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  1. Just got an embroidery machine and I too would love a copy of this file if anyone is still around and wishes to share? email is icexquisite@shaw . ca
  2. Hey! Just wondering how many fellow Carnival Cruise fans are Canadians? I'm from BC.
  3. 8 Day Eastern Caribbean Jan 29/22 on the Freedom *Ports are St. Maarten, St. Kitts, San Juan, Grand Turk or 7 Day Mexican Riviera Nov 12/22 on the Panorama *Ports are Cabo, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta I'm trying to decide so I can block some group space but just don't know which one to pick!! I've done the Eastern Carib twice but never been to Grand Turk and never done the Mexican Riv.
  4. Happy Birthday Diana!! Your dinner plans sound fantastic!! Hopefully DH is doing the clean up as well? He sounds like a sweetie, leaving you notes. 🥰 Belle good job on keeping off 5#, that's is great! Ombud - I really like your thinking on birthday dinners as well! If only that were true. 🎂🍷 Us Canucks up here also get a long weekend, it's Labour Day for us. The last long weekend of summer, just before school goes back. And we like to go to the lake for that reason - after Monday all the seasonal people with kids are gone so the lake is nice, quiet and peaceful once again.
  5. Morning everyone! Happy belated birthday Belle! Hope you had a great one. Thanks for getting us started. Happy early Birthday Diana! Maybe some treats will be just what your body needs to get your weight moving again. 🤷‍♀️ A little something to shake things up... Sorry for your gains Jan and Mel - hopefully they will melt off with this heat! Are you all still getting all this summer heat? Welcome Izena! hopefully this little group can help you succeed with all of your goals! I myself am down 1#. So I lost the .8 I gained last week plus an extra .2. 🙂 Only .4 to go and I'll be at the same weight I reached last year, just before my cruise, which was the lowest I'd been in several years. Yay! Have a great long weekend everyone! I'm heading to my lake house for a week but taking my weights with me and I plan to stick to my weekly workouts and watch my diet and alcohol intake. Plus get in lots of swimming!!
  6. Good morning everyone! I'm up .8 which is to be expected. I slacked off on both diet and exercie for an extended long weekend at the lake with family and friends. Now to get back to it! Belle - thanks for getting us started. Hoping your feeling better and that you have a loss today! Jan - hope the fence goes up without incident and your roses are supported. Diana - Good job on staying the same. Sounds like you are getting in a lot of extra walking when you can. Hoping you all have a great weekend! Robin
  7. @pacruise804 Yes that was it preeclampsia. I was always fine until that. Then I always got stressed going to the doctor as I worried it would be high. My doctor would talk to me and take my BP about 4 times over the course of the visit and by the end it was always a nice, normal level so she wasn't worried. I do find the brownies are very soft and fudgey.. And sitting didn't really make them get more cake like but that didn't seem to matter. I cooked for the 18 mins. Next time I will definitely cut the added 2 TBSP sugar and possibly add a bit more oats to see if they turn out more dense like an actual brownie. But just a bit, I don't want them to get dry.
  8. Thanks for getting us started Belle! I really do want 2020 to be over but am kind of worried about what 2021 will bring. Hoping and praying it will be better. Jan - Sorry to hear you had a gain. Diana - Glad your numbers are getting better and things might start to open up again for you. It makes things seem just a little more normal! Melmar - Sorry to hear of your gain after all your hard work. Jo - congrats on your loss. I love After Eights! Haven't had one in a long time. They are really good cold aren't they? My workouts and diet seem to be working for me. I'm down 2.8 this week. I got tired of Jillian Michael's workouts which are very repetitive after I discovered Sydney Cummings. She posts a brand new workout on YouTube every single day. So I've been doing her Summertime Fine 2.0 series. That and watching carbs, cutting back on alcohol and limiting late night snacking is working. Wishing you all a great weekend!
  9. My BP always goes crazy high at the doctor as well. Has every since I was pregnant with my first and developed some condition I can't remember the name of but was to do with high BP. I was on bed rest for the last month of the preganancy and I've had White Coat syndrome ever since. Jan - Congratulations on 47 years!! That's awesome. Ombud - I blanche whole tomatoes, peel off the skin and freeze them in freezer bags for sauces and such later on. I get a case of tomatoes every year. I prefer freezing over canning - it's quicker. And for those wondering about the brownies, I actually had the recipe for almost a year before I decided to try it. I wasn't so sure myself but honestly, they are pretty good. You really can't tell at all that there are beans in them. And I'm not going to tell my family who have now finished off the pan.
  10. Good morning. Well half the pan of brownies are gone so they seem to be a hit with the family. I did NOT tell them they are made with black beans, I know my family, they wouldn't have even tried them. I made them exactly as the recipe called using the honey option and the 2 TBSP sugar. I found them to be very sweet. I would skip the added sugar if I make them again. They aren't exactly like regular brownies but they are good and satisfy the chocolate craving. I just told the family they are extra fudgey brownies. I've gotten back into eating Cauliflower rice instead of regular rice or potatoes to help cut carbs and lots more salads to help cool off. Drinking tons and tons of water. Diana - Been seeing the horrible fires in CA on the news again. Hoping they are not near you? BC was doing pretty good until this week - then the dry, hot weather and lightening happened and now we have a bunch of fires burning again too. Belle - agreeing with you on the flu shot. It's going to be interesting this fall/winter I'm sure. Our numbers here are going up, up, up - they were actually the highest here since the pandemic started last weekend and yet they are still planning to open up schools for full time, regular classes on September 8th. Seems crazy to me. Glad my girls are both graduated. Even the one in University has all online classes for the fall semester so why send the little ones back to class? I don't get it. Stay cool and stay safe everyone!
