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  1. I have seen ashtrays and the occasional smoker, so I assume it is permitted in this area. Otherwise, I agree it is a great area.
  2. However, it is a smoking area.
  3. Be very wary of their upgrade program. We are in a deluxe grand suite on Seashore and received their upgrade offer email. For the owners suite (we are not interested, but giving it as an example), they have a minimum bid of $5850 pp for a total of $11700, the same cost as if you were to make a new booking. We could do a normal upgrade based on the current booking price for $6400 total. We also noticed that the description of the Owners Suite was actually that of a Royal Suite. All things considered, it makes you wonder about the company offering the "upgrade".
  4. Appreciate your help. You are the MSC guru.
  5. Thanks. Trying to remember. Can you call the phone number early and then beat the crowd downstairs via elevator?
  6. Agreed. We were Celebrity loyalists for over 20 years. After being priced out of the Retreat we tried YC 2 years ago. This April will be our 5th YC cruise. Our last Retreat cruise in December (booked 2 years ago largely with ship credit) was disappointing in just about every way, especially food quality and temperature. The E class ships "in steerage" do not appeal to us due to infinite balconies. However we do like S class Concierge cabins on deck 12 in which we have had 2 enjoyable cruises last year. We are booked in a C1 on Eclipse for a 9 day ABC island cruise in November. We are paying $2500 with no perks. The cheapest Retreat cabin for that cruise is over $10,000. We can take 2 YC Deluxe Grand Suites for the price of 1 Retreat Suite. We have been converted to YC fans and said adieu to Retreat Suites. Our only complaints with MSC are the lack of varied itineraries and the Ocean cay YC beach.
  7. Is there a separate muster station for YC? From deck 19 it could be a long stair walk. What about accommodating disabled folks? Thanks.
  8. Thanks for response. YC = Yacht Club. This post was moved from MSC forum. We do have TSA pre.
  9. Is an 11:35 am flight from Melbourne doable on a Sunday after a 7 day Seashore cruise in YC? Thanks.
  10. Celebrity is pricing itself out for us. We first sailed on Zenith in 1992. For 30 years X has been our go to cruise line. With the E class ships, we do not want an infinite balcony so have been sailing in Sky Suites. We have been on a few MSC cruises in the Yacht Club and really like it. Comparing a 7 night Apex cruise from FLL to a similar cruise on MSC Seashore from Canaveral - An Apex sky suite runs $8600 and a Seashore grand deluxe suite $5300 with Voyagers Club discount. Oh, and both itineraries are not the most attractive. The Yacht Club has benefits above those of Celebrity including dedicated butler, free minibar use, Espresso machine, free bottle of booze, buffet breakfast and lunch on pool deck. There are only about 120 suites totally within the yacht club requiring key access. Sadly it appears our cruising with X days appear to be over unless we find a concierge cabin on a good itinerary on a S class ship.
  11. Domestic flight with TSA pre. Caribbean cruise. Would get limo service to airport. Last I heard no luggage valet to FLL from Apex at PE. Has that changed?
  12. Anyone know if an 11:50 am flight from PBIA is doable without too much risk after docking at Port Everglades. 8 ships ion port that day. Also, is luggage valet available from FLL? Thanks.
  13. In my experience, MSC Yacht Club is not stepping down from Retreat at this time. Better amenities include: Price for a seven day cruise $2-3,000 less for a suite compared with Sky Suite All YC suites in one area of ship with key controlled access Excellent Butler Service - they strive to please Minibar included Buffet for breakfast and lunch on pool deck Good food and Service in YC Restaurant Reserved theatre seating area for all shows Complimentary bottle of alcohol (Got 1 liter bottle of Grey Goose) Really good pizza that can be delivered to cabin or even pool deck Special are for luggage drop off and embarkation The main negatives compared with X are limited itineraries, small or no OBC, gratuities extra.
  14. We have been on 3 Yacht Club cruises in the past 2 years in regular suites comparable to sky suites.. We felt YC provided better amenities: Unlimited use of minibar coffee machine in cabin All YC suites in the access controlled YC buffet breakfast and lunch on pool deck seafood extravaganza on pool deck on one day with lobster lounge with bar and snacks and evening musician price less than 75% of sky suite in addition, butlers wanted to escort us to dinner and/or shows. However, this could be a little overbearing. Pizza was outstanding with free suite delivery. MSC only requires a non refundable $398 deposit for suites and one change in ships and/or dates is permitted.
  15. We are 20+ years veterans of Celebrity. Have not really had a bad cruise yet. We book Retreat on E class as we do not want an infinite balcony. We have, in he past 18 months sailed 4 times in Yacht Club. The service and amenities were better at about 60-75% of the current Retreat prices. We sail on Apex in December in the Retreat. Would consider canceling except it was booked almost 2 years ago and large FCC which expire in December. Going back to MSC next year. If Celebrity keeps raising prices, cost cutting, and vaping (although MSC allows smoking in some casinos) this may be a permanent transfer. of loyalty. No need for the casino on MSC since OBCs are daily small and can.go toward gratuities instead of the Celebrity casino. We hate to give up Celebrity, but as others have mentioned, they appear to have no loyalty toward their long time cruisers.
  16. However, this does not appear to be official practice. Hopefully, this unadvertised perk can continue.
  17. Does the one change allow rebooking to get a better rate on the same sail date for same cabin and/or upgrades? Thanks.
  18. Is luggage valet available on Apex from FLL on JetBlue? Thank you.
  19. Thanks for responses. However app menus for our December cruise do not show every day items. Not all Luminae food may be to everyone’s taste, so it is nice to have options without having to dine elsewhere. As an aside, I do not like the Cheescake Factory.
  20. Does Luminae still offer the 3 every day items? Is French Onion Soup available in Luminae? Still no prime rib in Luminae? Will they prepare requested dishes if notified in advance? Thanks.
  21. Currently have a reservation which includes basic wifi. Elite Plus gets 240 stream minutes. How does that work on board? Are the 240 minutes used first or do you get to choose between using basic and stream? Thanks
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