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  1. I've read on a few different threads that there is a way to find a list of cruises you're eligible for if you decide to Lift and Shift. I've looked everywhere on the RCL website but can't find it. Will someone please tell me how to find that list? Thank you.
  2. FCC is fine. I thought they weren't giving you anything toward the difference. Thanks for clarifying.
  3. Is this still the case? I thought RCL stopped refunding the difference.
  4. Currently, when is the last date to Lift and Shift? Suppose I have a future cruise booked and the paperwork says my fare is $1000 and my husband's fare is $500. Can I use an FCC in my name for $1500 to cover the whole price of the cruise or will the $1500 only cover my portion since it's in my name and then I'd lose the other $500? Thank you.
  5. Just got off the phone with Gigi in Club Royale. I wanted to L & S our January 2021 8 night Grandeur out of Baltimore to same cruise on Enchantment in January 2022. (It was our yearly comped cruise with an upgrade to a JS) After checking, Gigi told me that this cruise was not eligible for L & S but they could cancel and reprice. Having the new price open on my computer and it being $700 more than we paid, I said no thanks. She continued trying to convince me to let her look at the new price ("Sometimes we have cheaper prices than what you see onboard...") I finally told her to go ahead and see what the 2022 price would be. Turns out it was $11 cheaper than what we originally paid! Gigi rebooked us with the same reservation number and refunded to our credit card the difference in price plus what we had paid for Internet. Bottom line - although she wouldn't call it a Lift and Shift, essentially that's what happened. I was happy with the outcome whatever they call it:)
  6. That's what I thought but I was still hoping😕 Thank you.
  7. So just to clarify, the cruise must be USED by March 31, 2020, not just BOOKED by March 31, 2020?
  8. We had a July 1 cruise booked that was just cancelled. We tried to Lift and Shift it to another qualified sailing, but were denied because it was booked with a TA Friends and Family discount. I recently saw a posting from Royal which says: "For newly affected Cruise with Confidence guests that are ready to move to an alternate sail date in the following year, we're happy to price protect the original pricing if the alternative sailing is the same itinerary, length and stateroom category, and the sail date is between June 30, 2021 and August 30, 2021. Guests must opt in by June 10, 2020 to participate in this program". Does anyone know if this is different from Lift and Shift, in other words, would I still be denied because of the discounted fare? I called my TA two days ago and haven't heard back so I thought I'd check here. Thanks.
  9. Good news this morning. I was able to use Lift and Shift to change our Oasis Sept. 20, 2020 sailing to Oasis Sept. 13, 2021. Unlike my other Oasis sailing which was denied due to being booked under Friends and Family , this one was booked through Casino Royale. We had a $200 voucher to use which is why we went through the casino phone number instead of the C and A number.
  10. Thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction. I'm still disappointed but at least I feel better having seen it in writing.
  11. Ken - is there any mention in your TA information from Royal or was it mentioned during the Webinar, that those with Friends and Family fares are not allowed to use the Lift and Shift option? The way I read it, it worked with any promotion. Thanks for your help.
  12. That’s what it sounds like to me. (See post #457) I’ve looked and looked and nowhere do I see where you can’t combine the Lift and Shift with a TA offer.
  13. We are booked on Adventure of the Seas, July 1, Eastern Caribbean, 9 nights out of Bayonne. Assuming the cruise will be cancelled by Royal, I called my TA to use the Lift and Shift offer. We wanted to change to Oasis of the Seas, July 30, 2021, Eastern Caribbean, 9 nights out of Bayonne. With all of the rules I've been reading, it all sounded good to me. The TA was told no, we couldn't change because our original cruise was booked under a "Travel Agent Friends and Family" promotion and that is not combinable with this offer. Very disappointed. I guess we'll wait until RCL cancels and take the refund, assuming that option is still available😕
  14. I'm looking at a cruise for April 2022 but what to wait to see what TA's are offered. Does anyone know when they'll come out?Thanks
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