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  1. We only saw our Room Steward twice during our last cruise. Kinda disappointing but most likey because he was so busy.


    We pre-pay tips when booking. Always give extra cash tip early in the cruise, before we spend it:p.


    They work extremely hard and long hours. I always enjoy talking with them and learning about where their from and their families.


    Happy Sails

  2. On Grand Turk are you able to rent snorkeling gear if you rent a golf cart? Also how much are the golf carts to rent?



    Hello fellow Minnesotans. I was born and raised in Newport. Moved to Michigan many years ago.

    We are cruising next Jan 15, going to Grand Turk, Curacao, and Aruba.

    Post when you return as we're also interested in renting a golf cart in Grand Turk.

    Curacao we might do Irie tours and in Aruba-my 50th B-Day, still undecided.:p


    Have Fun, Fun, Fun.


    PS. Welcome to Cruise Critic.

  3. Happy Anniversary and sounds like you had a great cruise. When did you sleep? I got tired just reading:p.


    We'll be on the Liberty in 1 year but doing an 8 day with 3 ports of call. Grand Turk, Curacao, and Aruba, On my 50th B-Day. Planned this one in advance.


    More time on the ship to enjoy our Balcony, Guy's Burgers, and the Blue Iguana, and the Red Frog Bar. WHEW.


    OMG can't wait.

    Thanks for your review.

  4. Our last cruise we we're at Guest Services. I mentioned to my DH that I need to get a Carnival Pen because nobody at my work will take, Cuz they know it's mine. The guy behind the desk gave me 3 brand new ones still in the wrapper.

    Use em everyday at work.

    Counting down the days till we board again.

  5. Hi, normally you have to be a certified diver to do something like I did, but I do know that many places offer introductory scuba trips, though I don't know how much they actually do. Another option you may want to consider is SNUBA, its like scuba, but the tank is floating on the surface and has a long hose down to you. For this, you do not have to be certified, and it seems to be fairly common.


    Oh Yeah, That actually sounds much safer. I'm afraid I'll panic if I see a shark or something.:eek:

    Haven't researched to much yet.

    Thanks for the info and your post.

    Have a great cruise.:p

  6. We had a fabulous day in Aruba on a private excursion aboard the Black Pearl. Don't remember the company name, but you can find thru Google. It was about $75 pp 2 years ago. Still think about it!


    Wrote it down to research. Thanks.


    Have a year to research and help this snowy winter pass.


    Have been to Aruba once and did the whole island tour and then a beach, would love a different type of excursion.

  7. I'm looking forward to everything on my upcoming cruise starting 8 days from now.


    It's been a horrible winter so far and just want to get away from the cold and deep snow.


    Hello fellow Michiganders.

    I'm so jealous your leaving in 7 days. Flying??


    You'll be cruising on my B-Day. Have a DOD for me on the 20th.:p


    You see we have my B-Day cruise booked for next year on the Liberty.

    Turning 50 in Aruba. Plan on watching sunset from my Balcony. With a DOD or 2.

    Also looking forward to the new 2.0 upgrades. Will be a first for us. Unless I book one in between.

    You never know.



  8. Hubby and I just returned from Nachi Cocum. We Parasailed for the first time, on Halloween. :p

    Our parasail had a smiley face:). We left our camera with the guy's on the boat and they took some awesome pic's.

    Need to figure out how to download onto here.

    OMG. You will have so much fun.

    Beware of the Balcony Plexiglass. You can see your neighbors reflection. :eek:

  9. While at the Tampa Florida Aquarium today, watched Carnival Paradise sail out...


    The only thing missing on it was me!!


    Sent from my SGH-T999L using Forums mobile app



    Yeah, Me (Us) Too.

    We're just off and back home to snow and cold.

    We had a great cruise though. :p

  10. Hubby and I just returned from our 5 day Paradise cruise.

    Thanks to all who helped us plan our trip.

    We stayed at Holiday Inn Rocky Point. Nice area. Hotel check in a breeze. Staff very friendly. Room was O.K. Hotel somewhat dated but beds were comfy. Breakfast was good. Again staff very friendly and helpful. The Breakfast attendant even helped a disabled guest and got his breakfast for him.

    Kudos to her.

    We parked our car for duration of cruise. No problems. Shuttle was waiting when we got off the ship at 9:30. Didn't even have to call.

    Post cruise we went to St Pete's and stayed at The Keystone. Loved this place. Clean but an older Hotel. We were on first floor with outdoor entry. Perfect for us as we smoke. Pool was warm. No coffee at Hotel but you can walk just around the corner to The Hurricaine. You also go there to get ice. There's a little place across the street on the beach that has a snack bar.

    We drove up to Madeira Beach and went to Bubba Gumps. It was a bit pricey but very good. We loved the beach and walked down to the fishing pier. Met lots of friendly people and the seashells are amazing. Especially at low tide.

