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  1. Nice to see the FAQs have now appeared though though they are a bit vague in some aspects - I wonder why they just dont want to have a policy from day one.. Some great routes (I suspect they will be the best) so Im tempted but I think I'll wait for Cunards offerings first or Sagas if they add any more.. One thing that has actually put me off a little in Freds FAQ is the dining policy -
  2. TBF FReds jump from outside/inside to Balconys have always been quite a significant one and demand will be high.. Im still not sure though about the lack of detail re conditons of travel - The issue is that some of the actual things have nothing to do with individual cruise companies setting there own rules but certain aspects will be locked in stone by the Govt. I can see that perhaps smaller ships may have different rules but Saga seem to be following the same as the larger and its already been quoted that most of the basis of allowing cruising to startup again locally is based o
  3. Yep worked for me I can even see my flu jab
  4. JUst noticed on the P&O site someones pointed out if you log into your NHS account on my NHS you can print off your appointments and vaccine details
  5. Well I checked today and its all appeared - just wanted to make sure it was in place for when the UK cruises start up
  6. Their up on sale but there's no details on policy yet which is odd - We already know from P&Os/Cunard and Sagas announcement a vaccination is required but theres a lack of any detail here which is going to put people off making a booking.
  7. your vaccines linked to your NHS number - either an agreement is reached that this can be accessed (though that would be a privacy issue) or they will have to follow Hurtigrutens example for exploration cruises and have your GP actually sign you as fit We were given cards linked to a batch number - The vaccination passport itself though will have to use your NHS record so perhaps they can rush through some legal method to get past the privacy part.. Just cant wait to book Re the ? about children and perhaps tests instead as its too early - reading the P&
  8. How long does it normally take for the 125% to appear on your account?
  9. One cruise cancelled (again) but my first shot today (got a call yesterday afternoon asking if I could get to the GP at 8.45am this morning).. Waiting now glued to the screen for the UK cruises to appear..
  10. looking forward to the 5th edition later this spring 😉 - TBF though I suppose they were sent out as one pack as mine included river and UK & Eire hols.. (though half of those are technically also OOD)
  11. Dont forget - Thats drinks - grats - all restaurants - private transport from home to the port - there is NO extra to pay for special restaurants (and it includes some trips)... Its a good price for Saga at peak time that's why it sold out.. I suspect though all companys will sell out quickly with reduced capacity and high demand.. Not quite sure why an earlier post thinks there are no port calls (the full briefing text even specifically mentions the finalizing of port calls within devolved areas) - My understanding is a mix of pure blue (ooh Matron) 2-3 nights sea only and long
  12. Interesting to see Saga sold out instantly on its first UK offering at 3500pp (which isnt a bad price for 15 nts) -they also have made it clear it will have port stops
  13. Looks like its sold out as soon as the announcement hit twitter this morning 🙂 I suspect this will happen no matter who the company is such is demand and the reduced capacity so I suggest you keep your trigger finger ready to pounce as soon as the new routes are announced from anyone..
  14. Suspect most until much later in the year will be UK based only - with some scenic only
  15. Yes just offered the same - the problem now is we have moved so much or booked new for 22 expecting to cruise in 21 that Im not sure theres any room left to shift it too
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