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  1. since you know EVERYTHING about the vaccines and allergies, maybe you just missed this info. https://www.nih.gov/news-events/news-releases/nih-begins-study-allergic-reactions-moderna-pfizer-biontech-covid-19-vaccines
  2. You can have your opinion, even if you do not know facts. When someone is HIGHLY allergic to vaccines they see an allergist regularly. I do not have to show you proof of her allergy or tell you how she received the tests. I never mentioned she got the scratch test in a pharmacy site or mass vaccination site. When you have a medical degree specializing in allergies, then you can make an informed comment on a subject.
  3. I have a cruise booked with my 18 year old granddaughter as one of the passengers. She is highly allergic to the vaccine. I wonder how that will be handled?
  4. Bermuda is considering becoming a cruise port. https://www.royalgazette.com/politics/news/article/20210322/cruise-lines-could-homeport-in-bermuda-minister/
  5. Just went to check my Bermuda cruise for Sept 20. All categories show sold out. 😞 I'm thinking they are next to be cancelled.
  6. Things have changed since 2016. They are very strict with brining non suite passengers into B&L in Cagney's. I have been on many Dawn repos and as of 2017 they did not let non suite passengers in. I agree, the SD are a nice option, but I never missed the balcony. It has no sun protection and the upper deck can look straight down on you from above. Had friends in an SD and they never used the balcony much, especially when we were sailing. The wind is bad. All the other suite amenities are sooooo worth it!
  7. Absolutely! Get an SJ family suite. They are the best value on the ship
  8. no they cannot in the S class and haven suites. They can be separated in the mini suite.
  9. I really want to book the Gem Caribbean out of NY for Feb. 2022. Any thoughts on if it will sail or will they shorten the cruise to 7 days and do the Fla. Bahamas run which is my least favoite itinerary.
  10. they are not just a little larger, they are double the size. Plus the much larger bathroom. The Dawn also has family suites with balcony for a higher price. But I did not miss the balcony at all!
  11. it will go back to the gift card. BUT make sure you check the cards after you receive notification of the refund. i had 3 cards worth over $1000 refunded. When I went to go use them again, they had no balance and said cards were not active. After numerous calls and hours on the phone I finally sent an email to Harry Sommer asking for help. Took almost 2 weeks to getthe balance back to them. Also if they are inactive for a year, you will lose$3 per month off the balance.
  12. I have quite a few that I keep in contact with. Have known some for years. We exchange pics and well wishes often.
  13. Hi, does anyone have a pic of the scanner or know the size of the suitcase that will fit thru the scanner? Thanks for any help.
  14. So sorry to have left you in the lurch. We have been begging NCL to bring us back to no avail. We provided a great service that the know nothing agents and the current online agents answering the chats now can never provide. EXPERIENCE and knowledge of evry ship and promo offered. Seems like now all they want to do is sell sell sell. Since we could not book, we were eliminated with 3 days notice that we would be losing our jobs. They have given the job to inhouse new hires, most of whome have never even stepped on a ship and their answers show it.
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