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  1. Carnival seems to be more organized/up to date on their website as opposed to NCL. Carnival's fine for smoking in the wrong place is also double the NCL fine. Knowing that, I suspect that NCL will follow Carnival's lead if it can bring in more money....
  2. NCL does let people know when an increase is coming and gives people the option to pay the lower rate if paid before. If the sail date is after the increase and isn't paid before the sail date, the guest is charged the higher rate even if booked before the announced increase.
  3. If the DSC was rolled into the fare "out of sight, out of mind", NCL would raise the fare by an amout that is higher than the DSC. Just pre-pay the DSC and you'll know the total cost (not counting onboard spending). If the total is too high, walk away.
  4. I've never been overweight a day in my life. When I was a lifeguard, I could eat an entire pizza (8 slices) for lunch. Between swimming, walking, etc., burning enough calories during a cruise after more than one side is easy. The sides aren't very big. Depending on the dessert, I'll order 2 because I know that I can handle 2. An extra slice of carrot cake won't kill me.
  5. In your case, it is probably better to pay for specialty coffee a la carte instead of buying a Plus package for the son. If guests 1&2 take the beverage promo, guest 3 doesn't have to buy a package. If any guest buys a package or upgrades their package, all over 21 must buy or upgrade to the same if they don't already have.
  6. The "kids taking over/kids behaving badly" stories are overblown, IMO. The vast majority of sailings probably do not have those problems. However, if someone does end up on one of those sailings, they are more than likely to complain about it. Yes, it would suck to spend Haven money and have the cruise ruined by out of control people (children or adults) but based on the number of people who continue to sail the Haven, I think that the problem guests are only on a small number of sailings.
  7. On Escape (and the other ships in the class), aft-facing balcony depth differs by deck. The width for the HC B1 balcony is pretty much the same for all decks. If your choices are deck 11 or 15, I suggest deck 11. The balcony is slightly less deep but deck 15 is directly below the Garden Cafe which is directly below Spice H2O. The noise from above, especially at night, can be a problem on deck 15. The deepest balcony is on deck 9 followed by deck 12. I prefer deck 12 over 9 for the better view. Others may prefer deck 9 to be closer to the water.
  8. It is the same package. NCL uses many different names/acronyms for the same thing. You're good up to $15 and only have to pay the difference (plus 20% on the difference) if you go above $15 on a covered drink.
  9. The adult-only sundeck that has limited access and is less crowded. You have to pay to get a pass which is sold first come, first served. If you don't get a pass, you can't get in.
  10. Bliss, no question. If Breakaway (Breakaway Class) is your favorite ship, Bliss (Breakaway Plus Class) will be very similar/familiar. The Observation Lounge is a big positive....as long as people don't sleep there.
  11. The pool that is more forward is adult-only during the day. The area surrounding that pool is all ages. All the way aft is Spice H2O (sundeck, hot tubs) which is adult-only during the day. No charge for either.
  12. With the dining and beverage packages, you must select them. They are offered but aren't automatically included.
  13. Balconies on 17 are deeper/larger than the equivalent on 18. No issues with your current location.
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