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  1. I think these are the genuine prices. It's so they don't have to give back huge refunds when they all get cancelled. Cunard aren't daft, they've learnt their lesson.
  2. I have only one thing to say to Princess Cruises. Unfortunately if I said it here I'd be banned. Suffice to say I will never cruise Princess again.
  3. Fair enough Glittergal, maybe I did miss your point. Hope you do eventually get to sail away, and have a wonderful time.
  4. I'm booked for November. That's getting cancelled. I want to see a full 12 months of this virus being clear, or at least a vaccine before I'll be cruising again.
  5. The OP seems to want to cruise though. "We have a cruise booked for the End of May from Malta to Italy and Croatia and would very much like to go on this as we were supposed to be renewing our Wedding Vows."
  6. I am shocked and flabbergasted by this thread. What are you people talking about cruising for in the near future. There is very little chance of the current lockdown measures not being extended beyond the date of OP's cruise. Even if they are relaxed going on a cruise in may would be totally irresponsible, and quite honestly P&O and anyone thinking of boarding a ship in May should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.
  7. Long term I think the cruise industry are going to suffer tremendously. By the time this is over we may not have any cruise lines left. How long do you think a business can survive without customers? On here we are all cruising fanatics, but make up a very small proportion of cruisers. If you had never previously cruised, would you seriously think about boarding a ship knowing what has occurred since this outbreak began? Weeks being kept prisoner in a cabin, many being insides with no natural light. I love cruising, but from now on, if I ever do get back on a ship
  8. https://nypost.com/2020/03/10/couple-on-coronavirus-grand-princess-cruise-sues-for-more-than-1-million/ Pathetic.
  9. Well I have multiple underlying conditions, but I'm certainly not fretting over it. In fact I'm more likely to die worrying about the virus than actually catching it.
  10. Solution is quite simple. Dump two of the kids with the in-laws, and enjoy your cruise. You could make it fun by organizing competitions to see which two go. Maybe something along the lines of the X Factor. I'm sure other CCers will be able to come up with other novel ideas.
  11. What? You mean you haven't got exotic animal markets in Huddersfield?
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