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  1. Two Wheels Only

    Switching Cabin With "Neighbor" Once Onboard- Possible?

    You also wrote about... ...while them being kind or not has nothing to do with their answer. They could be kind and still say "no". Their answer wouldn't make them unkind.
  2. Two Wheels Only

    3 Meal Specialty Dining Perk

    Same price regardless of age.
  3. Two Wheels Only

    Seaside - YC - January 12, 2019

    Just let them know and the next time, the toast will probably be fine. My kids have different "styles" when it comes to bacon. One likes hard/crispy and the other likes soft/squiggly. Once we let the server know, both kinds were brought to us each morning.
  4. Two Wheels Only

    Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve UpDate

    The "deal" that NCL (owner) and Belize have with Harvest Caye is a bit different than NCL owning GSC. Drinks and food on GSC are included but not with HC. Your post had me worried that GSC had changed.
  5. Two Wheels Only

    Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve UpDate

    Was this at Great Stirrup Cay or at Harvest Caye?
  6. Two Wheels Only

    Switching Cabin With "Neighbor" Once Onboard- Possible?

    They may be nice and friendly even if they don't want to switch. Even if MSC allows it, if the people don't switch, those people haven't done anything wrong and it doesn't mean that the people aren't nice or friendly. The people in the surrounding balconies houldn't have to hear a toddler shouting in either case.
  7. Two Wheels Only

    No dress code in specialty restaurants (Sun)

    As far as the dress code, NCL decides what is required/allowed. If NCL says that shorts and t-shirt are fine in Cagney's, that's what some people will wear. If any people believe that all specialty restaurants are Smart Casual on NCL, those people are mistaken.
  8. Two Wheels Only

    Aft balcony

    This thread is several years old. There are other/more recent threads with info, pictures, video of 9320.
  9. Two Wheels Only

    ? Freestyle with dinner ?

    Dining on NCL is like dining in a land-based restaurant. You can show up at anytime and (if needed) wait. Some will make reservations to lessen the wait and to guarantee that they can eat in a particular restaurant. If a restaurant has reached capacity, no more guests will be allowed to dine there that night. The length of the wait will depend on the time that you show up, the number of people who have reservations at that time, and the number of people already in the restaurant. It can't be predicted.
  10. Two Wheels Only

    Joty Concierge Cabins Private Dining

    My GUESS is that breakfast and lunch at Cagney's are included with the Concierge Class. It would be private since only Concierge Class guests would be there. For dinner, it would be "business as usual" with Concierge Class guests being treated as everyone else. Either pay a la carte or use a SDP.
  11. Two Wheels Only

    Margaritaville on the Breakaway

    The breakfast at M'ville is just a condensed version of what's in the Garden Cafe buffet. It's much less crowded and outdoors so some guests prefer it. No cost.
  12. Two Wheels Only

    Pearl Review 12/9/18 Garden Villa Experience

    ...pretty much standard... It's the "complaining later" guests that are to blame for the preemptive strike by the staff. I don't believe that it was anything personal towards you. It is kind of funny when the staff is so pre-programed that guests in the Garden Villa have to be made aware of the cost of a bottled water.
  13. Two Wheels Only

    Joty Concierge Cabins Private Dining

    This was previously posted...
  14. Two Wheels Only

    Everything... Norwegian ENCORE! Launch Nov 2019

    There's a joke...but people are laughing at Encore, not with it.