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  1. Not necessarily. Lots of sea days means the casinos and shops are open, big money.
  2. It will be interesting how this all plays out. At least we have a source of information (I hope).
  3. Real estate people say the same thing happening here. I was living in Ct (job relocation) , so when I retired I headed back down here as soon as i could sell my house. When I went to register my cars, I guess I had been gone too long, and had to pay a fee. When she asked if that was a problem, I told here I paid more than that every year to the town of Manchester Ct for having the cars.
  4. Hopeful that she can dock. Maybe she is just playing around now.
  5. Just received an email from X with the same offer, for bookings for the rest of the year for sailing from January 1 ,2021 through May 4, 2022. I would expect to something similar from Royal.
  6. I just thought that it was funny that Royal kept a ship called Independence in the UK. Of course, i have seen us being referred to as The Colonies in posts.
  7. Maybe there are still sensitive to what we did 244 years to England.
  8. I called them pigeons of the seas. I used to sit on the beach and watch the tourists feed the birds only to find out what a bad idea that was.
  9. WE see a lot of posts thinking the start of cruising will be short cruises that include a stop in Nassau. Saw this article this morning, https://thenassauguardian.com/sands-uncertain-bahamas-ready-for-tourism-reopening/ There was a screen shot of Princess Margret hospital on PTZTV , showing tents being setup to accommodate C 19 patients. there is additional information on their Facebook page. Doesn't look like they will be ready any time soon.
  10. he is in a 757 today, not the 747. much harder to spot which airplane is his.
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