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  1. Just off Oasis today. No changes to Diamond Lounge sign and access the same as it always has been. The Solarium sign has been updated to read 18+. Still a young couple with a baby in a stroller thought it didn’t pertain to them lol. I’m sure this change in the Diamond Lounge is just to placate the Pinnacles when they can’t access the suite lounges due to crowding.
  2. Yes it has changed. This is my third welcome email and last year they asked you to send them your dinner reservation requests and included a copy of the show scheduled and asked to let them know your reservation requests for them too. I’m going to see if I can find a copy of my last email because I’m pretty sure it stated 11-11 on it. If I hadn’t received this email before I wouldn’t know to ask for my reservations.
  3. So I recently received the welcome email from the Concierge and noticed a few concerning changes from the email I received last year. In this email there was no mention of them making Coastal Kitchen reservations for you in advance of arrival. No show schedule attached or mention of them making these reservations for you in advance either. In fact they recommended you do your own reservations online. Finally they mentioned free wine, beer etc. happy hour 5-8pm when it used to state 11-11pm. With the increase in suite pricing these changes are really ridiculous and I’d expect more little more amenities instead of less.
  4. I’ve seen them police chair hogs at the Beach pool on Oasis. And I’ve seen groups of about 6-8 teenagers that look about 13/14 in the Oasis solarium so yes I think it’ll help at least a handful of adults. Plus, apparently from this thread there are some parents that can’t part from their 16 & 17 yr olds so they will also be gone. Every freed up lounger helps.
  5. I know I’ve been on Anthem and it’s not a pool. It’s more like a giant bird bath
  6. And there isn’t a pool in the Solarium anyway. People as usual are missing the whole point. It’s not about one’s behavior because adults can behave worse than kids. It’s about freeing up space for a segment of the cruise to enjoy a particular space. When I’m looking for a seat in an adults only venue and I see groups of loungers taken by young teens I get annoyed. I know so many in our society feel they are entitled to everything but if you’re not 18 (quiet, calm reading or loud and obnoxious) stay out of the solarium. It’s pretty simple. You’re not special and don’t warrant an exception.
  7. You actually may have warmer weather in Canada than Bermuda with a storm going through. We went in May and the weather was cool and rainy. We went to the pink sand beach for about an hour until it started to downpour then went back to the ship. It was cold on the way down and cold on the way back. I think we had one day of sun. Enjoy your cruise!
  8. I’ve never been on Serenade but was just on Liberty and there was nowhere that had that menu and I actually went to every venue and bar to try to find at least a premade protein drink and couldn’t find one.
  9. It looks amazing on paper but in reality it’s mostly just cartons of liquid they use for the base like they use for pina coladas and the like. They’re not blending up fruit and vegetables. And at least on Oasis they’re almost always out of protein powder.
  10. I was just going by the information the poster stated that you needed to be 13 to have internet access so I offered a get around by using a parents. My kids are grown so I don’t keep up with those rules.
  11. The breakfast burritos are really good too! Now you’ve got something to look forward to😊
  12. I agree that Carnival wins hands down on the pizza. Also wins on the free “Mexican” place! And Guys Burgers are the best!
  13. They are probably going to have to use the adults login information and share your access because you can’t bypass ages in their system. You’ll only be able to have one device on the wifi at a time with each adult access.
  14. So the entrees are all up on the buffet now? You don’t order at all from a waiter?
  15. Our upcoming visit the SB day bed was $199 and the club $169pp. We did the club last time and it was nice but the lunch is too heavy and structured for me for a beach day and the pool had splashing very loud kids in it so this time I opted for the SB beach bed. We probably won’t ever use the bed since it just my husband and myself but it’s the dedicated loungers and umbrella that’s attractive to me. There’s two ships there that day and we’re on Oasis getting in second so I don’t have to rush off to get loungers in a location that I like. Plus the SB beds are in a quieter location close to a snack shack and a short walk to the pool.
  16. Anyone departing Cape Liberty this morning I highly recommend some form of Dramamine 😊 Here’s what the shore looked like this morning on my run
  17. The wind has already started here in NJ. I’m about an hour south down the coast from Bayonne. We’re supposed to have up to 50mph winds this weekend and a ton of rain. If you do sail out of Cape Liberty and it pouring and you’re checking your luggage, make sure to put your clothes inside of water proof bags inside your luggage. I never check my bags but my Aunt ended up with wet clothes once when we embarked in the rain. They must leave the luggage exposed to the rain for some period of time.
  18. Yes you could and probably will be assigned a Boardwalk or Central Park balcony but if you really want an Oceanview balcony you can upgrade and just pay the difference between what you already paid and what the OV balconies are selling for now. That’s if they are not sold out. Keep checking daily for price reductions if they’re still available because as you get closer and they’re not sold out they’ll drop the price for a few days at some point.
  19. For my upcoming October 7 night cruise the price has bounced back and forth between $72.99 and $77.99 over the last year depending on which bs sale they were running. It’s hard to give an overall average price because pricing is dependent on a number of metrics like number of nights, occupancy, number of pkgs purchased, itinerary and who knows what else.
  20. I’m not looking forward to a DJ either but it’ll probably be like it is on the ship and they’ll only play for like a half an hour in the early afternoon and then another set in the late afternoon 🙏🏻🤞🏼
  21. I just jumped on my planner for October and it’s not there. Too bad!
  22. I’m sure prices will skyrocket once they start selling out.
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