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  1. My sail date was 3/26 and we still have nothing, no email or FCC. Others on my roll call reported getting the email already. We booked through CAS. Called them Friday and was told they didn’t know when it would be issued. 😡
  2. I realize this, but the point I was trying to make is that people can get sick with who knows what regardless of travel. So to only be saying you won’t cruise again because of fear of getting sick/dying, then you will never leave your home because you can get sick by just going to a movie, grocery store, doctors office, etc. And also thank you for the information. It was really interesting!!
  3. I am an ER nurse and I can tell you that all the positive Covid-19 patients we have seen so far in our ER have not been anyone who was on a cruise or even had recent travel. There are many people in the world who are positive Covid-19 and have never cruised or traveled outside of their country. On that note, we need to remember to ALWAYS have good hygiene whether we are at home or traveling and not just during a health crisis. We also need to remember to be KIND to one another everyday. I was to be currently on a cruise as I type this. Disappointed that I’m not on vacation but also grateful th
  4. My NCL account still shows me sailing tomorrow. Other people on my sailing have already gotten their FCC email. So I called CAS today and was told that can’t be true as they only cancel you in day of sailing and 48 hours later I would get my FCC email.
  5. Thank you!!! I work in an ER and all weekend everyone coming in was so fixed on the whole Covid-19. When we asked about why they aren’t worried about the flu, due to these same statistics, we would just get dumbfounded looks. Yes, no one wants to get sick but as many doctors on all the news channels reported, you need to prepare and have good hand hygiene just like with the flu.
  6. Nothing new. I always take healthcare grade Clorox wipes (I get the ones with peroxide not bleach just in case it would open in my luggage, my clothes won’t get ruined), Lysol spray and Purell. Always have packed these items since a norovirus outbreak on the gem when I was on it. We rarely use elevators and will continue to take stairs as much as possible, but we do this for exercise. We will avoid the buffet, never eat there much anyway. DH is going to pack his laptop in case of a quarantine so he can work remotely. I on the other hand work in an ER so if there is a quarantine I will just be
  7. Love the Gem. We like the Spinnaker lounge with the wrap around Windows for great views. We enjoy sitting up at the Bali Hai bar that overlooks the pool area. Food is great in all the restaurants (I know taste is subjective but hey I'm on vacation and don't have to cook, so to me it's great). Entertainment is also great (Blazing Boots is excellent if you are a country music fan). The ship is always clean and they are always keeping the maintanence up to date. Staff has always been fantastic (made my MIL feel like a queen on her last cruise in 2015, she passed away 2 weeks after our return). T
  8. Definitely a balcony!! You can sit on your own when cruising to see the glaciers without fighting the crowds for a good view. Plus there won’t be anyone to get in the way and ruin your pictures.
  9. Contact the special needs department of NCL. They will have you fill out a form for each of those that have food allergies. This will then alert staff of the allergy. I have an anaphylactic reaction to only certain nuts, one being macadamia. When we went to Hawaii on the POA, I contacted this department since Hawaiians use a lot of macadamias in their foods. Not only was my info somehow connected to my card for dining purposes on the ship, but it was also sent to my NCL shore excursions and my pre/post cruise hotel that I also booked through NCL.
  10. We stayed at the Hilton garden inn - Seattle airport. It has a free shuttle to hotel from airport. And you can pre-arrange a shuttle pick up to the cruise terminal for a reasonable price, I believe it was like $15 one way per person (cheaper than a taxi), and it drops you right at the terminal. We stayed there before and after the cruise in July 2019. It’s a newer hotel. The hotel was clean and staff was friendly and helpful.
  11. Agree with the others. We are platinum also and usually get 4 small chocolate covered strawberries and a bottle of the cheapest sparking wine that tastes horrible! So you are not missing out on much!
  12. Blazing boots is really good, especially for country music fans. The dancers in Swing do an amazing job, but it seemed long even though it was the normal length of about 45 mins. I think that it was just not the type of music that interested DH and I, so please don’t think I’m bashing it in anyway. I have seen Get Down Tonight many times, and still go to see it every time we sail the Gem because again the performers are great. Comedians vary each time I’ve been on the Gem, some really good, some just okay but at least its entertainment. All in all, I feel the entertainment is good and com
  13. I believe what the poster was referring to by saying insane, was the fact that if you need to fly home to the US from a foreign county, which most of the Caribbean islands are considered, you may have difficulty entering without a passport. So, yes you can travel with a birth certificate on a closed looped cruise to the Caribbean from the US, but if for any reason you need to return by any other way then the original cruise you left on, there may be an issue.
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