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  1. I am departing tomorrow for a sailing out of Southampton on Thursday, but I have not received my luggage tags from Fred Olsen. They said they mailed them back on Oct. 10th. Does anyone know if they have blank tags at the port where you can fill in your cabin number?
  2. Thanks Edinburgher. Fred Olsen has said shuttles won't start until 8:30 or 9:00 am so I will need to do tram or taxi. I use Rome2Rio all the time in planning. It's a great website.
  3. We will be docked at pier 2 in Bremen and I would like to get to Bremerhaven to visit the Emigration Museum there. Can one walk out from Pier 2 or is it one of those commercial piers where you have to take a shuttle? How easy is it to find a taxi at Pier 2 (which is next to the big shopping center with Primark) to get to the main train station in Bremen early in the morning? We will docked overnight so I can head out early. Which would be the best stations to use at each end of the journey? Thanks for any advice.