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  1. Just some non-Covid news..... NAMEPA Award Winner Cruise Industry News....(click)
  2. Hotel Service Charge is deducted from your account daily. You can call to prepay it. AFAIK, there is no option to prepay online other than buying OBC beforehand and having the service charge deducted from your account which will have the OBC on it . Butler and concierge are included but you are free to tip additionally if you wish.
  3. They are more flexible than what is on the card. I even forgot to order the night before and woke up early to make an order and it was delivered on time. If you want bacon, specify if you want crispy or soggy. 😛 Just tell your butler what you want or let him/her surprise you. There's food all over the place (the lounge, the sundeck, elsewhere on the ship, etc.) and the butler will get you whatever you fancy.
  4. $1 deposits don't happen with The Haven... ....and the OP is probably looking for a suite that has Haven access (not the Club/Family/Penthouse suites).
  5. It depends on how you look at it. Nobody is required to cruise. The argument could be made that people aren't required to show proof of immunization for everyday life but are required to show for other things such as mass transit. I don't think that it will happen across the board but a cruise line requiring proof isn't out of the question. I agree that deciding on the "boundaries" would be tricky. What private businesses decide is usually stricter than what society decides. I can walk around in public all day in shorts and a t-shirt but if a private business such as a r
  6. My kids were required to show proof of immunization for public school. "The Florida Certification of Immunization, Form 680, must be used to document the immunizations required for entry and attendance in Florida schools."
  7. Nothing beats the "...can I (insert something against NCL rules) if I just (insert justification for what the OP knows is not allowed)?..." threads
  8. See you on the sundeck....😝
  9. 14150 on Bliss is bed near balcony if the deckplan (sleeps 4) is correct.
  10. Yacht Club is better at some things Haven is better at some things. That's the thing about comparing Yacht Club to Haven. Each has some strengths and some weaknesses compared to the other. I still enjoy both.
  11. Mostly, the pattern is as described along the side of the ship. There are breaks in the pattern such as when a wheelchair accessible stateroom is in the mix or when 2 similar staterooms are back-to-back and the pattern starts again. It's best to know an exact stateroom number and search for pictures/info from people who have actually stayed there when looking for a bed-near-closet stateroom.
  12. The reason that delivered drinks aren't included is that people would order drinks nonstop and the butlers wouldn't be able to keep up. Every butler has more than one stateroom to cover. You can order non-alcoholic drinks from your butler but the delivery will likely be a pitcher, not an individual drink. A butler can deliver an individual alcoholic drink but more than likely, there will be a charge even if you have the PBP or PPBP. ALL Haven prices have been going up for the last few years. A rising tide lifts all boats, I suppose. The days of $1200pp for the Haven are
  13. $29pppd (per person per day) to upgrade to the Premium Plus Beverage Package but every person in the stateroom that is over 21 has to also upgrade if they have the standard PBP or pay full price ($128pppd) if they don't. It would depend on when you booked if the others in the stateroom have the PBP promo. If you booked when all adults in the same stateroom receive the PBP promo, it's $29pppd for the adults. Add 20% to everything. Specialty coffee is included with the PPBP but not with the PBP.
  14. In your case (7 days/nights), it is 2 meals each for guest 1&2. Not anymore. The UDP was unlimited uses but that stopped many years ago (2016, iirc). It was then 4 meals for 7 days/nights, then 3 meals, now it's 2 meals. It depends. Also, some specialty restaurants are a la carte and some are a fixed price so deciding if a SDP credit is better or just paying a la carte is better depends on the individual.
  15. We had the same dilemma. We booked the RS before the Duplex was "upgraded" and later considered switching to the Duplex. The price difference was less than $1K total at the time but in the end, after showing the family videos of both suites, we decided to stay in the RS. The extra bathroom would have been nice but the better overall balcony space was the difference. We figured that we'll spend more time on the balcony than in the bathroom. This is another area where MSC can improve. Even the upcoming Owner's Suite on Seashore has only one bathroom. Looking a
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