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  1. Yes, with an ETA of 0900. Jim😎
  2. Michael, Tried that brew Jan 2019 while visiting Caracoa on the Caribbean Princess. It was a welcome cold refreshment, and loved the name. Jim😎
  3. Great concept for a thread right now. I know I will have trouble keeping my input to just one, but for now, my favorite recent photo would be from the Sky Princess T/A. This is from Gigbraltar. (duh) Jim😎
  4. Actually, now you know the Sky Princess' towels are blue. Jim😎
  5. We feel sad for you and Trish. Loved seeing the sail-away pictures. Couldn't make out any of our favorite crew members but it has to be a mixed blessing for them. Jim
  6. OK, The cruise was priced at $$$$$$$$, and you successfully negotiated cancelling it. The cost of the bracelet was/is $, and you want us to help you with the logistics? Jim😎
  7. And maybe, will never sail with us again. Your logic is not logical. Jim😎
  8. Small bag inside medium bag inside large bag = ability to store 6 bags under the bed🤣 Only problem we ever had was in a room capable of sleeping 4, all extra bedding was already under bed. Ok it compresses rather nicely toward the head of the bed freeing up required space, otherwise would have had the Steward remove the excess bedding. Enjoy your cruise and the extra space under the bed. Jim😎
  9. Sir, I always try to do this the last day, before it no longer shows on the cruise personalizer. A game I play but oh it is fun!!!! Jim😉😎
  10. Michael, DW got the clip for $8, I got the wristband for $12. Enjoy.... Both fit perfectly. Jim😎
  11. Thank you, No, sadly I am just a drinker. Jim😎
  12. Bob, I tried this and was extremely disappointed. The burger flippers up on deck 16 do not possess the required skills to execute this great burger that I have had in the Wheelhouse on other ships. The 'Sky' version of this was a joke. Jim😎
  13. You will fit right in!!! We always travel with a 'Formal' Bag. Has Gowns and Black Jacket as well as White Dinner Jacket. DW always says how much she likes how I look dressed up, but really she is the one that looks, well.... fantastic. Jim😎
  14. Whinn did show up with his cart last night. They had put the cart away for the week due to the Irish invasion and using this venue for a lot of their activities. He did it especially since I asked him the night before. These guys are very responsive. Now... my findings: I had the Classic, which is the Hendricks with cucumber and juniper berries. The show is worth the price of admission, this guy knows his craft. I believe that the use of a wine glass makes sense since this is a very nose-forward cocktail. A thin sliced lime is presented to the entire inside of the glass, a long thin slice of cucumber is pasted against the inside of the glass followed by some ice and then the main ingredients are added. The gin is poured using a full jigger followed by a 1/2 jigger. The berries are individually ground open prior to adding to the glass, the tonic poured down the spiral of a bar mixing spoon. A complete stir finalizes the production, and the result was extremely good and I was able to sip on it for quite a while without getting diluted by the ice. All in all a win by Whinn. The entire Take Five staff, Sandeep, Whinn, Raisha and ??? will be leaving at the end of March for vacation, then over to Italy to get the Enchanted ready. Princess believes in these guys and so do I. Jim😎
  15. Bob, Thanx for doing this live-from. We enjoyed meeting all you guys and hope to cross paths again some day. Jean and I made it home to Fort Myers before noon. For your information, in addition to the egg/cheese muffin sandwich, there is usually a second egg dish available at the IC every morning. Either an egg-white spinach Gruyere dish or an egg/sausage burrito. Jim😎
  16. Absolute rubbish, they do, however, know if you have the drink package. Jim😎 We will miss you.
  17. Tux, Dinner Jacket, Formal shirts, other shirts, pants all get sent to cleaned or laundered. But our precious underwear is done by us. Heck, the laundramat is right across the hall, LOL Jim😎
  18. Talked with the Entertainment Director before he left last week. He said that the production shows, starting next week were going to be at 8PM and 10PM. So, now that you have conflicting information, enjoy your cruise, we get off on Saturday after a wonderful three weeks. Jim😎
  19. The Sky Princess protocol is to only charge the overage, so in this case $4. Michael (thrak) even you can handle that one. I hope that this policy is fleetwide since we have added a number of beverage packages to upcoming cruises due to the best ever sale. Jim😎
  20. You are so right on about this. Also the Captains Circle Party, he had us as captive audience for over 30 minutes, the hostess was trying to cut him off after 20 minutes and he just got funnier. We will definitely attend again. Jim😎
  21. I see Jean and might make out myself, but only one other couple from our roll-call showed up, oh well 6 more days to make connections. I really do need to buy Bob a drink, lol. Jim😎
  22. I am looking at Patter for Jan 25 Sky Princess. We are staying on board for one more week. International Cafe Deck 5; Lunch 11:30AM - 11:00PM Estrella Dining Room Deck 6; Lunch Noon - 1:30 PM Alfredo's Pizzaria Deck 7; Noon - 10:00PM Slice Deck 16 ;11:30AM - 10:00PM Salty Dog Grill Deck 16; 11:30AM - 10:00PM World Fresh Marketplace Deck 16; Breakfast til 11:AM " " " " ; 11:30AM -4:PM Hope this helps Jim😎
  23. We have left Cozumel. We are on our way to pick you up. Jim😎
  24. Chat is available, and you can enable 'notification'. This has not always worked for us. There is usually a visible notification, but not always an audio one. However, it is a much improved system to the old one. You can chat with anyone that is a 'shipmate' of yours Jim😎
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