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  1. Not impressed with show as a whole. Costumes were amazing, Acrobatics were good, but did they belong in this show?. Voices were quite adequate. In-between scenes vocal commentary in the computer type voice was extremely annoying. Scenery was thrust too far forward on the sides, not allowing for anyone on the sides or near sides to see the back of the stage, where some of the 'action' was taking place. Too many negatives for me to give it a passing grade. Too bad, because the ONLY other production show in our 21 day cruise had me believing this crew has a lot of talent. Too bad they were not allowed to use their talent for our enjoyment. Jim😎
  2. Your Phone Does Matter!! We just got back from an amazing 21 day T/A on the Sky Princess. We were very prepared for the Medallion experience, having been on the CB this past winter and helped wring out some of the bugs in the system. We both used our phones pre-cruise to fill out our info and get our medallions, everything worked well for both of our phones, mine an ancient version of android and hers a much newer version. This was going to change once aboard the ship. Jean was able to do all of the things that were promised. I, however met with repeated messages of unresponsive screens when trying to order a drink, find shipmates, check daily schedule, and just about anything else. The team on deck was able to get my phone to respond by taking it through a number of clean-up procedures, but this would only last for a short period. After about eight sessions of this cleansing, I went to the expert in the internet cafe and was told that the problem is with my older version of android, the two are virtually incompatible, and I spent the rest of the cruise cleaning my phone each and every time I wanted to perform one function. I will not let that happen again. I am getting a new phone before we embark on the Sky Princess in January. I have a Motorola Droid Turbo with android version 6.0.1 If you have this or an older version you are going to be disappointed. Some-one should be able to tell us what the cut-off is when it comes to android support, it would be nice. Jim😎
  3. Well, after a couple of very long port days, I have finally got some time to report on the music venues of the Sky Princess. Take five has twelve seats for 2, mostly against the windows. There are also six 4's, and three 5's. There are also twelve individual seats surrounding the performance area if you want to be intently entertained by the jazz. The bar has 10 stools for a total seating capacity of 85. This venue is strictly jazz entertainment, and so far has been very good, if poorly attended. We have had some tiring days so maybe once we head out on the T/A, attendance will improve. I have not noticed any smoke issue from either the casino or Churchill Lounge. The Piano bar looks like it will be the new Crown Grill Bar. There is limited seating for 2, maybe 4 individual spots scattered throughout. There are plenty of couch/chair type areas that will seat 4-5 or 5-6. 6 bar stools for a total seating of around 66. I have not spent much time here, but it looks little crowded as I pass through after late seating. I will try to get a better in-person experience in the next couple of days. Jim😎
  4. Very impressive ship. The upgraded wine glasses are also available from the steward for your rooms. The Dress to impress night was interesting. In the patter they asked that during dress to impress night, please observe the suggested dress code for the traditional and anytime dining venues. I guess they are saying on other nights not to worry about the dress code???? We will have a formal night on tomorrows sea day. In addition to the pump soap and improved shower curtain, I believe the showers themselves are about 35 -50% larger and have hand held shower heads. Big improvement. No way to measure, but hallways may be a little wider, and I believe a scooter and steward's cart can co-exist. Jim😎
  5. You are right about the length, but the width has been increased by about 30% (in my interpretation of the deck plans). The lines are much cleaner and the bar does not stick out as far into the space. As viewed on a video I have seen, the seating area has a much more open concept, similar to Crooners. The old Club six seemed to be rather compartmentalized. The stage area and the piano by the dance floor appear to be visible from anywhere in the room. I anticipate after watching the production show in the theater this coming Sunday, we will go to the Crown Grill Bar to listen to music by solo pianist Slava. I will then retire to Take five for a Woodford Reserve and listen to the Phillipe Lavoipierre Jazz Trio. I will then be able to come back to this thread and give a more informed opinion. Jim😎
  6. the question was not about what is available in port. (got you back😉) Jim😎
  7. The information for our Nov.10 boarding is mostly there, with the exception of MUTS movies. The information for our Nov.17 leg is just getting filled in. I would guess that with entertainers coming and going, venues being changed for certain events and private use of venues based on individual cruise needs, the information tends to get solidified no closer than a week or two out. Jim😎
  8. I did not delete any of the original apps when I downloaded MCapp. All of our information was there including pictures, passport information, shipmates for chatting and stalking. PIN, etc. all that information is available for our next cruises, our January cruise on the Sky, our October cruise on the CB. Jim😎
  9. We will be doing this itinerary in October of 2020. What were the colors like this year? thanx, Jim 😎
  10. We leave in two days to get on the Sky Princess next Sunday. This wonky app has allowed us to get our medallions, enter our security photo, enter our avitar to show up on screens on the ship. Roughly same amount of time that it would take when we arrive at the port. we actually entered most of our information when we sailed on the CB last January. So the biggest benefit is it is a lasting editable information package that only needs to be entered once. Our medallions are on order for our cruise in January as well. We now have a listing and timing of the entertainment in most of the venues on the Journey View part of wonky, almost like having the Patters mailed to us pre-cruise, and can begin to plan our days. I have not been able to order a drink yet, but if I could, the ice would probably be melted by the time we boarded. Jim😎
  11. Received ours this past Tuesday, sailing Nov. 10. Friends received theirs a week ago Tuesday, sailing Nov. 3. You will get yours this Tuesday. You do not need to be there to sign. Bon Voyage, Jim 😎 ps. we got our e-mail notification after the fact. LOL
  12. please go ask the captain to turn on the bridge cam.😀
  13. Do you know whether you are going to go north of the storm or is he going to dip south underneath it and give you guys some better pool deck time? Jim😎
  14. You do not need Ocean Ready or any of the other apps. Just your passport,luggage tags and boarding pass, (maybe a bottle of wine). Same as always. Jim😎
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