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  1. When I booked a Maud cruise for 2021 my TA called them to ask a few questions about our potential cabin. She was told they only have a "work book" deck plan at this point and that things may change. So we are crossing fingers we made a good cabin choice but are going to keep an eye on things.
  2. Are you trying to book an expedition cruise or the Norway ferry system? If you are looking at a cruise then the U.S. contact is robert.jones@hurtigruten.com.
  3. Our TA got the following response from Oceania yesterday: Until the CDC reviews the operational plans our cruise partners are not releasing much information. I can say that many have said they may operate bubble excursions (where you have to be on a cruise line’s shore ex only) and we do know that the ports and their local guidelines will play a big role. Unfortunately, at this time details are just not available.
  4. The former Wajang Theatre, later Cooking Demo space, was used to show movies originally, and occasionally they would have other events in there.
  5. You should be able to tell something from this information about the two HAL ships Amsterdam (now Bolette) and Rotterdam (now Borealis)--they were considered R-Class ships under HAL: https://halfacts.com/r-class/ If you Google Amsterdam and Rotterdam deck plans, you can probably find the old deck plans online that will at least give you locations of kitchens and restaurants which I can't imagine they will move easily, perhaps just rename.
  6. I'm leaning towards your feelings also. I'd be willing to wear a mask, reserve a dinner time, etc., but the mandatory ship's tours is where I will have to draw the line I'm afraid. I do occasionally take a ship's tour, but then often follow it up with free time in port even when I do take the tour. I've been cruising for just over 18 years (40 cruise total so far), so I will miss it very much. We are currently booked on an May cruise to France and Spain, but now we are talking about just flying over and renting a car to DYI the France part at least. Of course, even that is in question as
  7. I saw no recommendations about masks in their suggestions. They also seem to think that those of us who are older should remain lock-downed while everyone else goes about their lives. Not something I could agree to.
  8. What's odd is that yesterday I received in the mail a huge catalog from Oceania that was for 2020/2021 cruises, most of which, of course, did not or will not happen. Enclosed letter said I requested the catalog, but I didn't.
  9. I have the same quandary about booking flights for next springs cruises. I had booked already with UA but then that cruise line, Cruise and Maritime, went bankrupt. Now I've booked with Fred Olsen and Oceania, but, of course, different dates. I need to cancel or change my award tickets with UA but I'm not sure if things won't change again in the next couple of months. UA had waived fees for all the changes I had to make for this year's trips, but I don't think they can keep doing that next year.
  10. I would think that tests may still be required for a while at least as the vaccines will need to be proven and I doubt they will turn up 100%. We all get flu vaccines every year but we can still get the flu, alas.
  11. We are in the same waiting situation as you as we will not want to do our May 2021 cruise if ship's tours are the only alternative. Given the new guidelines recommended by an expert panel to both RCCL and NCL (which owns Oceania), it looks like the required tours will be a reality. The guidelines are now going to CDC for review and public comment. With our Oceania cruise booking, I know that $250 per person of our deposit is non-refundable right away. We were also told that because of the pandemic, Oceania would allow a full transfer of paid money to another cruise IF you had already paid
  12. Yes, I know but Oceania is owned by NCL group so these recommendations so apply to them. This morning I received a notice from Azamara which is owned by RCCL and that outlines the upcoming process a bit better: "This week the recommendations were submitted to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in response to their request for public comment to help develop future health and safety measures for the industry. The Panel has concluded that with a comprehensive set of protocols backed by health and science experts, cruising can take a step forward to returning and sail
  13. Found report that has been given by medical consultants for recommendations to U.S. cruise lines as what they need to do to safely restart cruising: https://www.royalcaribbeangroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Healthy-Sail-Panel_Full-Recommendations_9.21.20_FINAL.pdf Quite a lengthy document but list of 74 recommendations starts on page 9.
  14. For those unfamiliar with the "new" ships, there is a great website left over from Holland America: https://halfacts.com/r-class/ It has all kinds of photos including some of individual cabins on each deck which is handy for making your booking. Note the Amsterdam is now the Bollete and the Rotterdam is now the Borealis. Dophin Deck is the lowest deck, # 1, Main Deck is #2, etc.
  15. Yahoo! Found a great new itinerary this morning on Bolette, T2108, to the Faroe, Orkney and Shetland islands. Called and booked right away. Pricey, but I think that is going to be true of many cruises next year as the companies desperately try to make up for their losses this year. As someone mentioned above in the U.S. travel insurance works differently. We have to purchased a policy for each trip and as long as we do so within 14 or 21 days of initial deposit and are physically able to travel at the time of purchase any pre-existing conditions are covered. Easier to buy than in U.K
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