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  1. My husband and I had such a relaxing, beautiful day at Pristine Bay beach resort. The excursion was only about $40 a person and included bus ride there and back plus access to the gorgeous infinity pool and beach access. No drinks or food was included but it was all very reasonably priced. The views and the serenity of the infinity pool were just breathtaking. Better yet, it wasn't a very busy excursion. Two boats were in Roatan that day and I'd say less than 40 came to this resort. It's like a hidden secret.
  2. My husband and I recently returned from the September 29 sailing of the Breakaway. While it was a good ship, it's far from our favorite, which remains the Escape. We were in cabin 12872, an angled balcony cabin located right by the elevators. The bed is more near the door, and there's a couch near the balcony. I requested a lounger from my steward and received it day two. So nice to just go outside and hang out alone. The crowd on the ship was probably the most diverse I've seen since I began cruising NCL a few years ago. I enjoyed the mix of people of all different ages from many different backgrounds. There were a lot of children aboard, which I didn't figure would be the case considering it's the beginning of the school year. I felt overall like the morale of the crew members was lower than other ships. Not many smiles or anyone trying to make conversation. Just people there to simply to their jobs. We did enjoy chatting with Dr. L in the Syd Norman's Pour House. But no other bartenders really tried to chat us up. Same with other service people we encountered, including in the shops, which we frequented. Food was great during our visit. We did the buffet more than I like to admit, because we were on funky schedules for other dining areas. We did enjoy sneaking away for breakfast at Margaritaville and Moderno to avoid the rush at the buffet. I really missed Food Republic from the Escape for a nice tapas meal. Le Bistro was amazing and service was good. Ocean Blue was phenomenal. I'd definitely go back again, maybe even twice. Entertainment, what we saw of it, was good. I loved the Syd Norman house band (70s -90s rock cover band) and the other cover band that played there, Switch. Howl at the Moon entertainers were great. Rhonda, who was on the Escape a couple years ago, was there. I was so excited! The other two guys were also incredibly talented, though the music leaned heavily to 70s rock. I'd have loved more from the last 25 years but they were playing to the room. A duo called C Note were absolutely horrible. Tone deaf and bad singing. They ruined a couple pool hangouts for me. We avoided them. We didn't catch any shows but other people we chatted with said Rock of Ages was excellent. I'm used to partying at Spice H20 then heading to Bliss to dance the rest of the night away. The crowd on Breakaway wasn't very party, weird considering there were a lot of young people aboard. The layout for Bliss is closed, versus being an open dance floor like on the Escape. I think the cruise director Clay did a poor job of advertising/hyping up the dance/theme nights, therefore hardly anyone showed up (except for the glow party). He was overall very dry and unenthusiastic. Nothing like past CDs I've sailed with. Hearing his announcements in the morning was like listening to the teacher on Charlie Brown. No smile in his voice, no excitement for what he was selling. The Breakaway felt incredibly familiar from the first time we stepped aboard because she's so similar to Getaway and Escape. But both those ships are better for various reasons and I can't quite narrow it down to any one thing. Breakaway just isn't as much fun. We still had a great time on our seven days away, regardless. Good food, met awesome people from all over the US, danced a lot, ate a lot, soaked up plenty of sun! I have a lot of pictures I'll add to this post once I upload them. Feel free to ask any questions!
  3. The clubs are 18+. So is Spice H20 deck. The only thing she can't do is drink liquor legally.
  4. It was such a blast. We were everywhere around the ship (except the Haven, womp womp)
  5. I appreciate the info. I'm not much of a gambler but live in Detroit, where we have three casinos.
  6. The bottled water in the casino... Is that for everyone or just ppl who gamble a lot?
  7. Yes, they are both included. And if you haven't tried a French martini, order one of those, too.
  8. I also thought the bribe comment was weird. Anyway, I left the money as an incentive to actually do it.
  9. I sailed the Divina back in 2013 when MSC was trying to break into the US market. It was definitely geared toward European cruisers, in terms of food and entertainment (Their Michael Jackson performance had the funniest, strongest Italian accent ever). It's my understanding their US cruises are slowly changing to be more Americanized. I've cruised a lot with NCL but have recently booked another cruise with MSC on the Meraviglia. The worst downfall for MSC is their awful website (it doesn't save preference when you're searching for cruises, then click "back") and their customer service (usually takes a long time to get someone on the phone). Patience is a virtue and pays off with much cheaper cruises.
  10. And you can order two drinks at a time. My go-to in April was an order of two double Grey Goose + cranberry juice. Not super-low cal, but there wasn't much room for juice after the double pour of vodka.
  11. I'm very excited for this one. I've been cruising half my life and my last cruise in April was the first time I requested anything of my steward. Like I said, I'm just curious what others ask for.
  12. Hello, I'm gearing up to sail on the Breakaway this Sunday, September 29th. I've learned from the CC boards I can politely ask my steward for a couple vacay essentials, like an egg crate for my bed and a lounger for my angled balcony (requests left on notepaper and included a $10 bill). What are other things you can request from your steward to make your room/stay more comfortable? I'm not trying to put mine through the ringer, I'm just genuinely curious of what other cruises have requested and received from their stewards. I am not interested in Haven butler experiences. Thanks in advance!
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