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  1. This is such a shame because the port of Kotor is beautiful. I'm sure Viking have planned for this reality and will let you all know what they intend to do. It's a tough call because if they refuse to change the itinerary they'll lose a ton of money from UK cruisers whom will have to cancel and reschedule. 😔
  2. Received this in the post from Viking UK. Reduced pricing for the Danube Waltz for winter 2021.
  3. I've just received these new special sale prices for 4 different European cruises for this November and December. Prices from £1,490 and also 50% Single Supplement. If you're boarding in the next 7 days, I would strongly advise waiting until you're on board before booking. You'll likely get an even better deal, as well as onboard credit. Otherwise offer expires 31st August👍
  4. The youtube video you're referring to was filmed in the Explorer's Lounge upper floor. We relaxed in this area many times but was never bothered by the music. It was never as loud as it appears in that video and I'm sure you could ask the crew to turn it down or even off, if needed. As Rizello said, the ship has a lot of live piano and string music in different locations.
  5. Business Class is an absolute rip off with most European airlines. They've ripped out the traditional 2 seater rows and replaced them with 3 economy seats instead. Then they have the audacity to leave the middle seat free and call it Business Class. 😠 Fortunately we had three seats to ourselves in economy on our BA flight in July, but this time around I'm guessing our 10.50am flight with Air Malta will be rammed. Thank goodness it's only a short flght. 🙏
  6. Yes there's a ping pong table on the sun deck. 👍
  7. You must complete your UK PLF within 48hrs before arrival back into the UK. As far as I'm aware it cannot be processed outside the 48hr period. You must have that reference number to input into your PLF otherwise the PLF website will not allow you to complete the document.
  8. We used Express Test the moment we arrived at Heathrow for our day 2 PCR test. We wanted to get it out of the way. You can take your day 2 test any time from arrival day (day 0). I think we paid £68 each which is a con, but then most are. We got our results the next day at 5pm. Express Test are one of only a few who test at Arrivals & Departures at Heathrow. I believe they have car park testing and drive through testing at airports as well. As Barney said, you'll need reference number as proof for your PLF back to the UK and the system knows if the number is not correct. I tried to see if it would accept any number. It didn't. Plus that test number is electronically linked to your passport number.
  9. There is a 10.50am Air Malta flying out from Heathrow the day before on the 18th, but I'm sure I read somewhere that Viking will not allow UK guests to orgainise their own flights on these Welcome Back cruises. Which doesn't make sense, as many US guests are able to arrange their own flights and arrive into Malta days earlier than the cruise. 🤷‍♂️
  10. Thank you Rizello for the VK. It was interesting to read the part about excursions and the CDC. 'Due to the CDC updating its advisory for Greece to a Level 4, independent exploration is not permitted.' As a UK citizen, I'm not confined by CDC advisories. Therefore, does this mean that us Brits can run gay abandon at each port? 🤣
  11. Vaccinated or not it feels like all bets are off with regard to the Delta variant. Of course the vaccination was never a cure, but I've been surprised at how quickly the Delta variant has taken hold. Regardless of vaccination status, Carnival has introduced a mask policy inside its ships now, as well as PCR testing. It seems like Covid is not going away any time soon, so the cruise lines have just got to work with it. I feel reassured that Viking has done everything possible to mitigate risk, especially after experiencing it first hand on the Venus in July. Though the possibility of being removed from the ship and placed in 14 day quarantine or sent home seems to be on increase in both Malta and Iceland.
  12. I've received an email from Viking to say that our cruise on 22nd September 2021 has an itinerary change relating to the island of Crete. Instead of visiting Souda Bay on 30th September, the ship will call at Heraklion instead. Have any other cruises in September on the Greek itinerary been impacted by this change?
  13. No forms are required for either. There is a PLF for Croatia IF flying into the country, but you won't require this for your port stops with Viking. We didn't complete any documents to enter Croatia or Montenegro. Local arrangements were made via Viking.
  14. Same here. On Saturday I was on hold for 1.5 hours trying to get through. Absolutely atrocious. On hold once again now. 😴
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