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  1. Thanks for this Petra .. Excellent.. I think you will always get a % of unavoidable disrespectors but tbf I see this in Supermarkets now Art galleries, Cinemas and Museums.. And dont mention pubs and bars which are packed shoulder to shoulder with facemasks not required. Itstime to get back on a cruise 😉 I think I would feel safer there
  2. So you can now travel from the UK on the 27th September but one thing confuses me.. Does the orange list(when you click the drop down list) mean you have to present the results of a swab or does it mean you have to have a swab on embarkation.. Im guessing the former as it also mentions a test time of 72 hours at the latest.. So you will have to add the cost on of a quick turnaround private swab test.. Other than that it seems a great little itinerary for the East Coast of Italy. Quite a few no sail rules though including no one over 65
  3. Trips are the ships only and you must not leave that bubble at anytime during the tours.. You can pay individually or buy a package - rather like MSCs method (reports are they are well priced compared to normal) You can get lots morel info and some updates if you log into the .it site for Costa as its the only site they actually sell these from. Just use Edge or Chrome or a browser that auto translates https://www.costacrociere.it/nuovi-itinerari-settembre-2020.html
  4. Hmm looks like Stornaway/Lewis has been dropped from the Scottish itins - pity, it was the one place I was hoping to visit. I guessing the Bol cant get in.
  5. Has to be said UK CCL shares look like an absolute bargain at the moment (TBF most things (airlines and shipping)in the cyclical consumer look well placed for a good 3 or 4 year lift) even if divs are held back.
  6. TBF it seems to be cruise companies policy (and Im not just looking at Costa re this) at the moment that the cancel is done as late as possible - usually after the final payment!! - things are getting better though with some companies now writing off the year.. Costa, MSC though are in a different position as they are actually cruising so they may be very optimistic and say to countries - "look our systems work, here's the proof - let us in". End of the day though it comes down to the individual countries.
  7. Costa Diadema is the first Cruise ship scheduled to arrive in Abu Dhabi on 19th October and in Dubai on 20th october 2020. I suspect those will be cancelled and Diadema will stay performing more of the current style of runs in the Med from Italian ports (but perhaps opened up for all Schengen pax.. Other than Germany and perhaps the Canary islands + some Northern European zones I cant see much happening this year (though Blue cruises may be possible)
  8. Its not to bad when somone else does it - its the self test swabs that leave you in a sneezing fit 🙂 By the way you can now cruise in the UK - just been checking out the severn valley EHC cruises.. Not bad value when you consider whats included - Majestic line are also in operation in Scotland though they are pretty much sold out 🙂 - Im not quite sure though how are FCO decides whats a cruise ship and whats a river cruise as technically you would think Majestics would class as sea cruises. Are MSC selling the trips as a entire package like Costa ? @Petra
  9. Leaving Trieste from yesterday evening
  10. are the ports open to cruise ships though in UAE - or is the suspension still in place
  11. Not to state the obvious but thats because the itins are not released till tomorrow I suspect they will be the same (ish) with changes made to reflect change of ship size (I suspect less tenders) and peraps a cpl of early suprises (short Blue only sailings - though that would rely on our govts methodology having any rhyme or reason)
  12. looking at the webcam and all her (Deliziosa) signal flags are out in the dressed position... Envious 🙂
  13. If they follow Aida (now postponed due to Norway closing ports) cruise rules they may move it to schengen after the first couple of voyages - they are the same sub company and seem to be following the exact same practices - and Costa are the more international brand for Costa Crociere Tui Mein Schiff quickly changed its from German only to any Schengen before they actually had the first departure (with the usual caveat being you had to be allowed in - Its this which may be impactful for Costa in the coming weeks as they do have a high Spain and France presence and both countries are now on the red list for Italy) On the otherhand I believe MSC who always allowed Schengen are having to cancel one due to lack of demand - this is always going to be an issue thats multiplied if its one country only So fingers crossed..
  14. The key thing is not that anything C19 doesnt happen (because it will - its impossible now or in the future for it not to happen) -- Its how its handled when it does.. As long as processes are in place and are followed then there is no issue.. It comes down to the individual if they like these restrictions or not but if your living a dream where the vaccine solves everything and its back to normal, forget it.. MSC, Mein Shiff, and Hapag seem to have got the ball rolling succesfully (as do several river cruise companies Its a pity re Hurtigruten but they have proved you simply cant get away with ANY shortcuts or sloppiness in procedures which Im sure has been noted by the others).. In 2 weeks we have Costas two brands starting:- Costa and Aida.. Best of luck to them all... Im hopeful and excited to be cruising in Europe soon.
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