    Sunsets were amazing but of course we are on vacation and had drink in hand. It's gotta be the palm tree's too.

    We also went to Tampa Bay Brewing company in YBor on our way back to Orlando. Neat place and good food.

    We also saw the Ted Peters smoked fish place. Both these were featured on Diners Drive Inns and Dives with Guy Fieti. Everyone we talked to at St Petes knows about Ted Peters and was highly recommended. Next trip. :p

    We hated to leave but all vacations must come to an end.:(

    Se were back home in northern Michigan. 40 degree's and have to work at 2.

    Thanks for all your info. I'll be happy to answer any questions one might have.

    Mary n Dave

  11. I hope that the Paradise has it next month!



    We're just off Paradise. And no more Captain Morgan. They had a few Fifth's left at certain bars. Just had to find them. But Bar staff said no more Captain Morgan.:eek: Was going to be ordered.

    Yeah, that's our drink of choice after dinner. Can only handle so many foo foo drinks during the day.

    I think if we complain they'll bring it back. I know I'm going to comment on it when I fill out my survey I just received.

  12. Thanks for all your post's and info. We're flying out Saturday. 3 hour drive to airport.

    All packed and need to hit the hay.

    Night all.

    Did I mention it's like freezing cold and we have snow already. :eek:


    Have winter coat in car for return trip:eek:.

  13. [SIZE=3][COLOR=magenta]Outstanding review. [/COLOR][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][COLOR=#ff00ff]I'm a foody who love's Crab Legs, and Knocking stuff off the Bucket List. [/COLOR][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][COLOR=#ff00ff]You're funny. :p TOO.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][COLOR=#ff00ff]Glad u had a great time. This cruise is in our future. [/COLOR][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][COLOR=#ff00ff]Made some notes along the way. So Thanks again.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][COLOR=#ff00ff]Happy Belated B-Day to your Hubby. What an awesome B-Day he had.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  14. Have to chime in as we have a condo on St. Pete Beach and live about five minutes away on the way down to Fort Desoto. St. Pete Beach is much more low key/quiet than Clearwater & there are all kinds of places to stay ranging from Don CeSar (pink palace) to local Mom & Pop's. Great local restaurants as well right in St. Pete Beach. Easy to get around using the beach trolley or free "jitneys" that you can call or text. Although it looks like a clear shot to Clearwater, you will have sooo much more traffic to negotiate than simply take #275S to Exit 17 @ the bayway which is only a few miles off of the beach ~ two traffic lights and you're done! Have change for the toll plaza ($.75) unless you have a car with transponder.



    Thanks for reminding me to have Quarters available. We don't have tolls in Michigan. We'll have a rental so not sure about the transponder thingy:confused:.

    We're planning on St Pete's. Just looking at a map doesn't do justice. Especially when you've never been there.

    We also have a garmin and internet phone with app's.

    But I still prefer the regular old fashion map.

    Just got off work and don't return till 11/7.

    WOO HOO.

  15. If you enjoy smoked fish, make a point to visit Ted Peters Smoked Fish.

    It is a very casual restaurant that is just over the causway from SPB.

    They have smoked fish platters, smoked fish spread, homemade German potato salad as well as burgers and hot dogs.


    The restaurant was on Diners-Drive Inns and Dives. Here is a video link if you are interested. They are closed on Tues but open at 11 am -7 the rest of the week.







    Thanks for this info. This we will try. We have a freezer full of Salmon and 2 smokers. Yes, we like smoked fish. And I love, love german potato salad but Hubby doesn't so rarely make it anymore.

    Thanks for the tip.

    This is what I love about these boards. :p

    You've been exceptionally helpful.

  16. Our favorite is Indian Rocks Beach between Clearwater and St. Pete Beach. Small town and quiet and we took SuperShuttle to the beach.



    We may just do a drive through. We have some time. Debarking is to early.:(

    And we prefer quieter/low key.

    A lot of times we'll book prior. Then when we arrive we'll like that place better.:confused:

    So this time we're just gonna wing it. No kids, no worrie's.

    Thanks for your reply.

    Happy Sails

  17. Treasure Island and look at the Bilmar. Fantastic location and beach.


    We just moved from the area and used to spend a lot of time there.


    John's Pass is spectacular. Great oceanfront restaurants, shopping, and bars.



    Thanks so much.

    I've been lurking for a few month's. And feel, not having been to St Pete's, that we know enough about the area to enjoy ourselves.

    I just never researched Clearwater and was curious.

    My BIL lives part time near there.

    Will post upon return home as I will be sad it's over. So going to make the best of this trip.

    Thanks again

  18. Are you asking about St Pete Beach or St Pertersburg? There is a huge difference between the two cities.




    St Pete's.

    Will be our first time there and first time out of Tampa.

    So excited. This will be "getting my land legs back" part of the trip. Cannot stand getting off a Ship and going home. Debarkation is depressing enough:(.

    Thanks for any info.

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