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  1. Especially when MSC items on Ebay are going for double (sometimes more) what MSC charges in the ship's gift shop.
  2. From what I could see on the webcam, the attached parking garage looks nothing like the renderings.
  3. How long until the adult grand-kids make a thread about how their FCC was stolen by NCL?...
  4. Same with me. I even joked with the rep over the phone that it's easier (for them) to move the deposit than it is to send the refund back to the original form of payment. No big deal either way.
  5. With new health procedures being added/changed, I don't believe that anything from the past is guaranteed to be the same in the future for cruising. Enjoy your cruise.
  6. Here's my count for Joy Haven after Sept. 2020...(I could be wrong since the colors on the deck-plan are so similar ) Deck 18 - 22 staterooms Deck 17 - 28 staterooms Deck 15 - 16 staterooms Deck 14 - 32 staterooms Deck 13 - 4 staterooms Deck 12 - 4 staterooms Deck 11 - 4 staterooms Deck 10 - 4 staterooms Deck 9 - 4 staterooms 118 total
  7. Is it possible that Joy will start the Southern Caribbean trips from Miami sooner than October?
  8. I agree. Some prices are the same. Some prices are higher. I did find a few that were lower. I only keep prices for cruises that I book and make note of other stateroom prices in case friends/family want to join. I use the "non-VC" prices since friends/family would see those same prices if they decide to book. My next cruise is currently more than what I paid even with the current sales/promos. If I cancel/re-book, I'd gain $100 OBC but the cruise is a couple hundred more in total.
  9. 17108 on Encore is the 2 Bedroom.... 17108 on Escape is a Courtyard Penthouse. Also, deck 17 on Encore has deeper balconies than deck 17 on Escape.
  10. Same here. What I've been reading is that cancellations will "officially" begin in the first week in July. Whether the old cancellations will get put into the system or if another call is needed is unknown. I'm also still booked on the "Seaside to Meraviglia" cruise even though I cancelled/booked another cruise for the same week on Seaside out of Port Canaveral. I'm going to wait until Mid-July to get everything taken care of. The "Seaside to Meraviglia" cruise stressed me a bit but quickly taking action and booking Seaside (in a better stateroom than before) made things better.
  11. Joy 11366/11966 is Configuration B (larger master bathroom overlooks the balcony) Joy 13358/13958 is Configuration A (larger bedroom with 2nd access door to the balcony) Click HERE for more info. There are changes coming to the alphanumeric codes used by NCL. On some ships, the larger balconies are in a different category and usually have a higher price. For decks 11 and 13, neither is a "larger" aft-facing balcony with deck 13 actually being the smallest/least deep.
  12. From what I'm seeing, it's $50pp for Inside or Ocean View and $100pp for a Balcony, Suite, or the MSC Yacht Club. In my case, the $100 showed up as $50 on one line and $50 on another line in the "Cruise Details">>"Stateroom and Booking Details" tab, Each credit with my name and under that, $50 + $50 on separate lines with my wife's name. Oddly, each credit showed up on different days. It was only $50 a day after booking and one by one, more credit just appeared. I have nothing on the conformation and can't see the option to download a new one. I'm going to wait until after the first week in July to get the 5% + 5% + OBC added to the other cruises. Hopefully, I can get everything sorted and confirmed in one call.
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