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  1. Cuba, even though I did not like port canaveral when I went out of there on the Epic. The port was crowded and seemed unorganized. Just did the Sun to Cuba in September out of Miami. We did not overnight. Would have like more time to see the island before our government says we can’t go there anymore! Lol!
  2. We are also heading out in the Gem this Friday! Maybe we will bump into you at the M&G. This will be our 8th time on the Gem. We love her! It is a smaller ship that was upgraded in 2015. We like the layout and always have had very friendly crew. Entertainment is usually very good. Love the Spinnaker, The Great Outdoors and Bali Hai which overlooks the pool deck. And as someone else mentioned, make sure to check out the bridge viewing area. If you get a chance, do the behind the scenes tour, very interesting!
  3. Oh that sucks!!! That is my biggest fear on a cruise! I check and double check the all aboard time to the point I drive DH crazy!!
  4. We had been on a cruise a few years back that was scheduled to arrive back in NYC at 10 am. Needless to say we did arrive in early. And since I will be boarding the Gem on March 8, I’m hoping you will arrive in early! Lol!😂
  5. Thank you Two Wheels. These are the ones we use at work. But I also buy them to bring on a cruise and at home. Sodium hypochlorite is a liquid bleach.
  6. I am an ER nurse, we use Clorox wipes all the time. Actually, the CDC recommends bleach products (Clorox is bleach) for the Norovirus. I always travel with Clorox wipes, Lysol spray, and plenty of hand sanitizer. The best prevention on a cruise is to practice good hand hygiene. So, don't get angry with the happy-happy washy-washy people. Also, do not drink the water in foreign ports, always take a bottle of water from the ship. We were on the Gem in 2016 when the Norovirus broke out. Neither DH or myself contacted virus but we did go through 2 bottles of hand sanitizer, a pack of Clorox wipes and about 1/2 can of Lysol spray. And please, if you are ever on a cruise were there is Norovirus, and you get it, listen tot eh medical team and follow the quarantine! By not doing so, you put many others at risk. There were a few on the Gem that did not initially listen! Same advice for Influenza! Yes, it's that time of the year!
  7. We chose a midship balcony cabin since we wanted to spend more money on excursions then on a cabin because, as bluenose1 stated, it is a very port intensive cruise. The islands are so beautiful and you have a lot of time every day on them. We really only used the room to sleep and shower! We still did a balcony so we could have uninterrupted views of the Na Pali Coast. If you like to snorkel, do so in Maui at the Molokini crater. It was the best snorkeling we have ever done. In Kona, we did the secret waterfalls of Kohala tour offered by NCL. Great time, beautiful views, ate fresh fruit right off of the trees, and even swam under a waterfall. We really enjoyed all of our excursions. Have a get Hawaiian cruise!! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!
  8. Samana Dominican Republic! Our excursion to whale watch was great, but walking in Samana to shop a little was scary as the vendors would follow you and insist that you buy from them. Plus, there really was nothing else to do.
  9. Yes we did enjoy the cruise. But anytime you are on a ship at not at work is always a good time!! We chose this cruise because of the stop in Cuba, which was a bucket list country. We had enough airline miles for 2 tickets round trip from Philly to Miami. We also had enough Marriott Rewards points for 3 nights free in Miami pre-cruise. So this made the trip even better!! Again, looking forward to watching these videos!
  10. Can't wait to watch your videos. We were on the same sailing and I did see you walking around videoing!
  11. There is definitely an Enterprise shuttle to the car rental area at the MIA. We just used it on 9/30. However, we rented the car for the day and were returning back to MIA. But if you call them, maybe you could rent one there and return it to FLL. FYI: the shuttle was free since we already had arrangements to rent a car that day.
  12. Day 1: welcome aboard show - a few singing/dance numbers by production cast followed by an approx 20 mins of the comedian. Vince Acevedo was on our sailing, and he was very funny. At the end they introduced some of the senior staff. Day 2: Rock You Tonight - a production show with singing and dancing to a lot of classic rock songs. Loved it! Day 3: Rich Pupura - a very funny mentalist. We did not see this show but did catch his show later in the week. Day 4: A Night in New York - a cabaret style show created by the singers in the production cast. They sing their favorite Broadway songs from recent shows on Broadway. They are great vocal performers. Day 5: comedian Vince Acevedo - as stated before, very funny! Enjoyed it very much! Day 6: World Beat - a production show with singing and dancing from various cultures throughout the world. Have seen this show many times on several NCL ships but each time it seems slightly different. Again, very enjoyable and a great bunch of talented singers, dancers and musicians. At the end, they again bring out several senior officers as well as representatives from all the departments. And yes, Happy happy washy washy were a big hit! Day 7: the 7 &9 pm shows - Rich Purpura again. He does several tricks with a comedic flair. My favorite was something he did with animal crackers! The 10:15 pm show - the adult only show by Vince Acevedo. Another very funny routine!
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