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  1. I use to put my card in the slot machines, just to earn points. I would play with cashi brought onboard and cash out. So nothing would show up on our onboard acct. Chan I do this with the medallion. Thanks
  2. I live in California and for a long time when I tried using ezair, they had all my flights to and from Arizona and I couldn't change it. I learned that somehow accidentally my TA had put in I lived in Arizona. She changed it all and things have been good since.
  3. As someone who struggles with time changes, but also has done many transatlantic crossings both directions, my preference is Europe to U. S. love the transatlantic cruises.
  4. Normally we can book the airlines a year prior to our cruise. Well in my case it read 330 days prior to the cruise. Now that it is closer to 300 days to the cruise, it still won't allow me to book my flights. Do I need to wait more or are we suppose to book flights through the medallion? Just curious. Thanks
  5. as a very light sleeper, we were on the Island Princess with an inside cabin and it backed up to elevator shaft which was used all night long by kitchen staff. UGH. I find being near the elevators and/or laundry area that people tend to get off elevators and talk loudly while going to their cabins and the same with the laundry area. Anything four or more doors from those items has been better. Now my husband can sleep thru anything, so I think it depends on the individual.
  6. Only had laundry bag specials on Holland America. Never on Princess.
  7. Hi there Cat Lady I am really curious as to the ambiance on the cruise regarding the passengers. With all the covid 19 and Delta variant and Lambda variant stuff going on, are you passengers friendly and open? You sound like you are having a wonderful time. Maybe when you get home we can get together with you mom and hear more about this trip. Take care
  8. I keep reading about the vaccinations, the boosters, the pre cruise testing and post cruise testing and the wearing of masks while on the ships -so my question is how is the atmosphere onboard the ships? Are people staying away from others? Is everyone still enjoying themselves? Are all the normal activities still taking place. How are the excursions being handled? How is the dining being handled. If I can't have fun, it ain't worth the cruise. Just curious and interested in hearing from those who have already started to cruise. Thanks
  9. for those of us who have gotten the Princess Visa thru Barclay Bank there is a change. For 40,000 points we were able to get $500. shipboard credit. Now it is 50,000 points for $500. shipboard credit. All these changes to elite benefits as well as this visa thing, really makes it enticing to look at other cruise lines. I feel they are cutting away at items that made us loyal all these years.
  10. Friends who are cruising shortly wanted to know if you test positive for covid within 72 hours of embarkation, does Princess refund any of the cruise payment you have made. thanks
  11. You are absolutely correct. We live near Napa, Ca. and always bring a lot of wine because we take long cruises. That said, when checking in we go to the table and prepay corkage fee. If we paid it onboard, they would charge corkage plus gratuity.
  12. AHHH, but now I believe Big Brother has entered the picture in the form of Medallion. It knows where you are and I am certain it will contain the necessary covid information. Hey, it lets bartenders know what drink you ordered last time so they can ask if you want it again.
  13. I live in calif. and two weeks ago got the digital proof of vaccination and it is on my iPhone and iPad. Thei phone is always with me anyhow
  14. We left HAL in 2006 as our cruise line and we had over 120 days on it. There were too many negative changes going on. Now with princess changing things up we are in a fog. We just learned that our princess visa credit card with Barclays Bank - which always gave us $500. For 40000 points now wants 50000 points. My hubby read that with the medallion system, you watch the muster drill stuff in your cabin and then go to your muster drill just to check in. Big brother has arrived and knows where you are at all times. Lol
  15. I read the other day about Royal Caribbean. They are not playing around. If you go unvaccinated, they will test you and charge you for it, plus have other charges as well. You will be required to wear a mask over entire ship. You cannot use certain areas and the casino was definitely mentioned. I was wondering how they would learn if you were vaccinated or not (especially travelling from Florida), but I guess if you have to fill out paperwork like Princess has us do online, they might be requesting a copy of vaccination card. I praise them for what they are trying to accomplish and looking after the safety of passengers and crew.
  16. On all the princess ships I have been on, we were always ten or twelve people. Altho, they accommodated the ten of us - in very very cramped table they had set up, twelve was even worse. I don't know about the Sapphire tho.
  17. For those of you interested, we were able to go online last night and get in California the digital proof of vaccination. Now I am not sweating losing my vaccination card.
  18. I have been in a similar situation where flights got changed on me with EZ Air. The solution I ended up using was to just pay for the flight part of the trip - not the cruise - and then I could get on and change my seats. If some for some reason the trip gets cancelled you still won't lose with EZ Air, unless it is really close to your travel date. Hope this helps
  19. Just wanted to thank you Sea Hag. The deck plan site answered my questions. Thanks.
  20. I believe I read NCL is considering not cruising to and from F lorida. Maybe other lines will follow suit for passenger safety. In other states they can ask passengers for their fax card as proof.
  21. That is the odd thing - I can’t find anything on princess site stating anything. Other sites state it. Further, they use to show you where the lifeboats actually block your cabin view. They no longer show it .
  22. Seems on sky and enchanted obstructed DELUXE balconies in category DW have metal roofs and therefore can only be used in ports. That is my main concern.
  23. Thanks much. But it reads for category DW only which is only for obstructed deluxe balcony, not a regular balcony. My concern is this metal roof thing and only able to use it in port.
  24. I reserved an obstructed deluxe balcony cabin in DW category. I keep reading on certain sites that it has metal roof covering and therefore can only be used on port days. Asked my ta about it and she never heard of it. Anyone know anything about this? Thanks
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