. I had the opportunity to live for a month with the mayor of Padilla Tamps. back when I was a teen. We had tomales made from turkey, quail cooked in some kind of soupy sauce, fried rattlesnake and kid goat cooked over mesquite coals. Yeah, I'll try the local goodies.
  15. Been to all of these a couple of times. So far our favorites are; Coki Beach on St. Thomas The Boatyard on Barbados Carambola on St. Kitts We went to a drive up Volcano near the Pitons. Saw some pretty country. Not a big fan of Antigua. I'll stay on the ship next time.
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