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  1. I just read the previous post. Five dollars was probably right.
  2. It was a lot of fun. Your family should enjoy it. It wasn’t that much maybe $15 a person. I don’t really remember the exact amount.
  3. I live in South Carolina so Charleston is going to be very convenient. Quick question since I’ve never sailed out of Charleston Does faster to the fun make the process go Any quicker?
  4. How do you know how much OBC you get when booking on board.
  5. Great! Maybe they will get it together in the next two weeks. Thank you.
  6. I know that you Cruise a lot. Do you know if port Everglades has this?
  7. We have 428 days until we board Harmony. 15 days til we board Allure. Looking forward to your review!
  8. Just out of curiosity, why would you not want to give them a few dollars for providing a service? Not that you have to but I was just curious about the reason. I have never experienced threats of not seeing my bags again if I didn’t tip. I guess if it did happen it would make me a bit leery too. But I too believe that you are worrying about something that has a very small chance of occurring. I would leave my bags with the porters and enjoy my trip. Safe travels!
  9. Following. Can’t wait til September 29, until then I will live through you. Well at least for this week! 😀
  10. I may try that on our next cruise in September but you know what they say it’s hard to teach old dogs new tricks 🤣😊
  11. They may not be removing the tips. I use a cash account when I cruise. On the last Sea day I usually have to stand in line to Close my account and to pick up the balance that is left on the account. I never remove gratuities but you will see me in that line.
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