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  1. I might have seen someone with a tux, but more shorts and tshirts
  2. Odyssey has 2 wonky elevators, one to get to deck 16 to reach Playmakers , and the other at North Star. I use a rollator to get around, an old back injury causes a lot of back pain for walking any kind of distance, or standing for any length of time. The Playmakers requires you to hold the button to keep the lift moving, and it stopped a couple of times going up. Fortunately there was a crewmember with us. The trip back down worked well, I guess gravity helps. The on at North Star was interesting. There are 2 doors, one on the outside, that a crew member has to open, then the inner door could be opened. The crewmember who was operating the ride was with us, and when we got off, he pounded on the window to the other crewmember to come open the outer door.
  3. Seems Google translate did a good job in translating, at least it sounded good.
  4. That's a pretty hefty piece of equipment. I wonder how many rams are actually required, and how many are for redundant for safety's sake.
  5. Walking in the opposite direction, you still move 300 yards in the same direction as before, there will not be a minus sign, you will have moved 1000 yards , 700 yards in the ships direction, then 300 yards in the ships direction. AS engineers, we can't let this go.
  6. A gps will be recording your movement across the earth, not the ships deck. Even if you are walking in the opposite direction as the ship movement you will have been transported that distance the ship traveled.
  7. Each of the decks must have their own message. Ours was "into the jungle"
  8. Meanwhile , I was trying to move on from my last cruise on my Royal app to see our next cruise, only to find out I have been demoted to Gold status with 6 points. I logged onto RC on my computer and everything was gone. Nice long call with C&A, and it seems someone else's C&A number replaced mine. She gave me a new number, which turns out was my C&A number anyway. All is well again. I am now back to D+ with 546 points. Also, my past cruises had disappeared, and now they are back.
  9. I can move a mov file from my Iphone to my windows computer and it plays just fine.
  10. WE didn't go to Coco Cay till our second half of our B2B. Towards the end of the first cruise, we had a call from the Diamond Concierge (Ann) , who noticed we were B2B. We stopped by, after we figured out where the Lounge was located, and she booked us on the North Star for our day in Coco Cay. I drink rum and coke, but I need caffeine free diet coke. They didn't have any on board, so I ended up buying the Coke cup thing. Turns out, I paid for the first cruise, but it turns out it also worked the second cruise, no charge. Speaking of no charge, we did not get charged for a single drink the entire cruise. I really think we had more drinks than the voucher allows, although I didn't go over the final bill and count them.
  11. WE just got home from our 2 weeks on her. Disembarkation was a breeze. Our tag was called at 8:20, and were outside by 8:45. Customs was a facial recognition, both on turn around day and disembarkation. I think we left the ship in good condition for you.
  12. I was on Odyssey last week, Labadee was replaced by Nassau. Our next port on the itinerary was Aruba.
  13. She has been there al week, the squeaky chicken was a new feature.
  14. WE are a go for our B2B, both of our tests were negative. We also managed to cash out all of our OBC in the casino, although I think there was some sort of fee involved. DW did it, so it wasn't clear what was involved. As far as I am concerned, it all works out in the end.
  15. I usually don't see them till after I posted, and have to edit.
  16. Sometimes I will be checking the latest posts, and at the bottom it says I need to login. Go to the top, and it appears I actually am logged in, so I refresh the page, and all is well again.
  17. I called RCI for my current cruise , after final payment, and had close to $1700 OBC.
  18. It seems they typically start around now, Columbus day. Then head back for the holidays, then back for good.
  19. I don't know what device you are using, but I use my laptop. If I click on the lock symbol in front of the address, a drop down menu gives the option to clear cookies just for CC, not the entire computer.
  20. we go to the pub for HH around 500, usually sit outside. I have a blue rollator. WE eat about 700 in MTD.
  21. OK, I am getting emails saying RCI needs my vaccination for the upcoming Odyssey cruise this Sunday, when I am currently on Odyssey and we are B2B, and guest services knows we are B2B since they already called to let us know about the Covid test to prepare for the next cruise.
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