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  1. Thanks so much Tring for all your insights. This was very helpful in trying to understand things from over there. The CMV U.S. agent is very sweet but not always knowledgeable. I received confirmation from U.S. agent this morning that final payment will still be due June 16th so it's likely I will just cancel the day before. I just can't see laying out more money on a real iffy booking. The cancellation fee for U.S. bookings is $50 if done before 90 days, but I don't know what it will be for my cousin, who is in U.K., if he cancels also since he booked because I was going. Right now he's confined to IOM where they have no passenger ferry service until lockdown lifted.
  2. My flights are still scheduled. Flights from Europe are still happening; there are just fewer as they have to land at specified airports. Right now there are "bans" in place on non-American passengers entering from certain countries. Getting responses from CMV has not been easy as we have to work through their U.S. agent and U.S. website. I have a small travel insurance policy now based on deposit and flight change costs, but the minute I pay the cruise balance I have to up that policy to cover all costs and that insurance premium will not be refundable if the cruise company cancels. For example, when all my spring cruises were cancelled I lost an almost $900 premium; far greater than what few non-refundable accommodation deposits I had. (Note In the U.S. we have to buy a policy for each trip we take as there are no total coverage annual policies such as the U.K. has).
  3. Well, quarantine for all travelers arriving by air or sea goes into effect June 8, but no specific end date. That is going to create a significant problem for the cruise industry, not just us Americans flying in to take a cruise from the U.K. If, in September, this is still in place and if my CMV cruise still goes, I would be looking at flying in at least two weeks in advance, finding somewhere that met the guidelines to self-quarantine, and then on return from the cruise have to repeat that process before going to the airport to fly home. . . . I have to make my final payment June 16th and I won't even know what will be happening in September. . . I sure wish CMV would institute the great policy Fred Olsen has of final payment only 28 days before the cruise.
  4. Fred Olsen is handling this quite well. I had an April cruise booking with them and received refund within 30 days. They have also changed their balance due date to 28 days before sailing and promised to give at least a minimum of 30 days notice on any cancellations/changes thereby giving passengers a chance to make a decision.
  5. The U.S. website, which is the only one I can access, is often behind the U.K. one with any information about cancellations, etc. And the U.S. agent is not always getting complete information. When my two May cruises were cancelled and I went to rebook for next May she had very little information and she told me I had to use all my FCC credit on a single cruise and just for myself, leaving over $1200 left over which would go as OBC on the same cruise. That would be lost money so I requested refunds and was told they would be 60 days or so. Now it's 120 days. I also added a booking for September and they want that money June 16th so they expect me to give them even more money on a cruise that may not happen while still withholding my refunds from two other cruises. Not a good way to retain loyal customers.
  6. Bring back the libraries, the good lecturers, the Crow's Nest as a wonderful place to sit and enjoy the scenary, the little movie theatre--the loss of those is what drove us away from HAL>
  7. I totally agree. Too bad he didn't leave sooner before he did all the damage.
  8. I'm also faced with the mandatory 14-day quarantine issue since I fly from U.S. to U.K. to take CMV cruises. I have a CMV cruise 21 September from Bristol which I'm probably going to lose.
  9. I heard on the BBC News last night that the U.K. is going to start a mandatory 14-day quarantine for all persons arriving by air into the U.K. It did not say how long that might last but I'm booked to fly from the U.S. to Heathrow just a week before my 21 September Hidden Baltics cruise. CMV actually has an office in the U.S. so I know they must have at least a few other folk like me who fly into U.K. to take their cruises.
  10. Now next announcement set for Monday, 11 May after management meeting.
  11. Suppose to be an update at the end of this week--so about May 8th.
  12. Glad to get an idea of the timeline for U.S. refunds. My May cruises (2) were cancelled April 6th and I requested a refund so I guess I have a longish wait still, but it had better be before mid June as I'm due to pay the balance on a September cruise then and need the money to do so.
  13. Just received my refund this morning for cancelled April 18th cruise. Now just 2 CMV and 1 P&O refunds to go and I'll have a huge card credit.
  14. I paid FO directly by credit card, but no refund yet. Not too worried as FO an up-front company.
  15. It would really make it difficult for me as I fly to UK to sail with Fred Olsen, CMV, etc. but then I need to return to U.S. after the cruise. Right now I'm booked on a September cruise returning October 5, but I'm booked to fly back to U.S. on the 7th. If I have to face quarantine that will be a real issue. Where would they quarantine those of us with no UK homes to go to?
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