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  1. We're on the same B2B.....no way to know (or even guess) what the situation will be at final payment time....
  2. If you want memories, buy yourself a new watch, ring, necklace. The art sold on ships is massively overvalued and then there are the add on costs...framing, etc. You're better off buying art on EBAY.
  3. I am not suggesting you subvert the rules....but I can give you my experience having been on over 10 celebrity cruises around the world. We are well into retirement (how's that for concealing our ages) so perhaps we don't represent a threat of some drunken partying...someone in their teens or 20's might have a very different experience. You are correct, they don't record it...it's essentially the honor system. Each can take 2 bottles on for the cabin without being bothered as long as you board a little separately. At the risk of being called to the naughty room, you can probably bring two bottles in your luggage as well.....if there's a problem you'll have two bottles waiting for you in your room on the last night. We occasionally buy wine/liquor at port stops to take home and I just carry it on board, put it through the xray machine. I've only been asked once to check the 2 bottles I had purchased....the security guard at the xray machine asked me to go to the table behind him and leave it with Celebrity security....I said sure (I didn't want the bottles on the ship...I was just trying to get them home). I took my stuff off the xray machine and turned to go to the table. There was no table behind the guard..in fact there was no table anywhere....so I just took the bottles to my cabin. Finally, if you are on a back to back....you can take four bottles on board on the first cruise and check two of them with security. Those two bottles will be returned to you for packing at the end of your first cruise....and you'll just have to store them in your room for the second cruise :).
  4. I am sure the amenities on the Edge and it's kin are wonderful, new, exciting. Many do not use the balconies much and are activity driven. It's great for them. We spend a fair amount of time on our balcony...reading, having a private drink and so on....we aren't crowd or activity folks....we just enjoy visiting new places and vegging out....we are more cabin/balcony centric. The infinity cabin works well for the first group, just not for us. We have not even considered booking on the new ship(s). We do have two celebrity cruises booked, likely our last. One in aqua (rear facing on deck 11 with larger balcony on M-class) and the other in a 1A with larger slant balcony on an S-class.
  5. It's just the opposite....if you fly to London, it will take you a day or so for your body to adjust to the time change. If you arrive on a cruise ship, it's just another day for your body and that first day is just a full day of sightseeing. Then you fly home and adjust to the time change at home. Take the cruise to London.
  6. Definitely not guest relations. Bargain with the person selling the meals...usually someone sitting outside the cafeteria or even when you board....anyone you find selling the meals. I suggest showing interest and then saying something like "I'd like to try, but it's just too expensive" and then see what the person offers. If they ask what price you're looking for, don't be bashful...suggest that if you and your spouse could both eat for the price of one, you would sign up. (note: I get that price about 30% of the time). Often they'll say they can't do that, but they could give me the $50 meal for $30 or $35. If they don't offer you a lower price, just thank them and walk away slowly....walking away is one of the best bargaining tools you have...buying a car, in a public market when travelling, on the ship for special meals.
  7. Celebrity is inconsistent on this....take your best shot. I've always received the discount purchasing on board.
  8. If you are thinking about buying Celebrity's insurance, please read the coverage limits carefully and understand them. IMHO, their coverage of medical is enough to get you off the ship. I also recommend looking at MedJet annual coverage in addition to whatever insurance you buy. The big difference MedJet offers is that YOU make the decision to be evacuated to your home hospital. You'll find that most other policies THEY make the decision whether you can be treated effectively where you are. Do you want to spend 3 weeks recuperating from xxxx in a hospital in Greece or would you rather be flown home to recuperate in your home hospital. Check out the insurance forum on CC.
  9. it depends on the cruise...it can be offered once or multiple times. As with dinner, you should bargain and rarely will you actually have to pay the full price. To make it easier, if you do dine at a specialty restaurant, make it known that you'd be interested in a specialty lunch and they'll almost always offer you a discount on the spot.
  10. Celebrity has, on occasion, also offered a "standard drink package" which includes only well drinks....and does not allow upgrades to a more expensive drink....so they need to show the prices for all drinks. Note: you are dealing with Celebrity.....so there are some crazy unexplainable anomalies in pricing,. Sweet vermouth is covered under the standard package; Campari is covered under the standard package; an americano which is a mix of Campari and sweet vermouth is $1 over the standard package. Catching on? order a sweet vermouth, order a Campari and ask for a glass with ice.
  11. not a problem...but don't be bashful about refusing a table if they try to seat you by the waiters entrance or other noisy, undesireable place. Try to get a good table the first night and the likelyhood is that you'll get a table in the same area for the rest of the cruise.
  12. once you assigned your first table, they try to keep you with the same waiter, same area. If you speak up, they will move you...but you have to be proactive.
