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  1. So, I guess the big question is when do I want to jump and buy it?
  2. WE usually wait until 6:00 p.m. to visit the lounge. Never an issue.
  3. When do you hear if your bid was accepted? Do we have a window on how far out they can come? Curious as I have several bids for our upcoming Apr 12 Anthem Transatlantic cruise.
  4. Price drops on balconies and below. We are in a JS. A friend of ours got a spacious balcony solo for $1100 and he is a gold.
  5. Our next 9 bookings are all in suites and there has been no price drops.
  6. JS do not get access to suite lounge. That is why we declined. The ladies I am going with are all Emerald's and below. They want the lounge and I did not want to utilize the lounges by myself.
  7. No suite perks. And there are several of us that got called but declined but the deal RC wanted to give us was 50 percent off the amount we paid and $300 OBC. Three of us that I know of all declined.
  8. Interesting. They were offering several of us half off the cruise and $300 OBC. Same sailing. We have to GS booked.
  9. Over 100 cabins still available on the Anthem Transatlantic. 15 are JS and above. Crazy!
  10. I will be on the Liberty on Sunday. I will check it out and report back. We are also booked for next year and will be the first ones on her after the refurbishment. Can't wait! One of my favorite ships!
  11. Exactly. We're hoping the same even though it really does not matter.
  12. I believe so. I am leaving on the liberty this weekend as well and all of a sudden, rooms are opening up.
  13. I am with you. The wine selections (Kite) in the lounges are horrible. I often bring two bottles of my favorite wines from home and then I have the three decent bottles that I get from RC due to my status. This enables me to not have to pay anything. I try to walk off the ship with a zero balance. Sometimes I am lucky but most times "not".
  14. I understand that she is freaking out. It is her option to cancel and there is nothing you can do about it. However, in the meantime, honor her reasoning and decision but I do hope that you are still going. You are correct, unfortunately, she won't get reimbursed from the insurance unless the sailing is cancelled or if she does get sick and has a doctor's note. I am sorry! It is what it is and it sucks!
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