  11. Apparently we had quite a thunder storm here too on Monday night - I slept through it. My Father's test was negative so that's a relief. They think he just got a flu? I keep telling my parents to be more careful, if they can catch a flu, they can get Covid. Belle, I don't think I'd want to be 25 again. I think I'd be happy with being 35 again but I guess I should be happy with where I am, one day I will wish I was 50 again, lol. Haven't settled on a cruise yet, but yes you are right, can always cancel or change to another date if things don't get better. I'm doing really good this week with diet and was craving chocolate yesterday so today, I'm going to try a black bean brownie recipe that was recommended to me. Has anyone made black bean brownies? I'm really hoping they will taste good and not like beans. I'm going to make this recipe if anyone wants to try it as well. I'll let you all know how they turn out. https://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/no-flour-black-bean-brownies/
  12. Checking in to see how everyone is doing - sounds like everyone is hot, hot, hot! We too are in the high 30's so near 100 F. Too hot! And humid here too. Thankful for A/C. We are also spending more time inside - too hot outside. Although we did spend some time Saturday night on the deck, watching the meteor shower and feeding mosquitos. I am going to check out a couple Panama Canal cruises for 2022 that I've heard about lately. Other than that, no cruise planning for me at the moment. I cancelled the one I had booked for next December. Just not sure that one is in the cards for us. Hoping everyone has a great week!
  13. Sorry to hear! I know we will be spending our 25th at our lake house. Not the grand getaway I had hoped for but at least it's something. Good luck with your searching!
  14. Hi Everyone, sorry, I'm a day late. I did weigh in yesterday but never got a chance to get on here and post. I'm back down the .6 I gained last week so that was nice. Been watching my diet and exercise consistently since last weekend. Catching up on all your posts from last week and this one. Nothing new really to report from me - my dad is still improving - got tested this week but no results yet. And I officially lost my job on Wednesday. We all knew it was coming - most mainstream travel is not coming back in any capacity any time soon, and as a result, my company closed up Canadian operations. Oh well, I'm sure something better will come along evenutally. Until then, I'm chained to my sewing machine, making masks! Congrats to those who lost and stayed the same. Those who gained, keep at it and you will succeed. Have a great weekend!
  15. Hi everyone! I'm up .4 this week. Like PAcruise, I've had a stressful week as well... my 73 year old dad tested positive for Covid over the weekend. Seems to be doing better and was not hospitalized but had us worried for a while there - he was averaging about 20 hours sleep a day and was very foggy, mild fever and light cough. No shortness of breath though so they felt he should self isolate at home. Belle, thanks for your delightful poem. I'm ready for a moth of loss! PAcruise, I'm sorry for your loss and hope your dad will be negative! Hoping your daughter has a full recovery and your kids aren't too stressed about going back to class. Jan, Happy birthday to your daughter! Enjoy time with family. Diana, congrats on staying the same. I'd count that as a success! Jo, Best wishes on your test, hoping it will negative! Ombud, good luck for losses with your new routine. Rose, congrats on your great loss! Way to go! Have a great weekend everyone! Robin
  16. Thanks everyone. We are early risers as well so the noise shouldn't bother us too much if there is any anchor dropping. We had a super rough night in an aft Balcony a couple years back in the Caribbean - almost tossed us right out of bed, and the room in general was noisy day and night due to an outdoor seating area above which was always busy and cleaned at 3am. I am thinking this category looks like a great deal!
  17. Thanks for the info. I wasn't aware there different categories of Porthole cabins. I will be looking at PTs, I don't DH will be happy sleeping on a sofa bed. 🤣
  18. Looking for feedback on a porthole cabin on the Riviera deck, on the Freedom. Looking at the 16 day Panama Canal 09/20/22. Wondering if anyone has stayed in one of these cabins anc can share your thoughts. Was it noisy? Rough? TIA Robin
  19. Morning all. I'm down .4 this week so still up .2 from my lowest in the past month. Congrats PACruise on your great loss. Sorry to hear you've gained Jan and Melmar - I would suspect water retention might be playing a big part in your gains. We are having a heatwave up here in BC right now. We are experiencing days and days of mid to high 30's which corresponds to high 90's farenheit. Can't complain though, I guess, we've finally go summer!
  20. Thanks everyone, I kind of figured it would be decorated but just wasn't sure.
  21. Just booked the Panorama for December 4th, 2021. I'm curious if they will have it decorated for Christmas? I've never been on a holiday season cruise. Robin
  22. That sounds amazing! Our 25th is this September but unfortunately, looks like we won't be going anywhere. My DD# 1 is done with school at this time and happily works with plants - she's a gardener. She's gone to college for Interior Design but loves working outdoors and with plants. DD#2 is planning to go to college this fall for a Social work program... not sure yet how much will be in class versus online.
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