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  1. After attempting to book restaurants online, I finally called NCL to be told that Getaway cruises to mid-January were unavailable for pre-booking. I'll plan to book first day onboard. I am hoping that means our January cruise is sailing at less than 100% capacity🤞 (Had no problem booking at 120 days out for our December Breakaway out of NOLA.)
  2. Loving your review! Thanks for posting these great pictures. My DH has been hanging over my shoulder to check out your review too. We are both getting VERY excited for our upcoming cruise☺️
  3. We asked at Guest Services for a number to call Concierge once and were told no. I'm always surprised when I read something here that states someone has been able to use concierge for Platinum. It is rare that we would ask for assistance as we usually can book our specialty reservations ahead of time. However, they haven't opened reservations for our upcoming cruise so I would love it if some type of concierge assistance is available for that cruise.
  4. Ocean Blue might just be the 'walk-up' window on the WaterFront. It has great Lobster Rolls and a couple of other items, but not a full menu. Love those Lobster Rolls!
  5. Thank you for posting about the Breakaway! Like everyone else, after six cancelled cruises our first cruise back will be in two months on Breakaway out of New Orleans. We are so happy to hear that you had such a wonderful cruise😎
  6. If you can, would love to know who the Executive Host in the Casino is. Thanks!
  7. I would vote for angled balcony too. If you go with deck 14, check and see what is above you. I wouldn't want to be below the Garden buffet or anywhere people are sliding chairs/loungers.
  8. Welcome back! Did they have a specific area to go to when you boarded to make dining reservations?
  9. For those of us booking casino comped cruises, I love the Prepaid Service Charges or the TaxFree Promo. I am always watching for these good promos, but it has been a LONG time since they ran one. When they run one, I call CAS to have them change my already booked cruises to the new promo. (CAS has always allowed the change if we are outside of the final payment.) Sadly, during the cruise shutdown, I 'lost' three cruises that had one of these special promos. (I'm Ruby with CAS too)
  10. We are excited to be cruising from Galveston, but it's going to be interesting for us to figure out the best way to get to Galveston plus where to stay🤔
  11. We especially enjoyed the themed lunch buffets at Breakaway's Moderno. I hope this is available for our cruise in December.
  12. Exclusive Club Balcony Suite Amenities Option to pre-book onboard entertainment and dining as early as 125 days prior to sailing Complimentary treats delivered to your stateroom Complimentary bottle of sparkling wine Complimentary choice of one valet laundry or pressing service Bliss Collection by Norwegian™ featuring fine linens, pillows and a memory foam mattress or mattress topper Room Service menus offering delicious options for breakfast, lunch and dinner Coffee and tea set-up TV, refrigerator, safe and hair dryer Sitting area Lower beds arranged as a queen-size bed
  13. I also called at 125 days (Club Balcony) for our Jan 5th Getaway. It also said to come back at 120 days. And, just like OP reports, at that point it says unable to book. I called NCL on ours and supervisor confirmed that Getaway sailings into January are on a "stop sale for dining". It is frustrating for those of us who like to plan ahead😒
  14. That is true, but OP was pointing out that Club Balcony category is supposed to be allowed to book dining & entertainment at 125 days.
  15. I've had this happen also. I've gone to bed the last night of the cruise and my account looked fine. Next morning, someone had changed it so I then showed 'unused non-refundable OBC'. Of course that meant that a higher amount was going to be charged to my credit card while OBC was not used. I had to go to the desk and wait in a line to talk to the Finance officer to get it corrected. This was just once out of many cruises, but I always keep an eye on the bill and then check again before I leave the ship.
  16. Thanks for posting! We are booked on Prima for a cruise from Galveston to Miami in October of 2022. Had no idea she would be moving to Galveston for a homeport later on.
  17. Updates to the deck plans also show up when you do a mock booking. It's fun to see a couple of more areas filled in on those plans. Still plenty of blank spaces marked 'To Come'.
  18. I'm grateful that OP provided these details. It's reassuring to read of an actual experience rather than all of our 'what if' speculations.
  19. We have always been encouraged by our servers at Cagney's to get a couple of sides with our Platinum dinner. At Le Bistro, we have sometimes ordered two appetizers (soup & salad) and told them we would be happy to pay for the 'extra' soup appetizer. (They didn't charge us, but we were fine with it either way.)
  20. We have been Platinum Plus since they created the PP group. We have always made our own dining reservations prior to boarding, but on one cruise I asked the Latitudes desk for how to reach the Concierge desk for assistance and was told it was not available for PP. As for priority disembarkation, we were given it once as we were part of a special CAS group. We were given Gold bag tags and told to meet at a specific time/place for an escort off the ship prior. On a later cruise, I asked if Platinum Plus was eligible for priority disembarkation and was told the Yellow Platinum bag tags were 'priority' and of course they do not come with the escorted disembarkation. For most cruises, we are in no rush to leave the ship, but once in awhile it would be nice to have the special priority disembarkation.
  21. The Gem is a great ship! Hope you have a wonderful time😎
  22. What ship was this for? (Date doesn't match for OP's original question which was for Getaway cruises)
  23. Same for us. I called about being unable to book reservations on Getaway for early January. The agent tried and couldn't book anything so he put me on hold to talk with a supervisor. He came back and I was told there was a "stop sale for dining" on all Getaway cruises into January.
  24. That is a tough question. I suggest you send an email to CAS with your question. Include information like which ship & date you last cruises and earned points on. You could also add your Latitudes number. See their email below: For casino information and reservations, contact a Casinos At Sea Cruise Specialists 9:00AM to 5:30PM EST Monday to Friday 1 877-PLAY NCL (1-877-752-9625) or email us at casinoinquiries@ncl.com
  25. Los Lobos is a great use of your Platinum meal. We love the Guacamole and Elotes too! If you also want to try Q, suggest you just order a couple of side dishes as getting a whole meal there is way too much food.
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