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  1. clackey


    You can get a coupon for $2 off at www.cozumelinsider.com.
  2. The most expensive was a new digital camera that my wife left in a cafe in Little Havana. She also had a gold earring blow off of the ship on our last cruise. I don't count the magnetic flashlight that I left stuck to the wall in our cabin. All-in-all that isn't too bad after 18 cruises.
  3. It depends on the kind of rafting that you want. We have done the bamboo rafting and it very low key. There is trip where you have a small raft in faster water. Then there is one a bigger raft with several people in fast water. It looked like Class II and Class III water. Google rafting in Jamaica and you will find what is available. We are considering the White Water Rafting with Viator. Runs about $70 pp.
  4. A friend gave me a camo t-shirt for my birthday that had several hands with the fingers totaling 57 and had the caption, "I am this many". Getting off of the ship on Cozumel and 2 guards with M16's asked me if I was military. They didn't do or say anything about me wearing it, but later I found that in some countries it is forbidden. I don't take camo with me anymore, but I thought it funny that they thought that a 57 year old, out-of-shape fatboy was in the military.
  5. Our first cruise had an OV, but the last 17 have been inside. We're cheap, only stay in the cabin to change clothes and sleep. If we want a view we go topside. Number 19 is coming up in October and yes, it is an inside. I did have an inside on Royal Carib that had a view of the Promenade Deck. I would take that over an OV.
  6. clackey


    This is one of the few places that we have visited multiple times and is my wife's favorite. Last visit was 3 years ago and the place was gorgeous. The snorkeling is pretty good, as is the food, and the beer is cold. It is a great place to veg out. You can grab a cab to and from. Easy to DIY.
  7. We had the pleasure of taking our youngest daughter with us two years ago. We had booked a 10 night Eastern no Norwegian and the third person cruised free. Well, not really free, but only had to pay port fees and tips. We called it the Geriatric Cruise. Our daughter was 43 at the time and I believe that she was one of the youngest onboard. There may have been a few younger, but they didn't stand out. Angie got along just fine. On several other cruises we have had younger people at the table with us. Most have been a lot of fun. My wife has worked with early learning (Headstart) for over 40 years and I am still a kid at heart so we have no problems with the younger set, although I have been know to shove one out of the way at the water slide.
  8. No great lose in my book. We have been there twice and will not go back. We had issues with the taxi drivers and some of the beach attendants both times. They change the prices on you in mid-stream. Was told that the fare was $30 pp round trip and then charged for the return trip. You either pay it or miss the ship. The waitress at the cafe didn't care if we were there or not. Lousy service, and rude. The only other place that I will not visit again is Martinique. They act as if they don't want me or my money.
  9. We cruised Carnival a lot but have gone to RCCL and NCL for the last 4 or 5 years. We have a trip booked on the Glory this year so it will be a chance to see what has changed on CCL. Food can vary and no one agrees when it comes to taste or quality. It is the luck of the draw. I will say that NCL has had some of the best entertainment that we have had out of 18 cruises. As others have stated, the 3 and 4 night cruises tend to be party, booze cruises.
  10. We have done 6 or 7 cruises out of Galveston with the Liberty of the Seas being our favorite. It is a gorgeous ship, good friendly crew, decent food and good entertainment. There is plenty to keep the younger set happy with a water slide that even surpassed my expectations. We have sailed out of 5 ports and Galveston is our favorite. One word of caution though, stay away from Mardi Gras 2/22-3/5.
  11. We sailed her two years ago and it was one of our favorite trips. May sail on her again this fall. Check out the hot tubs in the adult solarium. We hit them every night.
  12. You will get to see monkeys on the way to the beaches. We went to Shipwreck last year and our taxi stopped at Timothy Hill. There was a man there with monkeys that you could feed and have them climb onto you for $5. Great place for pictures too. There was also a place in front of Shipwreck where they had wild monkeys.
  13. We were at Shipwreck last December. It is a small laidback rustic place. Food is good and drink.s are cold. If you want a fancy place there is Carambola. I walked up to it and it is plush, as in very nice. I suspect that I might need a cosigner. We are considering going to Cockleshell this year. If you go I would appreciate a review.
  14. Good advise all around. One thing that wasn't covered was what happens if just your son's friends go? They are supposed to have an adult in their cabin. That can put a kink in your plans.
  15. Welcome. Late October thru December is a great time to do the Caribbean and you don't have to fly all the way to Florida. Galveston and New Orleans has some good 7-nighters to the western Caribbean. You can pick from: Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Costa Maya, Belize or Honduras. We have done all of them and they are all good. Some of the new mega ships have studios for solo cruisers. I know that Norwegian, and Royal Caribbean do, but you can expect to pay 125% or more. Holland America caters to solo's but not many 7-night sailings to the Carib and HA is pricey to begin with.
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