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  1. Yep, got my email last night that my Sapphire 9/15/21 was cancelled.
  2. I like FLL better than Miami. Does anyone know what the construction is going to do for the port? Is it going to just fix and update what’s already there or are they expanding and making the port bigger and redoing it completely?
  3. My guess is the RCI will replace key west with their private island coco cay.
  4. I'm hoping someone who lives in Florida that comments on these boards does let us know what is happening and how the vote count is going when results start coming in.
  5. November 2021 on the Radiance 3 day weekend to sea how cruising is under the new required sail guidelines. I also have a birthday cruise planned out of Miami in February 2022 on the Freedom.
  6. so do I - May 2021 to Bermuda. Bermuda is on my bucket list. I very much appreciate all the updates that are being posted. I agree, CC will know what’s up with Empress before RCI will say anything. Thanks everyone!
  7. So I gather it will be hot no matter when you go? I want to do a big 14 day cruise for my 60th birthday. I was thinking maybe a panama cruise too, but in February. Good luck and have fun on whichever cruise you choose!!
  8. My next booked cruise is in May 2021 on the Empress to Bermuda. The Cruise I have booked that I think will sail is in September 2021 on Sapphire Princess to Alaska. The cruise that will disappoint me if it doesn’t sail is my May 2021 Bermuda cruise because Bermuda is on my bucket list. I’m watching the empress of the seas thread because there are rumors that she has sold, she is getting scrapped, she is still in the RCI fleet. No one knows 🤷‍♀️
  9. Thank you for the update. That’s what this thread is for.
  10. I wonder if the cruise lines notify the godmothers/godfathers of ships when they are scrapped.
  11. I’m in high risk group and I have a Sapphire Princess Alaska Cruise planned for September 2021. I will wear a mask 😷 I will get the vaccine if one is available. I will be hopeful!
  12. This thread started July 30th and now it is a month later and we still don’t know the Empresses fate. Is she sold? Is she gonna be scrapped? Is she gonna sail next year? I know RC continues to deny she is sold.
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