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  1. The drink package IS totally refundable. It would depend on which rate you booked as to how much of your cruise fare would be refundable. Just judging by your posts in this thread, I think probably you weren’t clear in your communications with the rep either which probably lead to the miscommunication.
  2. We recently took an upsell for 3 balcony cabins to spa balcony cabins. We were all put in 3 occupancy cabins even though we’re two in each cabin. The agent said she just had to tell us that it’s a very small chance that if they needed our three occupancy cabin and there was a two occupancy spa cabin open they could move us. There were no two occupancy spa cabins available and now all spa cabins are sold out so I’m not worried about it not that I would mind anyway. I’d think the OP could only be moved to lido deck cabins if one opened and they needed their cabin.
  3. Cheers includes unlimited non alcoholic drinks that you mentioned and the 15 drink limit is on alcoholic drinks and once you reach this limit you are unable to purchase anymore alcoholic drinks on your S&S card. From the Carnival website: Program Restrictions: Guests must be 21 years or older to purchase and agree not to give to minors Each adult assigned to the same stateroom must purchase the program CHEERS! is non-transferable Guests must purchase the program for the entire cruise; this program is not offered on a per day basis If the program is purchased prior to the cruise, it is refundable up to 10:00pm ET, the evening prior to the cruise departure. Otherwise, CHEERS! is non-refundable Price adjustments (up or down), implemented on the day of sailing, replace any previously advertised price Only one drink at a time may be ordered, there is a 5 minute wait time between orders and sharing is not permitted. No double shots as that is considered ordering two drinks at once Guests may purchase a round of drinks for themselves and friends. One drink will count towards the CHEERS! program and the remaining drinks will be charged to a guest’s Sail and Sign® account Program allows for up to 15 alcoholic drinks, per 24-hour period (6:00am - 6:00am). Once the limit is reached, the guest will not be served ANY additional alcoholic drinks Program only applies to onboard purchases All bottles and cans will be served opened Carnival reserves the right to refuse service for any reason Applicable state and local taxes will be charged to a guest folio when this program is used within US waters. The tax is based on the state's tax structure and the cost of the individual drink purchased (not the daily program rate). For example: if the drink price is $5.00 USD and the tax is 10%, the guest's Sail & Sign® card will be charged $0.50 USD for tax. This applies to all US ports (embarkation home ports and ports-of-call) Due to state laws, we cannot sell CHEERS! until the second day of the cruise (starting at 6:00am) for voyages departing from our Texas and New York home ports. Drinks purchased on the first day of the cruise will be charged to the guest's Sail & Sign® card in the usual manner. When purchased on the second day of the cruise, guests are charged for the remaining days only (cruise duration less one day) For guests who pre-purchase CHEERS!, it will be activated upon boarding the ship (except for ships sailing from Texas and New York – activation will occur at 6:00am on the second day of the cruise). Guests are instructed to proceed to the bar, once on board, to receive a sticker which will be placed on their Sail & Sign® cards Group bookings (consisting of a minimum of 30 adults) can purchase CHEERS! prior to the cruise by contacting Group Event Planning (all adult guests in the group must purchase the program; all minors in the group must purchase Bottomless Bubbles program) For pre-purchase orders, a message card will be placed in guest’s stateroom on embarkation day referring the guests to the Casino Bar to activate the program CHEERS! is not offered on Europe itineraries, 2 day cruises, charter cruises, on ships sailing from Australia (Carnival Spirit and Carnival Splendor) and beverage purchases made at Half Moon Cay and Princess Cays in The Bahamas
  4. I’ve taken two upsell offers on two different cruises. I’ve also had cruises that I wasn’t offered any upsells. If you like this offer I’d take it because there’s no guarantee you’ll get another offer if you take it or not.
  5. 🙄and there are people who just complain no matter what and don’t seem satisfied that some people don’t share their negative sentiments regarding Carnival. This is really a ridiculous post.
  6. Not on our cruise. It was all over the dining room. We tried switching to several tables and felt it and heard it all over. We also had it in our cabin 6196. We couldn’t leave anything on the counters because eventually they’d end up on the floor. The vibration doesn’t bother me for a short time but after 7 nights of almost constant vibration it’s beyond annoying. I would never chance that again. We spend good money on cruises and to put up with that is ridiculous. Too many other ships in the sea!
  7. I wouldn’t sail the Pride again unless I heard the vibration issues were fixed.
  8. I’ve cruise Carnival, NCL and RC. I don’t think any of these lines is more upscale than the other if you’re in a regular cabin. By that I mean, not Haven (NCL) or suites on RC. I’m not sure why the other posters thought NCL is upscale??? Maybe because they have more specialty dining restaurants? I’ve never seen as many baseball hats in the MDR than on NCL. The cruisers really take the free style to another level. I haven’t been on Celebrity but have heard great things about them. They’re priced higher but I think you get what you pay for.
  9. We’ve also had a rough crowd on both our NCL Breakaway cruise out of NYC and our Pride cruise out of Baltimore. Even though it’s convenient I’m not sailing out of the NE anymore. Prices are usually about the same including flights to FL.
  10. I smelled it from the Tides pool on the Breeze several times and days coming from the smoking section on 11. But then again I seem to smell it lots of places I go these days. I smell it in NYC all over the place on the streets, I just smelled it in downtown Hershey, PA this past weekend and I’ve been smelling it on the boardwalk where I run every morning. There’s no smoking allowed on the beach or the boardwalk where I smell it. I’ve been running there for 20 years and this is new. I don’t think the pot thing is a Carnival thing, it’s a thing of the times and hard to tell exactly where it’s coming from with all the new ways to smoke pot.
  11. Not to get into a pissing match with you Cruisegirl, but I could tell just by your posts prior to your cruise that you weren’t going to like your cruise. I like to cruise but I’d never want to have 100 under my belt or even close. I think the more you do the same thing over and over the more you nit pick things to death. Once a year cruise is enough for me. Having said that, I had no real problem with the Breeze. In fact I really liked her. I’m paying an average of $800 per person for balcony cabins on Carnival for 7 night cruises so I’m not expecting Crystal experiences. I’ve also been on RC and NCL and don’t think the experience is worth twice what I pay on Carnival and the same stuff you constantly complain about Carnival are applicable to RC and NCL. None of these lines are luxury lines and if you’re expecting that you’re going to be disappointed every time.
  12. I agree. I got a piece of the chocolate/ chocolate cake and it was delicious!
  13. We met a couple in Cozumel that we’re on a different Carnival ship than we were and the wife was pregnant. They said they went to guest services on the ship and pleaded their case and they allowed only the husband to purchase the package.
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