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  1. Two observations. First, if I read you correctly, you are being offered a120% of your “actual cruise fare” in compensation for the two lost days; half of that in the form of a refund and half in the form of a future credit. Sounds fair, especially since by your contract with them they owe you nothing. Second, I am not sure why you characterize the base fare as “unknown.” Did you receive an invoice showing a breakout of fare, port fees, perks, bev pkg credits, other costs, taxes, etc etc? If you didn’t receive such an invoice, bad on your travel agent and your harsh words should be aimed in that direction. I am a somewhat compulsive planner, and it would upset me terribly if I had been in Japan watching the heavy rains, unable to tour the city due to weather, waiting for the ship while it waited out the typhoon in safety off at sea. I can totally sympathize with your angst. But based on what you have outlined, I would hold Celebrity not guilty of maltreatment. Stan
  2. I haven’t tracked the specifics of your pricing issue, sorry! But as I was skimming through the thread, I noticed the above. Four days ago I left a VM for my CVP, had a long useful discussion with him when he called back two days ago (when he got back from a vacation.) Some pricing changes, cancelled one cruise, moved the reservation to another itinerary, had some deals added... So I am not sure why you say the CVP is no longer an option. Stan
  3. I spoke with Dan last evening, he is on the Reflection until early or mid November. Two months. Then a vacation and I believe he said it would then be back to the Equinox...
  4. Sailed with Dan on the Summit. Quite enjoyed him. But everyone’s notion of energy and fun is different, your impression my be different.
  5. Additional note - the Celebrity charter flights are on a typical 737. Business and Economy sections. You can pay to upgrade to the Business section. Check with the Celebrity rep when you first arrive at the hotel in Quito.
  6. I have booked us for what are probably the same b2b on Summit that you are looking at. I have spent much time in Florida, though never in Tampa. I have had several trips in/out of San Juan. I will always opt for San Juan, much more interesting than Florida. Though I am not that pleased with these new Summit offerings, I found it hard to put together a decent 14-day trip. So that b2b may well get swapped out for some Alaska time...
  7. Absolutely! Sorry for the shorthand. What I was trying to get to is that the cost and hassle of travel away from home (including prepping the house for long-term absence, coordinating with house sitter and cat sitter, pre-paying bills, etc etc etc) for me is quite easy to put up with if the reward is great enough. A day and a half in travel mode on either end of a trip. so about 3 days. If we go for a week cruise, then three of our ten days, 30%, is wasted unpleasant time. If we go for a 14+14 b2b with time ashore before and after, then the in transit unpleasantness is only about 10% of the total, or less, and is easily bearable. I look at the cost of flights and hotel stays the same way, and try to minimize those. At this point, by my idiosyncratic set of computations, I will fly to NJ/NY for a 10-day or longer cruise, but nothing shorter. I'll fly to FLL/Miami for a 7+7 b2b but nothing shorter. I'll fly to San Juan for a 10 day but would prefer longer. For Europe, it has to be at least 3 weeks. For NZ/Australia, it will need to be at least 5 weeks. Of course finding a compatible Trans Atlantic or Trans Pacific changes the equations a bit.And as dubs said, combining with a land vacation also works for me. So, our week more or less in Italy before a 14-day Trans Atlantic.... Stan
  8. Of course! 7+7, 14+14, 14+14, 12+12 coming up... Why pack and travel and go through all of the hassle just for a few days on board? Longer is better. Stan
  9. My first experience - I had a Guarantee cabin, i.e. general category but no room assigned. Got my assignment. Called agent: that looks like an obstructed view cabin, what do you think? Answer: I don’t know anything about the cabins; if you want to change, tell me where and I will move you. Second time, different company. Will you alert me to price drops? Answer: no of course not, I don’t have time for that. If you see a price drop, tell me and I’ll fix it. Third time, different company. I’ve made a partial payment, will you send me an updated invoice? Answer: no, we don’t usually bother until after final payment. Since then I have dealt with Celebrity directly. I may miss out on a few perks but I also miss out on the aggravation of dealing with phone clerks who know nothing about cruising or about customer service. By the way, I did try local. One group said to tell them what I wanted, they would only charge $50 per reservation to set things up for me. The other group said they didn’t deal much with cruises and didn’t really want to bother. Do you expect too much? I don’t think so, but nevertheless your experience with shoddy service may be the norm. Stan
  10. About 30-50 days per year, 4-5 cruises with often a back to back or two. No way I will fly to Europe, or even to Florida, for a short cruise.
  11. No. No viable operation will risk its reputation and future business by bringing their clients back late.
  12. I would hate to be in that situation! I would probably complain to the Hotel Director, but still I would be nervous about retaliation from the steward if he became angry... Stan
  13. Did the steward know you had moved in? Or was he/she just cleaning up after the previous guest to make things shipshape for you?
  14. Yes. To confirm for yourself, download a book, any book. Then turn off your cell data and WiFi. Then listen to the book...
  15. You can order but you may be in for a long wait. Someone will need to be detached from the ongoing process of taking orders,, offering sweet rolls, juices, bringing food, coffee, cleaning the table... A guy/gal to run to the bar in the Oceanview to get a drink for you is just not built into their routine. Different time of day but similar issue: I have always had a package, usually Classic, sometimes Premium. Two or three wine refills through dinner, seldom any big delay. But maybe once a cruise I will order an after dinner drink from the list on the menu. That involves bringing in somebody totally else to verify my request, verify my drinks package, and go off somewhere miles away to eventually bring my drink well after dinner and after dessert and after coffee and after the MDR is basically deserted. In short, they do the standard things very well but often seem unable to cope with a slightly unusual request. My theory is that, when I am on a cruise, I don’t need perfection, no need to fret. I would rather cope with what is. I get my Bloody Maria to-go before I go to breakfast, I take a glass of wine into dinner with me in case service is slow, and I usually do my after dinner drink someplace else.
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