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  1. Jan - Sorry to hear you are feeling down. I hope you can try to have a good weekend with family. Luckily they are not driving you crazy! Jo - Congratulations on your great loss! Belle and Diana - no gain is a win in my books!! PACruise - I'm sure you will lose that .4 in no time. Have a great weekend all!
  2. Good morning! Love the poem Belle but yes, I think stress is a major part of 2020... It's been a crazy ride so far, can't imagine what we will see in the next couple months. Congrats on staying the same Diana! Better than a gain any day!! I am not sure how but I am down .2 since my last weigh in two weeks ago. I was soooo sure that I was going to be up but I will happily take it. 🙂 Now off to hit the treadmill! Have a great day everyone!
  3. Hello! Just catching up on the week's banter. I am not looking forward to weighing in tomorrow. Went off the rails big time with diet and while I have been doing some exercise, I think the wine, cocktails and treats of the last week will definitely do me in. Thank goodness I'm back home for a while so time to get back on track. Talk to you all tomorrow.
  4. Good morning everyone! Hope you all are having a good week so far. I just thought I'd pop in, read updates and see what's new. Congrats to everyone who posted a loss and to those who are working hard at achieving a loss. I have been strict with diet and exercise so we shall see. I know my jeans, straight out of the drier, were looser than usual yesterday so that's always a good sign. 😀 I am heading to the lake today. Tomorrow is Canada Day and we will stay up there until Sunday so no weigh in for me on Thursday - no scale up there. Wanting to wish my fellow Canadian's a happy and safe Canada Day and to all my American friends - a happy and safe 4th of July. Belle, enjoy your lunch date with the family!
  5. Good morning! Belle, thank you for starting us off. I too read and then re-read the line that we've been home for 4 of our 6 months and yes, it's true but shocking at the same time. Kind of scary to think of what the next few months will bring with the resurgence of cases in some places. I'm actually up .2 from where I was when I weighed on Monday. My current weight is 157.4 and my goal is to get to 135. I'm only 5'2" so the weight really shows on me. But I'm not giving up. I'm back to walking right now, as my back is feeling better but I don't want to go crazy with weights and re-injure myself again, and focusing on lower carb meals, lots of water and cutting back on wine time. Congratulations pacruise on your maintanance and NSV - looser clothes is always a good indication that you are losing weight or at least inches. And your 10# loss is a great acheivement for the year. Jenny, congrats on your great loss. That's pretty decent for these crazy times. Your breakfast sounds really good! I might have to give it a try. Diana, congratulations on maintaining - may not be what you were hoping for but better by far than a gain. 🙂 Have a great day everyone!
  6. Thank you @pacruise804! Yes, DH's picture has provided much motivation and he said he really doesn't see what bothers me. Liz, you will love that trip! I did a similar one last fall that hit Catalina and Ensenada. It was short and sweet. Lots of fun! And we had the drink package too!! 😅
  7. Hi everyone! Sorry, I've been MIA for a few weeks. Life and all it's current craziness put me in a funk. I injured my back, went through two deaths, (not real close family but still they definitely hit you and one was Covid related), I'm still unemployed but have been kept super busy with sewing masks and I just kind of gave up on even trying to exercise or eat right. Gained weight as a result (no surprise there!). I've missed you all, catching up on your wins and losses, motivation and of course, Belle's fabulous poems. 😀 I just got back from an extended weekend at the lake where DH posted a super unflattering photo of me and our dog to his Facebook. He sees nothing wrong with it, but I was horrified with how large and unfit I look. Really was the kick I needed to get back on track. So I've done a half hour calorie burner on my treadmill this morning, logged into my Fitness pal to record all my foods and logged in here to see you all and make myself accountable again. Now, I'm going to grab a tea and catch up on everyone's news. Have a great day everyone!!
  8. Hi everyone! Thanks for the Poem Belle, very insightful as always. 🙂 Congrats PA, Jan and Diana on your losses! Sorry about the gain Melmar. Sounds like maybe water weight? I bet you'll be down again tomorrow. I've been MIA the past couple weeks - was supposed to be on my vacation. 😞 I have been keeping busy making masks still. It seems word gets around quickly when you make masks and now that BC is starting to slowly re-open some things and masks are going to be mandatory, I've been getting lots of bulk orders for various businesses. Keeps my hands busy, and me on my toes. So... I haven't gained - I have lots 2 pounds since my last weigh in. So not bad. Have a great weekend everyone!! Stay safe.
  9. Diana - I'm sorry to hear about your cruise/anniversary celebrations. Happy Anniversary to you both - enjoy your foo foo drinks on land and your yummy dinner! At least our trip was just a trip - no celebrations. I can't wait for things to stabilize so I can start booking trips again. I need something to look forward to!
