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  1. I know you need to reserve spots for the Aqua and Ice shows but do you also need reservations for the headliner shows?
  2. Thank you. That makes sense now why there was only one menu.
  3. Sailing on the Oasis Oct. 17. First time on her. I've heard good things about the Solarium Bistro and would like to try it. I've looked on the app for menus but there is only one for the first night. Is the nightly menu the same as in the MDR or do they offer different things? TIA
  4. Does the Solarium Bistro have the same choices for dinner nightly as the MDR?
  5. I applied three FCC's to a future cruise, carefully making sure I was following the rules and using the base fare only. When I got the receipt, I owed much more than I thought I would. I called my TA who called Royal and found out that they had used part of an FCC to pay for our prepaid gratuities. It all came out even but now I'm not sure how to figure out how to apply the rest of my FCC's. I guess I'll stick with base fare only. Wish Royal accounting would follow the rules!
  6. Thank you for those who had helpful tips. I wish we could stay for a few days but we get home to EWR on May 13, then leave again out of Bayonne on May 15. That early flight was the one we could have used airline points on. Looks like we’ll need to find another option. Not worth the worry for sure. We also fly back to AMS on June 20 for the Arctic Circle cruise. Poor planning on my part but it will be so good to be cruising that I don’t even care. Thanks again for the help. Happy Cruising😊
  7. We are sailing on the TA from Miami to Amsterdam in April of 2022. The best flight available to us using miles is a nonstop American flight that leaves AMS at 10:50 am. Would we be able to make it?
  8. "The only time you are required to use your original travel agent in applying FCC's is if there is a disagreement over the amount of the FCC. In that case Royal will only talk to the original travel agent to resolve the differences" So as a travel agent, would you recommend going through your TA to apply the FCC's versus calling Royal to do it? I have so many and would love to talk to Royal and get them all applied at the same time. I'm wondering though, how does my TA know I've used them? Will a new invoice be issued by Royal? Thank you in advance, Ken. I appreciate your knowledge and willingness to help with these kinds of issues.
  9. Do you have to use a voucher to get coffee in the DL?
  10. Cold soups every night in the MDR Ship Shape dollars. We used to do every activity they offered, just to earn those dollars and get a T-shirt or water bottle. It was lots of fun! Daily newspaper And now it sounds like we'll miss the Cruise Compass:(
  11. By moving a Lift and Shift do you mean moving the deposit to another date but paying the difference in the fare? Only a true L & S if Royal cancels, correct?
  12. We took my grandson at 10 months and then at 2 and mostly ate in the MDR. On our last cruise on the Grandeur in October 2019, we added our 6 month old granddaughter. With two kids, it was easier to go to the WJ. On the formal night when lobster was served, we all wanted the lobster but didn't want to chance it in the MDR. I asked the Head Waiter in the WJ if they would possibly bring us lobster. He asked what time we'd be there and said he'd have it all set up for us. They had a big round table in a cordoned off part of the WJ set and waiting when we got there. The brought us 8 lobster tails and we opted to get the rest from the buffet. It was a wonderful meal and we were very grateful that we could enjoy the great food without worrying about being in the MDR and disturbing those around us.
  13. Thank you for sharing. This is great news. I was just reading the CWC rules and it states this covers all cruises booked on or before January 31, 2021. So what happens to any cruises booked after Jan. 31? We're on our own like the old days before COVID?
  14. I've read on a few different threads that there is a way to find a list of cruises you're eligible for if you decide to Lift and Shift. I've looked everywhere on the RCL website but can't find it. Will someone please tell me how to find that list? Thank you.
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