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  1. Whenever I've taken a Princess cruise, they've always done several authorizations on my credit card. Then at the end of the cruise they charge my card without matching the charge to any of the authorizations. So if I have $1,500 in cruise charges they will effectively tie up an additional $1,500 in credit for about a week or 10 days until the authorizations expire.


    Any thoughts on how to avoid this? I was thinking about prepaying some of my charges on the website before cruising. Any other thoughts?


    We always cruise with 2-3 different credit cards just for this reason. Car rentals do the same. We found out the hard way.


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  2. Dh and I only order one entree each except I have been known to eat a lobster tail (no shrimp as I am allergic to it) and a piece of prime rib. I do have a silly question though. Do all of you who order several apps and entrees etc. eat all that you order? Do you eat that much at home too?


    I think I am a big eater, but there is no way I could eat all that and after a couple of days on a cruise I am lucky to eat two meals a day and that includes one app and one entree at dinner. I am not a slim person and I could just imagine what I'd look like if I ate all that a lot of people say they order. I'm not being judgmental, just asking.


    Hubby and I do not eat like this at home, but the first few days we tend to be more adventurous.:p


    We usually order 2 app's, one entrée each and then split one, etc. Dessert depends. Have to have the WCMC w/ ice cream.:p At least 3-4 times.


    I don't think we've had a cruise without a medical evac either.:eek:


    Reading this post I think I know why.


    Formal night it's 2 orders of Lobster though for sure.:p


    Because we can.:p

  3. For me, at least, it is just a matter of preference. Having either a zero balance or a credit, is how I like to start my vacation. While taking care of it on board is not an issue, I would rather have it paid before my cruise. Also, since this is a gift to my dad, I would prefer it done before hand. My father will insist on paying part, if not all of the charges while on board, so, for me, the less he sees, the less I have to argue with him about.


    AWW. What a thoughtful gesture on your part. For your DAD. :)

  4. Seeing the 40 thousand posts on here of people running to hide under the covers about the illness-that-shall-not-be-named...I would love to see some people talking happy things :)


    I'm going to be a first-timer in 57 days on the Glory and I'm super excited.


    What's your favorite thing to do on your Carnival cruise? Any great moments/things that bring you to your happy place?


    Ps: I want to clarify that I'm definitely not one of the doom and gloomers, I even live in the Cleveland/Akron area and I'd much rather think about my cruise :D



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    No Worries and just have fun.

    I always bring hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes.

    Use hand sanitizer after loading my plate at buffet. Watching some people waiting in line have some pretty disgusting habits. Problly don't even realize how much they touch their nose, eye's, hair, ear buds, etc.:eek:


    I also bring Tums, Tylenol, Motrin, Aloe, sunscreen, bandaids, and the frame of mind that I'm on vacation.:p

  5. :p Hello Jeff


    Well Grandson finally arrived. He's perfect and Oh So Cute.

    Mommy and Daddy R doing great.


    My son said yesterday, "Mom, I'm going to save our tax refund this year for a cruise." :p


    Thanks for the pic's of the Steakhouse. Your steak looked like a ROAST.:eek:

    And Patti's Lobster made my mouth water. Can you a surf and turf with both??


    Looking forward to the rest of Grand Turk. Can you pre-rent a cabana? Have not checked anything out. Looks like a great place to hang for the day and relax. I'm sure it livened up a bit as the day rolled on. :p


    I am Patient..;)

  6. Just a side note, when we were in Aruba we did a sunset tour with Black Pearl, snorkeling, to die for grilled Gouda sandwiches, rim punch, and gorgeous sunset. Still had time after the excursion if you wanted to have dinner on land. This is still one of our favorite excursions. It would be a wonderful birthday gift, :D


    Thanks. I have actually checked this out and have it saved to favorites.

    So still undecided. Others on our Roll Call are booked.

    It's good to know we would still have time for dinner. :p

  7. I highly recommend El Gaucho's. The steaks just melt in your mouth! They have a very extensive menu. Here is the link to their website: El Gaucho - Aruba I loved that we were there until 10, so we could do this.


    Thanks for the tip. I checked out the menu and now I have a few months to decide what I want to order.:p


    I also googled and found that sunset will be 6:36 pm on that day. Sunrise will be 7:06.

  8. Didn't think to take any pics of the menu or the meal, as we were out with friends. The Gaucho steak, which was 20 oz. of Argentinian beef, was $42.00US. Our bill for the 3 of us with tip was $207.00, but worth it!



    Hubby could def polish off a 20 oz steak but for me I'm good with a smaller cut.

    Think we'll probably go there for dinner since we're in Aruba until 10.

    And it will be my B-Day. I want to enjoy every last second I can in Aruba.:p

    Definitely want to watch the sunset.


    Thanks so much for this post. Definitely makes it easier to get up in the morning cuz I think, Oh I wonder what he posted. Grab my cup of Joe and turn on C.C,:p

  9. Working on the next segment now, should be up later today or early tomorrow.


    The Jeep tour was great. I highly recommend it.


