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  1. Uggghhhh I guess I have enough time to adjust to all of the changes. Don't expect the PCCs to get anything right.
  2. Two Wheels Only

    Upgrade to Haven - Which category?

    If you have more than 4 people and you are on Epic, Breakaway or Getaway, you have no place else to go. If you are more than 4 people and you are on Escape, Joy, or Bliss, you only have the H2. You wouldn't happen to be on Jewel Class ship because if you are, there is a place that you could move but it definitely won't be for free....(H1) Well, none of them will be for free.
  3. Two Wheels Only

    Would you be content with any Haven room?

    The mother-in-law would sleep in the livingroom if sharing with someone else. There is a door that separates the livingroom/small bathroom half and the bedroom/master bathroom half. The stateroom layouts and balcony sizes will match Escape and Bliss (also Encore) as they are the Breakaway Plus Class. The layouts and balcony sizes are different for Breakaway and Getaway which are the Breakaway Class. First, decide on your preferred bedroom/master bathroom configuration for the H6 With Configuration A, the bedroom (larger) is near the balcony and there is a 2nd access door to the balcony from the bedroom. With Configuration B, the master bathroom (larger) is near the balcony and has a view of the ocean and balcony but no 2nd access door to the balcony. Configuration A doesn't have natural light in the master bathroom. Configuration B doesn't have natural light in the bedroom. On Breakaway and Getaway, Configuration A is on decks 11 and 14. On Breakaway and Getaway, Configuration B is on decks 9, 10, 12, and 13. On Escape/Joy/Bliss/Encore, Configuration A is on decks 9, 10, 12, 13, and 15 On Escape/Joy/Bliss/Encore, Configuration B is on decks 11 and 14. (opposite of BA/GA) All H6 living rooms are the same no matter which ship (BA/GA/Escape/Joy/Bliss/Encore) other than mirror image between port and starboard. The balconies are all roughly the same width but differ in depth. On BA/GA, the size order is 9, 12, 11, 10, 14, 13 from deepest to least deep. On Escape/Joy/Bliss/Encore, the size order is 9, 12, 15, 14, 11, 10, 13 from deepest to least deep. Joy will have the Galaxy Pavilion above deck 15 and Spice H2O above that. On Escape, the Garden Buffet is above deck 15 so early morning noise can be a problem. For Joy, I have no idea what the situation will be during the day. In the evening. Spice H2O can be loud with heavy bass. Most people can tolerate the noise because the closed and sealed balcony door will block most of the music but the bass can still be felt on the higher decks. Again, with Joy, I don't know what the noise situation will be.
  4. Two Wheels Only

    Upgrade to Haven - Which category?

    The balcony on the H7 is on the side of the ship. The "forward-facing" part is the window in the bedroom (or bathroom in the HC 13106).
  5. Two Wheels Only

    Free at Sea

    For the dining and drink packages, there is a 20% gratuity/service charge added based on the price of the package. Don't get into an argument with anyone over whether it is a gratuity, a service charge, or a tip. Don't argue over how much (if any) goes to whom. Just decide if you want the promo or not. There are ways to skip the promo and the service charges and pay a la carte for drinks/specialty meals but those items will have an added 20%.
  6. Two Wheels Only

    Would you be content with any Haven room?

    For the BA/BA Plus ships, I'd take a H6 over the larger, 2br, in the complex H4. Since we are 4, the H5 isn't an option. In most cases, I'd take a large balcony H6 over the H3 but not over the H2. I'd take the H4, H3, and (obviously) H2 over the H7. The advantage of the H7 is the separate livingroom and bedroom (except for the HC 13106) vs. the H5 so if traveling as a couple, I'd take the H7 after a H4 but before a H5. Picking the right H6 is another task... Feel free to ask for any info.
  7. Two Wheels Only

    Haven and a 4 year old.

    No. Not at all. I've had a 2 year-old then 3 year-old in the Haven. There were other children who were younger. She can't use the Haven sundeck but can use the upper deck that is inside under the retractable roof. It should be quiet/empty in that area with plenty of seats/chairs.
  8. Two Wheels Only

    Where does the Bliss Dock In St Thomas

    The Oasis class has priority because those ships can't use Havensight. Other ships can use Crown Bay if there is space there. I've seen Epic at Crown Bay and other non-RCCL ships there but more than likely, Bliss will be going to Havensight.
  9. Two Wheels Only

    Escape Haven Owners Suite 17702 or 18702

    The two balconies are directly over each other. One just extends more than the other. The depth of deck 18 is what covers deck 17 so the amount of depth above provides privacy. Plus, the shape of the balcony makes it difficult for anyone to look down from above. If you are at the railing on deck 17, you would be seen from above but otherwise, nobody above would be able to see you.
  10. Two Wheels Only

    Escape Haven Owners Suite 17702 or 18702

    If you can, take deck 17. In addition to the larger balcony, deck 17 won't have any noise from above as the crew moves the deck chairs in the morning.
  11. Two Wheels Only

    Encore: Rhyme or Reason H20/Spice?

    Take a look at the upcoming NCL Project Leonardo ships. Many people believe that those ships will have an aft-facing infinity pool. Whether that pool is for Haven, VIBE, Spice H2O, or won't exist at all is unknown.
  12. Two Wheels Only

    You're the owner of NCL and can make ONE change....

    It's the alcohol smugglers that are the real problem. One solution would be to allow cans of soda/juice. There's canned water but most people wouldn't bring it. People bring bottles of Coke onboard and nobody from NCL cares. The soda machines (past security) in the terminal usually have Coke products which people can buy and bring onto the ship.
  13. Two Wheels Only

    Norwegian Bliss Deluxe Owner's Suite for 6 people?

    Here's the 2nd bedroom in the H2 on Escape... ...but I don't have Bliss which should be the same. I think (not sure) that the sofa-bed in the livingroom sleeps 2. Most who book the H2 have 4 people at the most. I haven't seen a review from a group of 6 but with 4 kids, it should work fine. Adults can close the bedroom door if needed.
  14. Two Wheels Only

    3 prong electric cord

    Try magnets.
  15. Two Wheels Only

    You're the owner of NCL and can make ONE change....

    Losing the "directly book the Haven" guests will end up hurting everyone. NCL will make up for that loss by raising the prices across the board...like they have done to the extreme in recent years.