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  1. Anyone have any recent experiences with transfer service from the Port of Yokohama to Disney sea area after a cruise?
  2. Just keep going to the same bar/waiter and tip well, they will take care of you can give you even the top shelf stuff when a manger isn't watching. Works for us
  3. We’re just going to Uber. Our flight is early afternoon
  4. Allianz offer so many choices, which one did you choose for the year?
  5. We booked ours on the site directly, cheaper than the cruise line and the same thing
  6. We just stay overnight the day before and Uber to the port
  7. Do you have the contact details for this tour?
  8. How do they know who brought in the new covid virus???? Are they 100% sure it was US Military???? In the US we get it from all over, especially people coming illegally over the southern border without being tested. Japan probably doesn't have that issue to deal with.
  9. I think this taxi company has gone out of business, tried to go on the website and it doesn't show prices or really work
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