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  1. The **700 staterooms next door are actually much larger than the neighbors. They have that extra space even though the deckplans show the staterooms as the same size.
  2. The depth of the aft-facing balconies varies by deck. Deck 11 is not as deep as decks 9,12,15, or 14 (11 and 14 are nearly identical, though). Balcony width also varies depending on bed location. Even 2 staterooms on the same deck with the same bed location can vary slightly in width. While in motion, you might notice a vibration known as the azipod shimmy but some people don't even notice it. Since there is no Spice H2O, you don't have to worry about late night noise from the music/bass. If you were comfortable with the price that you paid and were happy w
  3. https://www.ncl.com/specialty-dining-package/faq
  4. Looking back on some old files (and when they were created), I have a copy of the "non-refundable Yacht Club deposits" terms from March 2021. I have definitely made new bookings (no FCC used) after that date and when I cancelled 2 bookings in May 2021 (I needed to change the dates) I received the deposits back to the original form of payment in 13 days. My previous deposit returns took about 30 days for cruises that MSC cancelled. So far (fingers crossed 🤞) MSC has returned all of my Yacht Club deposits whether I cancelled or they cancelled. I understand that there is
  5. I have good news and bad news.... 😁 All of the forward half of deck 17 on Getaway is adult only. Only a small section (less than 1/4) is Haven only. The rest is the adult-only VIBE Beach Club. The bad news is that you must pay for access to VIBE and the passes are given on a first come-first serve basis. If the passes sell out before you get one, you cannot get access. For Breakaway, the entire port side and about 2/3 of the forward-facing area is open to all guests. For the OP, it doesn't matter if the question is asked on the RCCL forum or o
  6. Since they have some free time, NCL can start the paintjob on the lighthouse.... ...which NCL claims will be done sometime this year.
  7. Every cruise line has had "problems". That was Costa Concordia. Costa is under the Carnival umbrella of cruise lines along with Princess, Holland America, Seabourn, Cunard, AIDA, P&O). We all know how many problems that Carnival has had over the years. Ask your stepmom to name any cruise line and I'm sure that something bad has happened on it.
  8. Since NCL's Haven is most similar to the MSC Yacht Club, I can give my experience of "ship within a ship" while not located in the actual complex.... It was no issue for us. The great stateroom makes up for the minor inconvenience of taking the elevator to the complex. I actually considered the Duplex Suite on Meraviglia but decided to stay booked in the Royal Suite (each has a whirlpool on the balcony). The Duplex has 2 bathrooms vs. only 1 in the Royal but the Royal has more space and 2 balconies. Neither the Duplex nor the Royal has a great balcony, though. I much prefer the Roy
  9. True. It is too early to have a definite answer as to bed location (near balcony/near closet).
  10. I've seen shorts in the Yacht Club restaurant at dinner. I've also read reports from people who were sent away because of shorts and had to change into long pants. In other words, both can happen. Nothing is set in stone with MSC.
  11. This could be the last update video from Little fox. Thank you, Little fox. 👍
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