  13. We've been to the Caribbean often enough that I could give the tours. We enjoy walking around shopping and eating, not sightseeing. We certainly don't want to pay for excursions just to get off the ship. We have Caribbean cruises planned for Dec and January (with friends on Celebrity and to use up a credit with Princess)....but we aren't going to go on a 7 day cruise just to be on a cruise ship with occasional stops to see land. There's no way to know now what will happen....I'm not sure if I should be optimistic or maybe we should plan to spend a week or two in Europe somewhere instead.
  14. Unfortunately, vaccine cards are available on-line so, as always, there will be some who view this like buying a fake service dog certificate. Your best protection is having the shot yourself and not relying on anyone else being truthful.
  15. Think about what you're saying. When you land at an airport from overseas, you are well within a US state...are you suggesting that's not an "international area" either. Entering US waters or landing in the US does not equal being in a state and therefor, not equal to being in the US subject to state laws.
  16. The two cruises leave from Florida where it's not legal to ask passengers to show vaccine cards (which can be purchased online, just like service dog collars)...and relying on temperature scans and the quick covid test with accuracy of 20% false negatives isn't much help. Even though we've had the two shots since January, it's hard to feel comfortable getting on s cruise ship. I don't think the CDC can fix this...it's just the new reality of crusing. We're pretty much thinking of renting a house in Europe instead. Two weeks in Bordeaux, on the Algarve or in Tuscany are sounding real good right now 🙂
  17. We have cruises from Tampa and Ft Lauderdale in Dec/Jan. At this point, there's no way we will make the final payments. For us, the guidelines essentially say "enjoy 7 days sailing around while staying on your balcony except for meals (but meals is still a question because there's no way we can see a full ship doing any sort of social distancing unless they significantly increase to maybe 4 seatings and all meals in the MDR). To break up 7 days of just looking at water, we'll be stopping at some islands which you can either view from your balcony or join one of our highly rated, highly priced and crowded excursions to some place you've seen at least twice before." Just sounds like a not fun way of spending our $$'s.
  18. Celebrity probably has the best food and the most expensive (understatement) drinks. Entertainment on Princess and Celebrity are about the same. We do mini-suites on Princess because the regular cabins are pretty small. Celebrity, 1A on Solstice class; concierge or aqua on M class for cabin size again. Celebrity tends to have more interesting longer cruises...princess tends to show a 14 night cruise which is just two 7 night cruises back to back....eg. you leave from ft Lauderdale, return 7 days later and then start the second cruise. Celebrity doesn't really offer back to backs. I've left NCL out because we have had a couple of terrible cruises on NCL and just won't consider sailing them again. We haven't tried club class on Princess yet...booked for our next cruise. Aqua class in celebrity has gone down hill and the main dining room has gotten much better so we only book aqua if there's less than a $200 a person difference. We find celebrity specialty dining way overpriced.....and only eat there if I can negotiate 1/2 price which happens on 75% of our cruises. Princess prices are more reasonable. Overall, we are ambivalent between celebrity and princess given the same itinerary....but find we cruise celebrity more due to better itineraries in some areas....but for Norway, Princess because Celebrity doesn't cruise to the north cape...etc.
  19. Agree on NCL 🙂 We are stir crazy enough that we probably would sign up for short cruise, given the right conditions...something we'd never do in normal times. Different folks assess what "given the right conditions" means to them. Consider that despite all the public health warnings, massive groups will attend conventions and rallies in the coming weeks. Likely those are the same folks that would sign up for a short cruise...no worries...what virus?
  20. While it would require country approval, some of the islands are owned by the cruise lines......and they could just offer a day ashore.
  21. I think that some of the first cruises will be very short...perhaps Florida to a private island....3-4 days. Those could start this year IF there are enough folks who believe they just won't get the virus (yes, there are many...just look around you) and are willing to sign away any liability (sort of like the GOP convention). Additionally, it's not unlikely that one of the vaccines will show enough positive results that it will get FDA approval for compassionate use or whatever they call releasing something early that really isn't ready to get a final stamp of approval. While not intending to start a political discussion, think early november for news on a positive result on a vaccine and limited availability. Net....I wouldn't rule out any cruises this year.......there are just too many possibilities...
  22. This was a Regal Princess cruise. Over $10K refunded.
  23. We submitted option 2 (full refund) request 3/12 for our 4/19 cruise. The refund showed up in our credit card account as one lump sum this morning.....just under 90 days from when we submitted the request.
  24. Additionally, if you are at a high enough captain's club level to get a discount, that discount will usually be applied to the upgrade charge....if you upgrade on board.
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