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  1. Thank You for posting your experience.

    Especially since you planned your own excursion.


    Nice to know that Enterprise will pick you up at the port.


    We'll be in San Juan from 8-4. Will rent a car and explore on our own.


    Thanks again.

  2. Tiramisu- Yum.

    Malibu Rum, Peach Schnapps, Butterscotch Schnapps, Frangelico, Irish Cream, Disaronno Amaretto, and Kahlua.

    Shaken, Not Stirred.



    Ultimate XO- This will knock your socks off. Perfect after dinner libation.

    Grey Goose Vodka, Chila Orchata, and Patron XO Cafe.



    During the day we also enjoy The Cruiser and Pina Colada's.

    Yes, We cruise with Cheers.

  3. We don't care for big group tours either.

    Hubby n I got a cab at the port. Very professional.

    We made sure we had an English speaking driver.

    Actually our driver used to work for Carnival.


    He took us to the cable car but we did not ride. Looked a bit scary.

    Now I wish we would have though. Next trip.

    He was more than happy to take pictures of us.

    We went to town, church, beach, and the fort.

    Had food ops but we did not eat.


    It was HOT so stopped for cold water.

    Vendors pushy and they all sell the same stuff.


    The country is beautiful.

    They do drive crazy there and lots of mopeds, motorcycles.

    But Santiago Saldana, our driver, made sure we were safe.


    He was great. Ask for him.

    It was 60.00 plus a 20 for tip.

    We were gone about 3 hours. Could of been longer but we were ready to get back to port.

  4. I learned yesterday that the El Yunque National Forest might reopen on a limited basis "in a month or two". Early next week, the U.S. National Forest Service will conduct a "soft opening" or tour of the facilities to tourism industry stakeholders.


    The rainforest will not be as lush as before the storm, obviously, but at least the public will be able to experience nature healing itself. The El Portal visitors center sustained serious damage, so that part might remain closed, as will some trails or parts of trails.


    I'll try to report back as soon as I get more information.


    Thank You for your updates.

    Keep us posted.

  5. Our county puts out a monthly report of restaurant inspections. It's comical reading what they ding the restaurants for. Things like no signs by the sinks for employees to wash their hands, etc.


    I worked in a factory that was inspected by OSHA quite often. One time they would ding us for having ladders not stored properly. The next time, they would step over a ladder laying on the floor to get to a light bulb that didn't have a guard on it. Each inspector has their own thing that they are going to be looking for. You never know which inspector you will get.


    In reading that report, one of the dings was a fruit fly. How do you eliminate a fruit fly? A pest strip? Then they'd ding them for having a pest strip by food.


    I do know that if you knew what went on behind the scenes in some restaurants, you'd never go back there again.



    And No, Not going to stop us from sailing Carnival.

    I have experienced 13 years of State surveyors.

    I could write a book.

  6. O.K So now I'm caught up and totally loving your review.

    I did have to stop and get a Kleenex to wipe the tears from my eyes from laughing so hard.:D:D


    I just hope I don't laugh so hard the tears run down my legs. LOL.


    Hubby is like, What are you reading.

    Thanks for this hillarious review.


    I can see pics, yeah, I don't like pork rinds but going to store tomorrow to see if they sell Jiffy Pop.

    For the next installment. Better buy a case of Rum to.

  7. You had me at: We do not cruise without the Cheers package, and we make full use of it, no shame. (15 drinks? Honey, that's not a limit, that's a goal



    🤣🤣🤣🤣. Can’t wait for more




    I actually had to read that out loud to my Hubby.

    So now I must go make a drink cuz I'm only on page 1.

    I hope I don't squirt Cap't Morgan out my nose from laughing so hard.:D

    That would seriously be Alcohol Abuse.

  8. The main port area and the beach look great. You’d be hard pressed to know anything happened. Jacks Shack also looked great.

    The rest of the island is in rough shape. We rented a golf cart and basically drove the entire island. Downed power lines EVERYWHERE, I assume they were all dead but it was a little unnerving. Per the guy we rented from, they got power back 2 weeks ago. Houses completely destroyed. Everyone was extremely friendly but it was very sad to see the damage.


    Thats what we planned on doing but haven't rented one yet.

    Curious if you booked your golf cart prior.

    Was thinking we'd just wing it and rent when we get there.

    We want to see the Island, conch grave yard and Jacks shack for sure.

    We did an Island tour last year and they were doing alot of road work.

    It's going to be sad to see all the destruction.

    I saw the before and after of Katrina. Devastating for sure.

  9. Would you recommend renting a golf cart?? Cruising Jan 20th, originally booked to tour the island but now not so sure there's much to see? Any input is appreciated, thanks!



    Sent from my iPhone using Forums


    We'll be in Grand Turk 12/5/17.

    Our re routed Eastern route.

    Only there 7-2 now. It was 12-6.


    We're going to wing it and try to rent a golf cart when we get there.

    Have never done before. But have done a tour of Island.


    Your cruising on my B-Day. :D:D


    I'll post when we get back.

    But I'm sure others will post also.

    Enjoy your cruise.

  10. It's a great feeling to get to the Platinum level, congrats! When I acheived Platinum, I looked at the Diamond level and said I could never get that far. Well, I did a few B2B's and some long Journeys cruises, and surprise, here I am now at Diamond. The white card is cool, and now that I've booked an MSC Seaside cruise, that line will give me a match to their highest loyalty level (black card) as well.


    Congrats on being Diamond.

    We're hooked on B2B's. So much more relaxing.

    Would like to book a Journeys cruise someday.


    So when you do a B2B as Platinum, do you get 2 gifts?

    1 for each cruise?

    Thanks in advance.

  11. :D Loving these replies about B2B's. After 43 cruises we finally booked our first B2B on the Sunshine for next month. Nov. 18 to Dec 5. Really looking forward to it thanks for the information. Do you really have to surrender your old S7S card? I have saved all of them from all our cruises.Thanks


    They took ours briefly and then returned.

    Also they start to decorate for Christmas.

    You might want to take an ugly sweater for the

    ugly sweater party.

  12. Thanks for the input - we weren't sure what to expect............it sounds like a Breeze (which happens to be our ship!)


    Prepare to be hooked.

    Hubby N I did our first B2B last year.

    We had so much fun we booked again for this year.

    Same ship, same time, and same cabin.


    It is so relaxing.

    We met in MDR. They had juice, coffee, H2O and pastry.

    We got our new S&S cards. Off and through customs and back on the empty ship.

    They took a group photo, which was delivered next day. For free.

    We also got a fruit basket.

    We go Platinum on 2nd half of this next cruise.

    Can't wait to board.

  13. Love this thread.


    Hubby n I will be on Magic sssooooonnnn.;p;p

    I will post current Alchemist's when we return.


    In the meantime, does anyone know who's on now?


    Have not been to Alchemy Bar yet. Was kind of afraid.:o

    Doing B2B and have Cheers for both.

    We deserve this Vaca.

    Want to do the Mixolgy class on last Sea Day. Cuz we're doing B2B.

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