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  1. You need to follow Cheng's posts more. I have seen him post that many times.
  2. I went shopping for a new stove. I saw one on display and thought, that is a really good price. When the stove was delivered, it was not the one that I thought that I was buying. When I returned to the store, I found out that the price sign was on the wrong item. They honored the original price and I got the stove I wanted. Is that a law? I don't know.
  3. https://www.wptv.com/news/state/flat-iron-causes-hotel-fire-near-seaworld Enough said.
  4. One B2B cruise out of Bayonne had a Noro outbreak and we returned early. Our luggage stayed on the ship, but we were bused to a midtown Manhattan hotel, all expenses paid, while the ship was cleaned up.
  5. B2B in the US ,at the end of the first cruise. everyone gets off, goes through customs and they check your passport, and receives their new card. Once through customs , you return to the ship. Usually you are the first on, but not always. I wanted to add that you are allowed back to your room anytime, no need to wait for the rooms to be open for everyone else.
  6. It's been a while now so I really don't remember. DW travels to South America on a medical mission a couple of times a year, and their group has GE to facilitate traveling through MIA, so i was asked to get it for FLL, but I had plenty of time.
  7. Getting an appointment was not difficult. From what I have heard, it must be the easiest office to get into. I didn't try the walkin thing since it was so easy to get an appointment.
  8. But we can do it at the Port of Palm Beach. I did.
  9. Yes, They are definitely in a protected position.
  10. in the video they are pointed towards each other. Prop to Prop close to each other
  11. I was a performance engineer, not a materials engineer. Point was, you do not need to burn JP fuel.
  12. Gas turbine engines run on just about any liquid that burns. It is a continuous combustion process, once you ignite it and it starts burning, you just spray more fuel into the combustion chamber. A gas turbine will run on natural gas, diesel, gasoline, whatever you have available. Jet fuel, used in aviation is basically kerosene that is formulated primarily to handle the extreme low temperatures of high altitude flight.
  13. Yes, you always go through customs and immigration, but with luggage valet, you luggage does not accompany you. International arrivals, luggage does go through also. I recently arrived in Atlanta on an international flight, then had to collect or luggage, go through C&I, and there was an airline checkin counter to check our baggage for our connecting flight.
  14. I have always wondered if they only do it at times when kids are normally in school. We booked a cruise in October and they had a KSF promotion.
  15. That is an extremely useful piece of information. Like most people, most of our cruises are 7 days, and I just use my D+ discount. That said, we did a 15 day TA , so I went ahead and bought the package before. Your analysis shows that anymore than 7 days, the cruise planner is the way to go.
  16. Where on earth did you ever come up with that?
  17. absolutely. That said, there were a number of very special personal reasons for being on this particular cruise. And I don't see this choice coming up again.
  18. One week before a 2 week re-positioning cruise, i fell and broke 4 ribs and had a punctured lung. When it came close to being discharged, I asked to doctors treating me if I would still be able to go on this cruise. They gave their permission, along with their cell phone numbers with instructions to call if there were any issues. The only issue was not being able to prescribe enough pain meds for the entire cruise. Our stateroom attendant was wonderful and got a lounge chair for our balcony , Ships doctor was able to deal with an issue with an infection where the chest tube had been inserted, and provide pain meds when i ran out.
  19. I use a rollator whenever i have to walk or stand for long. When traveling by air, i used to use it to get to the gate, and they gate checked it. However , it took a while to get it at the end of the flight, and could cause an issue with connecting flights. Now, when I make my reservation, i request a wheelchair and check my rollator along with the luggage. And I always make sure to have cash to tip the assistance person. And indeed was a big help in Schiphol, not having to figure how to get to the gate.
  20. What I do is use the "search all posts by" username function, then bookmark the page.
  21. Brilliance TA in May most recently, But generally it has been available.
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