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  1. When I'm up on the Serenity Deck with a margarita watching the sunset as we sail!
  2. Thank you Bill for keeping track of all these storms.
  3. I always get off the ship. If I paid port fees, then I paid for the stop, so I get off the ship! Even if it is only a couple of hours, get off the ship to see the place for yourself, through your own eyes and thoughts. Have fun and safe travels to all.
  4. Good to hear about the embarkation process, I’m on Horizon next Saturday. Have fun and thanks for the info. 😎🛳
  5. @MorganClark yes, I’m glad a cruise line is marketing to solos. I read an article in a travel magazine that close to 40% of the travel industry is solo travelers. I feel that the cruise industry has completely ignored this fact. Good to see a cruise line making efforts to change that.
  6. @MorganClark that’s so great that you got one of the 4 solos on POA!!!! I’ve been trying for a couple of years now, every time all sold out. Good for you! Have a great time. I love Hawaii. I saw those infinite balconies on celebrity edge and those are cool!! The Edge is a beautiful ship. Safe travels.
  7. Watching grace as I have a cruise out of Miami on Saturday 8/21/21. Flying in Friday, that is when grace is forecast to hit west gulf side of FL.
  8. Solo cruiser since 2014 and every time I look to cruise with NCL, the solo cabins cost more than booking a regular inside. Want to try one of the single balconies on RCL. Never sailed celebrity yet. I love sailing solo. I can do want I want when I want. Cruising is fun whether you have someone with you or not. Happy sailing!!
  9. Watching grace as I’m flying into Miami on Friday. Cruise on Saturday 8/21/21
  10. Thank you for taking the time to review. You are correct, always look for the positive, or at least try. I always say "your vacation is what you make of it."
  11. I would call. Everything I’ve read says drinks must be in cans only. You can request a bucket of ice from your room steward.
  12. I just think Carnival should not have gone with 75% capacity straight outta the gate if they didn’t have the staff for it. They should have gone with a lower % starting out.
  13. I’m not a smoker. I’m not a gambler. I don’t visit the casino when I’m cruising. But even I think it is stupid to take out the bars in the casino. Good grief. How can you have a casino without a bar! Bad idea. I didn’t read all the replies, but didn’t carnival Paradise have a non-smoking casino at one point and they got rid of it.
  14. Yes, one night. Some 5 day cruises have 2 port stops and some have 3 port stops, so it varies as to which nite is elegant nite.
  15. I have been cruising carnival since 2014 and have never seen a ship on a stick before. Of course, I don’t play trivia, so I guess that’s why. People seem to be really crazy for them! 😎
  16. I watched a blog with Sharon at sea on the vista and she said that so many people asked for the paper fun times at guests services desk that they ran out - they did not print enough. Hopefully carnival made a note of that and maybe they will bring back delivery to stateroom in future.
  17. …… that’s what I have been wondering, reading and hearing about how bad the WiFi has been on both horizon and vista ships.
  18. That’s what I want to know too. How do they know who is vaxxed and who isn’t. thanks IntrepidfromDC I did not see your reply before I typed
  19. Yeah, I’m on the Horizon 8/21/21 and if they are sailing now with 75%, by the time my cruise sails, it will be 100%.
  20. From all that I’m reading is yes. They have updated the Hub App so much that they want you to do everything from the App. Dinner reservations-yes. Excursions - not sure.
  21. I’m a solo traveler, so for me I can’t be completely a one cruise line loyalist. I have to go with the best itinerary for my budget. The only way I would be completely loyal to only one line would be NO single supplement. 38% of the travel industry is solo travelers and the cruise industry has ignored this. I will say, as you can see from my signature, the majority of cruises I’ve taken is on Carnival .
  22. I thought I saw Christine Duffy greeting passengers in Galveston on Vista yesterday? Girl gets around. loved your pirate photo!! Again, have fun and safe travels. Thank you for taking us with you.
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