  10. Hello all! Thanks for the wonderful poem Belle! You always know just what to write. Congrats PA on your loss! You are doing great! Jan - nice to see you are still able to see family with social distancing. I might have to try something similar otherwise, I'll miss seeing my mom for her 70th next month! Diana, congrats on your loss! Lowest in 5 years - that's quite an accomplishment! Enjoy! I didn't weigh in this morning. Actually didn't even realize it was Thursday - I've been too bummed since I should have been on a plane today - flying to Miami for my cruise on Saturday. 😪 Got my check in notice yesterday and a cruise group reminder this morning. Soooooo depressing!! Ah!!!
  11. Good morning! Thanks Belle for getting us started and your creative poem! I missed last week, almost totally missed this week too - just realized it was Thursday but can't believe it! This not working thing is hard. At least I've been keeping busy sewing masks. I just got an order last night for 130! Going to be busy this weekend! Good thing I have a housebound 19 year old helper. 🙂 I'm down .2 this morning. Hoping you are all staying safe and healthy, and busy during these crazy days. Robin
  12. Good morning! Thank you for getting started Belle, at least one thing is back to normal. 😄 PAcruise and Jenny - congrats on your losses! Diana - congrats on staying the same, any non-gain is a success in my books. I'm down .2, pretty good considering my 19 year old daughter has been housebound for the past 2.5 weeks and has been baking to fill her boredom. Cookies, cheesecake, brownies and cinnamon rolls! I'm quickly running out of flour and the stores here have been out for weeks. No flour, no sugar, no butter... still no TP. I wish people would stop the crazy buying. We have months of this get through. And they are predicting a second wave to hit come fall... 😞 I've found trying to eat well and stock fresh fruit and veggies while only leaving the house every two or three weeks is hard. There's a little market around the corner that is typically far less busy than the grocery stores and used to be really good for getting inexpensive, fresh produce but it changed hands and this week they are selling iceberg lettuce for 12.00 a head - while it's 2.97 at the grocery store. So I've been stocking up on frozen fruit and veg. Not the same but better than nothing. How are things where you all are? Store shelves mostly empty? Hoping you are staying safe and well!
  13. Welcome back Belle! Glad to hear you are okay! What an adventure you had!! Wow, thanks for sharing your story. Jan and Diana - sorry to hear about your gains. Jo - Congrats on your loss! Somehow, I'm also down again for the second week - this time .6. No clue how as I've literally been eating everything in sight and baking...with the whole clan at home, and bored, they keep requesting treats like Cinnamon Buns and fresh bread. I wasn't even going to weigh myself this morning, dreading the worst but got a pleasant surprise. I even had to weigh three times to make sure the scale wasn't messed up. And for the first time in about 11 years, I have no vacation/cruise to look forward to. My upcoming cruise on April 25th was cancelled by RCI this week. 😞 Stay safe everyone!!
  14. Morning Everyone, didn't see a thread started so thought I'd get one going. Still hoping Belle is doing okay and will be back. I am down .4 - no idea how but I'll take it. I was expecting another gain. Hoping you all stay safe and healthy this week. Robin
  15. Hi Ladies, I thought I'd check in and see if Belle had surfaced. Odd that we haven't heard from her. Hoping she is well. Sounds like things where you all are is pretty much the same as here. I'm in BC Canada. And things are rapidly shutting down. Grocery store shelves are bare and they have started to implement an early hour for Senior's shopping as well. People are hoarding TP like crazy here too and we have a factory about 45 mins from where I live that makes TP. So it's not like we're going to run out. The factory is working 24/7 to keep up with demand. Apparently our government liquor stores are closing up for at least two weeks as of midnight tonight. My daughter works in a shoe store at a mall and they just announced they are closed now until the end of the month. I have been working from a home office for about 3.5 years now so I'm used to it but I'm just going nuts with all the flight cancellations/stranded passengers and constantly changing bans and restrictions. I've been a T.A. since 1995 and never experienced anything like this. Not even 9/11 was this crazy. My husband is a commercial transport mechanic so he has to work as long as trucks are still making deliveries and need maintenance. I'm dreading weigh-in this week. I have been continually stress eating - soooo need to stop!. I have some hand weights and have been trying to do my workouts but have been so swamped and/or mentally exhausted, I haven't been keeping up. If anyone is looking for fun, free workouts I recommend checking out Sydney Cummings on Youtube. She's cute and cheerful and her workouts are pretty good for any age/level. wishing you all health! Stay safe. Robin
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