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  1. First time there. JUst want to experience the city for 3 days before flying home. Thanks for the responses.
  2. Looking for hotels post cruise for 3 days
  3. i use a walker. I cannot walk long distances due to back pain. Handling luggage is the issue.
  4. we will be debarking a TA . Never disembarked in a Europe port before. Are there porters in the cruise terminal, and if so , what is the process (Tips or what) Also , what transportation options ,like taxis, available, for a person with mobility issues. Thanks.
  5. Airline flights should be no problem until the final two teams are known.
  6. We were on Adventure earlier this year, and it was a partial charter of country and western fans from the midwest. these were the friendliest and nicest group of folks i have ever encountered on a cruise. We met people from Texas to South Dakota . Easy to spot. Uniform was blue jeans, cowboy boots and cowboy hats. I think that they used the lounge at the forward end of the Royal Promenade.
  7. When you arrive, just tell the staff of the problem, and they should gladly provide a chair and someone to push. A tip would be nice.
  8. There is an earlier post by chengkp75 , who says ships being built for the US market are inspected while they are being built. There is a cost involved, and Ovation was not planned to be in the US, so that inspection was not done, hence the reason it is being done at the first US port call.
  9. I don't care what you call them. When you have mobility issues, having them help collect luggage at the end of your cruise and they can usually find the quickest way through customs, then what they earn has nothing to do with my gratitude for the help. That gratitude is worth $20 for me.
  10. You might get a better answer on the Celebrity board, My experience on RCI is that you can log one device off and log on with the other. Also , we generally have good enough connection speeds that this is not a problem.
  11. https://www.wptv.com/news/state/travel-advisory-issued-for-the-bahamas-citing-violent-crime
  12. Navigator B2B Eastern med and TA, October and November 2018. Converted our Celebrity Elite status to Diamond, Loved the ships now we only cruise Royal. BTW, our first cruise was on the Crown Monarch in 1991, the last cruise line to offer 7 day cruises out of the port of Palm Beach.
  13. There is no meteorologist on earth that can predict the weather we are having in South Florida this year. Historically, we see little measurable rain this time of year, our dry season. It does rain in the Bahamas, just not this time of year.
  14. Local news Item today Adventure is docked at the new Celebrity terminal 25 today,
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