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  1. This is clearly a "chic" night, better-than-most-days menu
  2. We are currently on vacation in Western Florida. Last week we bought 3 nice-size (6-7 oz) tails -- 3 for $24. I can't imagine buying in quantity would cost more than that.
  3. I think it is worth mentioning that the award was for the ships themselves -- for the architecture and ambiance, not for the food or activities onboard.
  4. To repeat, you don't have sea days on NCL. It has a monopoly on Hawaii and doesn't have to touch a foreign port. I did the Pride of America in 2011 and enjoyed it. That said, I'm not sure that NCL has had to invest much in the Pride because it's the only game in town. We are doing the Celebrity Vancouver to Hawaii this fall and plan to enjoy both our land and sea days.
  5. I disagree. A chef can't turn tilapia into turbot or sirloin into filet
  6. Don't you think the leftovers are either 1)refrigerated for the next day or 2)made available to the staff. I mean, if you are talking pasta and rice dishes from the buffet -- why not let the staff eat it? Cooking something separate for them could only cost more.
  7. We have a Solstice cruise planned for this fall. When I go to the Celebrity site and get into deck plans for the Solstice, it shows one picture "before May 2" and another one for "After May 3." Anybody know what that means? I can't see much difference except slightly different shades of color.
  8. For anyone waiting several weeks, you might go to the Elliott Advocacy Facebook Group. Chris Elliott does a consumer column for the Washington Post and works to resolve consumer complaints through a non-profit. He also publishes a newsletter. And he names names, which causes corporations to be responsive to their aggrieved customers.
  9. Love the description of Celebrity cruisers: Those who have had hip/knee replacements and those who will need them. Not sure where you live in SRQ land but we are currently visiting Siesta Key and I would say the demographic is the same.
  10. We like both all-inclusive land vacations as well as cruising on different lines, which is why we will never qualify for any cruise line's "Elite" category. I have been pricing some all-inclusive for the future and I find some of the Punta Cana ones quite competitive with what I'm seeing on Celebrity.
  11. Totally agree. Hope to be able to order off the MDR menu occasionally
  12. No, not looking for negative. Hoping that food things turn around before our late summer journey on Solstice. Our first cruise was on the old Sun Princess in 1988. (Where Love Boat did some early filming.) No buffet, except midnight, and no specialty dining. But the MDR menus still blow us away. We kept them. Cruise No. 2 was several years later -- when kids were semi independent. We chose Celebrity because of the food reputation and it was great. Sampled a few other lines over the years but ultimately settled with Celebrity because of the all-included option. (We don't drink excessively but hated the "ka ching" every time we did have a drink.) Perhaps once/at most twice a cruise we choose the buffet for dinner. Choice-wise it was excessive for the number of folks who eat there, but the cut-back is equally excessive. Hoping things improve --but bottom-feeder tilapia and pork and beans on the menu leave me thinking we paid too much for this cruise. And for the record, I have spent way too much time reading these pages lately. Also, I actually don't like or expect lobster rolls -- just a decent tail once a cruise.
  13. I think I heard some Celebrity big-wig say: "Let them eat Tilapia." or: "Let them eat Fish Fingers (tilapia in disguise) Folks currently onboard and those onboard next week: Please tell us if any of these drastic food cuts are still on the menu.
  14. Did you check to see if you are comparing All Included to not all included? I saw a little star on one of the Celebrity cruises I was checking in 2024. I clicked on the star and it added $500 to the price with the drinks, tips and wi-fi included.
  15. I just saw a post about lines charging for lobster tails. It appears that Carnival allows for 2 free tails and then has an uncharge of $5 per extra tail. So 5 tails for about $15, and Celebrity (formerly known as the foodie cruise) is charging $16.99 + gratuity for one extra tail. Please tell me there is a reason for this.
  16. When people are paying several hundred a day for a cruise, nobody should have to "get by" -- especially on a cruise line that built its reputation on having the best food.
  17. I always considered midnight buffets leftovers from dinner.
  18. Or book on your own. Just make sure your excursion gets you back to the ship in PLENTY OF TIME BEFORE IT LEAVES. PS - you probably will save money doing it on your own.
  19. We are booked for a September cruise from Vancouver to Hawaii. When I booked, the 75 pct off for a second person was being advertised. But I went with the TA price. Knowledgable people and a big agency. TA said the cruise had limited space, especially in Aqua. At the time, I checked the Celebrity site and he was absolutely right. Earlier this evening I checked again and found lots of Aqua cabins, including one right next to our room for $1,000 less. I emailed the TA, but this is Sunday night. I just looked again -- loading the Celebrity web page took awhile -- but now it says no Aqua availability. However, accessing the Celebrity site took extra long. Any insights?
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