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  1. clackey

    S. Friars or Cokleshell Beach

    You will get to see monkeys on the way to the beaches. We went to Shipwreck last year and our taxi stopped at Timothy Hill. There was a man there with monkeys that you could feed and have them climb onto you for $5. Great place for pictures too. There was also a place in front of Shipwreck where they had wild monkeys.
  2. clackey

    Cockleshell vs. South Friar

    We were at Shipwreck last December. It is a small laidback rustic place. Food is good and drink.s are cold. If you want a fancy place there is Carambola. I walked up to it and it is plush, as in very nice. I suspect that I might need a cosigner. We are considering going to Cockleshell this year. If you go I would appreciate a review.
  3. Good advise all around. One thing that wasn't covered was what happens if just your son's friends go? They are supposed to have an adult in their cabin. That can put a kink in your plans.
  4. clackey


    Welcome. Late October thru December is a great time to do the Caribbean and you don't have to fly all the way to Florida. Galveston and New Orleans has some good 7-nighters to the western Caribbean. You can pick from: Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Costa Maya, Belize or Honduras. We have done all of them and they are all good. Some of the new mega ships have studios for solo cruisers. I know that Norwegian, and Royal Caribbean do, but you can expect to pay 125% or more. Holland America caters to solo's but not many 7-night sailings to the Carib and HA is pricey to begin with.
  5. We stayed at the edge of Little Havana on our first Miami cruise. Loved the food but the people are not friendly and I would not stay there again. The only way that you would catch me walking around at night would be when I had my Glock.
  6. clackey

    Udder Delight

    Looks like it on Facebook and a google search.
  7. clackey

    Discovery beach bar

    We were at Ship Wreck last December and Discovery was closed. I walked from SW to Carambola and they were the only bars open on that section of beach.
  8. clackey

    Shipwreck Bar on St. Kitts shutting down?

    We were at Shipwreck last December and I hiked up to Carambola. Discovery was closed then. Shipwreck and Carabola were the only ones open.
  9. clackey

    Serenade in november

    We will be there with at least 2 other couples. If the Serenade is like the Liberty it should be great. Check out the Roll Call Board. It has been dead and we need to liven it up.
  10. clackey

    Serenade 10 day eastern

    We will be with you. Three retired couples. We did a 7 night on a sister ship, the Liberty of the Seas, and loved it. Hoping that the Serenade is as much fun. We hit a couple of these ports last year on a 10 night Norwegian cruise. It amazed me that the islands are so close and still so diverse.
  11. You don't need it, until you need it. Three years ago my wife fell and fractured a vertebra two weeks before our booked cruise. Our trip insurance paid everything but a small booking fee. We got that back by booking another cruise within one year of the cancellation. I will never cruise without insurance.
  12. clackey

    Looking for Cruise

    We have sailed RC three times and they had an Adult only pool and hot tubs. The best way to avoid kids that we have found is to sail in the winter, away holidays and take longer cruises. 7 nighters are good, 10 nighters are better.
  13. clackey

    What happened to really good orchestras ?

    I would settle for a good band. The last one that I saw was Blood Power and that was several years ago. They had 7 or 8 man orchestras 15 years ago, but they are gone on the cheap ships that we sail now.
  14. clackey

    Worried about extra charges

    You have cruise fees, port taxes, gratuities and excursions. Onboard extras would be Specialty restaurants, drinks, pictures and store purchases. We rarely spend over $200 onboard.
  15. clackey

    Childs anxiety about cruise!

    This. I am old now, but I have not, nor, ever will let a 12 year old dictate what they will or will not do. That includes grandchildren now.