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  1. Oh wonderful! Thank you, I can’t wait to get started.
  2. We are planning on doing an all inclusive if our October and November cruises are canceled. It would be the week of November 20. There will be six of us: Me and my husband, my parents, my adult son, and my 14-year-old. We haven’t really talked about a budget, just trying to get a B plan together. I am a huge planner. We were trying to decide between three different places and we all agreed on Mexico, that’s about as far as we’ve gotten.
  3. We have decided on Mexico, a family resort please. Thank you!
  4. If a cruise is canceled by carnival and you choose to get the fcc and obc package, can you apply it towards a booking you already have? Also, my final payment date is Feb 20 will they extend that? I have 5 cruises booked and really don't want to lay out any more money until ships start sailing.
  5. They have two layers. They meet the requirement.
  6. I’ll have to look out for that. Love your reviews.
  7. Which resort? I was looking at all inclusives but I don't really know much about them. I heard Rui Palace was good and I heard Sandal's was okay.
  8. Embarkation port Ship Dates Price Itinerary
  9. In my limited cruise experience, I would have to say Megan's Bay in St. Thomas. I thought it was so pretty.
  10. Everything you said is probably correct. No arguments from me. With that said, I have 4 cruises booked. 2 cruises were booked prior to covid - non refundable deposits. (the one with royal was lifted and shifted to this year) and two after covid. Does it make financial sense, no probably not. But with all the death and unpleasantness that this virus brings I just needed something good to look forward to and plan for. A bright spot in all the bleak and dark unpleasantness. I truly believe (need to believe) that cruising will start soon. I agree that it may not start until the fall but I
  11. I am from Lexington SC about 2 hours from you and non-mask wearing is prevalent here. We have a mask mandate but no one enforces it. As a state our numbers are high. I am glad that Charleston is compliant. Stay safe.
  12. It’s a good thing you read the fine print before you committed . I would hate to find that out after the fact.
  13. I thought if you participated and received the placebo, once the study was concluded you received the shot. I guess that was wrong? Sorry, IMO y'all should have been first.
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