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  1. Teaching our daughter to swim in the aft pool on Oriana and everyone on the tiered decks cheering when she swam without arm bands ....a priceless moment !
  2. Sorry I can’t give you the name but last year I emailed josh Weinstein (I got his email address off the Internet just by searching his name ) with a complaint that was not getting resolved and he passed it on to this lady who was able to sort it for me, so maybe worth a try. We were booked on the 2nd April cruise and cancelled on I think the 13th March as my cousin was over 70, we had paid in full, they told me I would get 125%FCC, we booked through a TA Hope that helps, please post if you get anywhere.
  3. The same thing happened to me, asked for the 125%FCC but received a refund instead which means that I’m £420 out of pocket, was told they couldn’t do anything about it, not really acceptable especially as I’d waited 81 days for them to do anything & they’d assured me my FCC was on its way ! I actually contacted a lady who works in Paul Ludlow dept who’d helped me last year and she still couldn’t sort anything ! Very disappointing, I’ve cruised with P&O since 1986 and I was trying to keep money with them !!!
  4. I’d like to see longer cruises to Norway, back up to the North Cape I have lovely memories of Trondheim & Tromso and seeing the midnight sun.
  5. Making some progress at day 78 remains to be seen if the refund arrives ! and the FCC from my other cruise still hasn’t been applied and that ones at day 80 !...... Interestingly all the ‘refund’ or ‘lack of’ refund discussions on the Facebook page have suddenly disappeared probably as so many people were complaining there were so many of them......
  6. No refund yet but I’ve had 6 acknowledgements of my email one after another 😁....maybe there will be hope today 🤞....or else it’s a computer glitch 😳 at 78 days and 76 days 🤞
  7. This could be the answer to my missing refunds ....I’ll give it a go tomorrow....not that I want to book another one at the moment but it’s worth a try 🤞
  8. Your question to me seems to have disappeared! but the answer is yes
  9. Me again....still waiting .... Worryingly just read a post on the Facebook page where a gentleman had spoken direct to P&O re his missing refund from March booked through the same TA as me and they admitted that the March refunds from said large TA had all been missed off the system and had not been actioned 🙁 ...... guess that explains my missing refund which was cancelled on the 12th March, but not the refund of the cruise on the 14th March booked direct with P&O 😳
  10. Thanks Andy 🤞so glad you got your refund 😊
  11. Sorry I win 😬 days 75 and 73 for 2 cruises and still waiting ...... one day 🤞
  12. Can’t get through on the phone so messaged Sarah Wing (thanks for the email) ....l hope I may hear something re my 2 refunds ...one is 71 days from cancellation and one 69 days...fingers crossed. Felt guilty messaging but I have been patient....watch this space I’ll let you know what happens next 🤞
  13. Ooh that gives me hope, I’m on day 69 today for one cruise and day 67 for another no refund yet but must be nearly there ....or is that just wishful thinking !! ....and I haven’t had any emails either 😳 Stay safe everyone !
  14. 🤣🤣 reminded me of our Alaskan cruise, spent all afternoon on deck looking for sea otters, we were frozen and went to the cabin to get warm, looked out of the window and two went past .....perfect view 😍
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