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    We board on her 3/28/22.

    Taking our Grandson, 7 Y.O. His First Cruise. 

    Hubby and I have custody of him now.

    This is a rebook from last November on the Magic. 

    Needed a Spring Break time frame.


    Loving your pic's. 

    Have a relaxing trip.

    Looking forward to more. 


    P.S. Snowing hard in Northern Michigan. Sooo ready for warm sunshine. 

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    We board on her 3/28/22.

    Taking our Grandson, 7 Y.O. His First Cruise. 

    Hubby and I have custody of him now.

    This is a rebook from last November on the Magic. 

    Needed a Spring Break time frame.


    Loving your pic's. 

    Have a relaxing trip.

    Looking forward to more. 


    P.S. Snowing hard in Northern Michigan. Sooo ready for warm sunshine. 

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  3. We sail on Elation 3/28.

    First time on this ship with our 7 Y.O. Grandson.

    His first cruise.

    A rebook due to Covid and vaccines.

    Would love to read about your sailing when you return. 


    Hubby and I are Platinum but been a few years since we've cruised. 


    Thanks in advance.

    Have a wonderful time. 

  4. On 9/13/2018 at 11:04 AM, nextcruiseis said:

    There are several interesting museums (usually closed on Mondays) and a couple of free tours that may interest you.


    El Capitolio (houses the Puerto Rico legislature) offers free guided tours in English & Spanish Mon-Fri between 8:30 am – 5 pm. You can call & make a reservation at 787-721-5200, ext.301 or by emailing at solicitud.turismo@oslpr.org or just show up and sign in. You do have to go through metal detector and security checkpoint inside. You can get to El Capitolio on the free green trolley.


    There are also free guided tours of La Fortaleza (governor’s residence/office) on Calle Fortaleza between 9am-4pm. These are walk-in and you sign up at the Palacio Rojo (last building on the left – painted red – will have flags of PR & US outside).Adults need to show picture ID.


    Casa Museo Felisa Rincon de Gautier on Caleta de San Juan(in front of La Puerta de San Juan) is open Mon-Fri from 9-4 and Sat from 10-2. Felisa Rincon de Gautier was mayor of San Juan for 22 years.


    Museo Casa Blanca (near El Morro) is open Tuesday – Sunday from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. & 1:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. This is a self-guided tour. Juan Ponce de Leon’s family lived there (he died before it was completed).


    Museo de las Americas in Cuartel Ballaja (near El Morro) has permanent and rotating exhibits. They are closed on Mondays and there is an entrance free.


    If you would like to arrange a private tour, I highly recommend arranging one with Puerto Rico Historic Building Drawing Society. Their website is www.prhbds.org. They also have a very active page on one of the social media platforms that I think I am not allowed to mention here. I have taken several of their “show up tours” and they are fun, educational, and informative. I have not yet participated in one of the private tours, but know people who have done so and they recommend them. One of their private tours (I think $25/pp,not certain if there is a minimum # of participants) is Old San Juan Best Kept Secrets. The description is as follows: “We will be exploring Old San Juan, a 500-year-old walled city that harbors secret corners and little-known spots full of charm and steeped in history, that remain unnoticed to the casual visitor. As you walk through Old San Juan’s blue cobblestoned streets, accompanied by a knowledgeable local architect, we'll be learning about how the city was built in this rocky island jutting out to the sea, observing the urban layout,constructive methods and architectural details of the Spanish colonial buildings and defensive structures. In this 2.5-hour stroll you'll experience historical architecture with an insider, not just as a tourist, since we will be visiting private residences and places with limited access. You'll have a chance to peer into dungeons, wonder at frescoed chapels, and climb rooftops to explore hidden towers, basque in secluded Spanish patios, and learn about the fascinating historical characters and events that shaped the city, as we delve into the mysteries of this quintessential Spanish Caribbean stronghold.”

    Thank You for posting this info. 

    Very helpful.

  5. In response to your question, I am not sure the policy regarding posting website, but here is where I found the self guided walking tour: http://www.puertoricodaytrips.com/old-san-juan-walking-tour-1/

    I think he is just a blogger, not operating any of the tours.

    I had a little difficulty to start in the beginning because I have no sense of direction! Good thing is that my cell works in San Juan so I had internet and compared pictures.


    Thank You so much for posting.

    Very helpful for planning our next visit.

  6. Yes we've posted how much we enjoyed the Seavis Saona Island excursion - top notch outfit, excellent staff, and one of our favorite excursions. They make the taxi transfer painless as well. You are in a group of small powerboats which provide the speed needed to cover all of the areas on a cruise stop. They also closely monitor the Carnival dock schedule because that does change by 1 hour often, no worries on getting back to the dock safely and on time.


    afcruiser you book directly with Seavis, an independent tour company. You can also book a similar excursion through the cruise line but it doesn't compare.




    For anyone interested in other options we've also taken the Catalina Island excursion with Pro Excursions, another excellent outfit. That particular day was a full day while staying in Bayahibe and would not be available to cruisers. But they have other options as does Seavis Tours.


    Thank You. Will check them out.

  7. Funny Story.


    Hubby (now) and I married and had 2 kids each. So at our wedding, on a beach, we had

    pastor put beach sand in a vase. Followed by a different colored sand for each child and then

    hubby n I. Wanted to finish off the vase with Beach sand from Aruba, our Honeymoon.


    We put sand in a ziplock baggy. No problem getting on the ship. But Hubby put sand in MY carry on for



    YEP. I got pulled aside, at the airport. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:


    We explained it was Honeymoon sand for our vase. They opened it, smelled it. And let us continue on. WHEW.


    Aruba sand is so very soft and white.


    I treasure that sand now. :D

  8. Hello,


    My wife is hitting platinum on the 2nd leg of our upcoming B2B (she's a cruise ahead of me) but when I printed our boarding docs, she shows platinum as of the first leg.


    I would have thought platinum would not kick in until the 2nd cruise, am I wrong or is it a glitch on Carnivals side?


    It's not a huge deal either way except with the 14 days at sea, she is looking forward to the laundry perk.


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    That was my scenario on our last B2B. Look at your luggage tags.

    They should say PRIORITY. Congrats to your wife.


    My Hubby is 4 days behind me, so when we returned from our last B2B I

    booked another cruise.

    Enjoy your B2B. So relaxing cuz your not in such a rush to cram everything in.


    I see your from Mn. I may be flying in this week, my Mom needs surgery and lives

    alone. Was born and raised there but live in Mi now.

  9. Thank you! Happy to see that Schwartz will still be with us on the Breeze in July. We loved him! (And, he "loved us more"!)



    We also Loved Schwartz.

    Sadly he's getting off the Breeze the week before we sail. :(


    Ours is still TBD.


    Love You More..

  10. Tagging the actual camera, not just the case (if you have one) is a great idea. I had never thought of that before ! Which gave me another idea ... Label on your cell phone, in case it gets misplaced. I have a Brother P-Touch label maker and the labels stick great but are are not permanent ... label for the cruise then remove afterwards. In fact, I think I will label my phone & hubby's right now with one to leave on all the time "if found, please contact Sxx Dxxxx at 000-000-0000". Then add cruise info when time for the cruise comes up.



    Great idea.

    I love my label maker.


    We also put copies of tags inside our luggage.

    You just never know.

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