    If you think Aruba was colorful, wait til you see Curacao!


    Guess we'll have to cruise again to see Curacao because Carnival replaced with Bon Air. Not sure why. :confused:


    Still waiting for little one.


    Patiently waiting. I know it's time consuming and I appreciate your work.:p

    Have a Great Day. Off to work.

  10. Lovin your post, pic's, and great sense of humor.:p


    Can't wait till we board in January. Southern Carib route.


    Would love to do a suite on next cruise. Hopin the upgrade fairy chimes in.


    Your Foody Pic's are makin my mouth water. Now I have to figure out what to pack for lunch today.:rolleyes:


    Lookin forward to more. Thanks for taking time to post.


    We fellow cruisers appreciate it.



  11. I am totally enjoying your vacation and looking forward to reading about your day in Aruba.

    I will turn 50 there next January on the Liberty.:p


    Hubby proposed on a Carnival Cruise back in 05.


    We just celebrated another Anniversary on 9/11/14.

    That's the day we buried our beloved Niece. She was 34 and left behind 4 beautiful children, age 1-11. The 11 year old was our beautiful flower girl in our wedding. Just so sad.

    Our Niece was brutally shot by her Ex-boyfriend. The 11 year old saw it all.


    I really feel connected to your loss. I remember that day exactly as it was my husbands B-Day. I am so sorry.


    I feel deeply saddened for you. I am sure you have many fond memories. I know we do and remembering them helps keep her spirit alive.


    Looking forward to the rest of your vacation. And know that your writing is very therapeutic for me.


    I am anxiously waiting for this phone call.:eek: My youngest son and his girlfriend are going to make me a Grandma very soon.

    False alarm last night at Hospital but they said could be 4 hours, could be 4 days.


    I appreciate all of your time you are putting into this thread. I'm loving it.



  12. DH and I experienced our First Halloween Cruise last October and we had a blast.

    The crew decorated the ship, they had trick or treating for the kids. They we're given a list of where to go for trick or treating. That lasted an hour or two. Then there was a costume contest in one of the bars.

    Then they all came up to the Lido deck where the party continued.


    Alot of people dressed up, some simple and some very elaborate costumes. Sorry no pic's.


    They say no mask's but some people wore them. Also no prop swords or guns etc.

    Would definitely do a Halloween cruise again. We had fun decorating our cabin door as well.

  13. OMG. Can you believe I have never tried the Mongolian Wok:eek:


    On my To Do List for next cruise for sure.


    Along with Guy's Burgers, Room Service, Blue Iguana, Alchemy Bar, Steak House 1 night, etc.


    Glad we have 8 days with only 3 ports of call.:p


    I'm gonna try the soy sauce and sugar at home. Love Stir Fry and don't use our Wok near enough.

    Wonder if all Ships do this or know "The Secret Sauce".

  14. I had to promise my DH to act better after the stunt I pulled when we got home from our B2B in 2012.... so now I quietly grieve and do my best to 'mask' my disorder....


    The 'stunt' I'm referring to is when we arrived home I successfully bid on a porthole window from eBay, paid a contractor to install it in my master bathroom, ordered a fabric showercurtain from cafepress with a HUGE cruiseship printed on it, ordered vinyl lettering (custom) that said BON VOYAGE and hung over the shower, ordered another one that said "KEEP CALM AND CRUISE ON" which I hung in between the sink and vanity. But wait... there's more - new fluffy towels, sink accessories as close to 'cruise like' as I could find. After SEVERAL hundred dollars and right before I clicked 'submit' on a sign that said 'PARTY ON THE LIDO' my sweet husband intervened. Now when we plan a cruise I have to promise not to go off the rails when its over...... I'm cracking myself up just thinking about what all I did to that poor bathroom.....:D






    Now you got me thinkin:rolleyes:


    Have fun on the Breeze.

  15. Just got back from a day in Curacao and what an amazing tour we had with Eddie of Irie tours. We were a party of six and Eddie drove us from beach to beach in a van. We had such a wonderful time. The beaches are absolutely beautiful! The lunch at the plantation was delicious! And Eddie was one amazing tour guide! I'd tour with him again in a heartbeat! This was the best tour of our cruise. We toured from 9:00AM until about 4:15 and I would loved to have stayed out longer. Unfortunately, the ship would not have waited for us. I highly recommend this tour. Any questions, just ask.


    Glad to hear you had a Great Beach Day. Hubby and I might do this as well. Did you Pre-Book?


    Some of the post's I've been reading have all been pre-booked. Could we just hook up with them when we get off the ship?


    We also want to do some shopping.


    Do you recommend a Beach??


    Thanks for any info.

    You're probably suffering from post cruise depression.:p

  16. I'm leaving in 6 days will be doing a whole week food review with pics from LIberty, just fyi.


    Enjoy your cruise. I'm so envious.


    Please include lot's of pic's. :p


    I'm so sick and tired of snow that all I can do is read about the food on Liberty for our cruise next year. :p


    Help's me plan dinner's at home. :p


    Happy Sails.

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