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  1. Can somebody please post the drinks menu with what's included and not included, This would be for sailings out of Europe Thanks!!
  2. I hope the CDC is going to open cruises again, however many people will not want to pay for cruising with all the restrictions in place at first...Wearing a mask every wear except to eat or in your cabin is a big turnoff for me and I am sure a lot of other people....
  3. The cruise lines would love a bailout, but the US Taxpayers will not go for it and they shouldn't!!
  4. This is true...However my point in.. which nobody could successful argue, is that what IF Carnival pulls Legend from med cruises next year and therefor might give a look to MSC or Costa being that they have more ships based in that part of the world....Are the different that Carnival? Sure....Go to the MSC or Costa boards and ask questions....but do you want to book air, hotels, tours, trains...based upon the availability of one ship from one company?
  5. This is the problem with Carnival in Europe next fall....There is only ONE ship.. Carnival Legend, and if Carnival decides to pull it. What happens then? I was booked for this year..Canceled! Then I booked for next fall, but I started looking at the bigger picture and pulled my booking....If you must do the Med next year...Start looking at MSC or Costa! Hope you find something!😀 I also wanted to add that both Costa and MSC have a bigger presence out of Italy that do most other cruise lines
  6. Thanks for the link, I really appreciate it....Explains a lot!
  7. Is room service free with the Fantastica package?
  8. Thanks Guys .....Got through today but there was confusion as the price for my cruise on the agents end was more that booking through the computer...so he told me to book through the website and call back later to apply the military discount.....I also looked at Carnival Legend out of Rome and the Royal Odyssey of the seas but I am not sure that Carnival will move a ship to Europe next year...and the Odyssey is not even finished....So I though a European line might be a good choise instead a wait and see if Royal and Carnival make a move....Any thoughts?
  9. Have a Question....Been trying to call MSC USA for two weeks, so I can book a MSC cruise out of Europe for next fall....However when I call, I get a 2.5 min speech about Covid, then told to press 1 for new bookings...After about 30 seconds it hangs up on me?? What Gives?? I could just do it thru the website, but it will not allow a military discount to be applied that way!
  10. Checks in the mail.....I love you...etc....
  11. And where are the going to get the staff??
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