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  1. If Carnival was really "Committed" to the island, They would put in a better ship than Fascination!!!
  2. Hey thanks to all!! I am sure that's the way it was for Freedom, The last couple of cruises I payed full at the time of booking, because I was within the window... Have A Great Day Mike
  3. When did Royal start requiring 90 days advance payment for a 7 day cruise? This is my third cruise on Royal and I can't remember if it was required on my B2B in September 2018? Thanks Mike
  4. When is Royal getting exotic Dancers on their ships?? Just Kidding😜 Mike
  5. Spent a lot of time in this bar in September.....Too Much Time!! Hope you had fun on this ship!! Mike
  6. WoW...I guess you trust your Government?? Mike
  7. That goes for me as well, ..Unfortunally when you have a disability.. you also have limitations...I would like to go visit London again but I know that that involves a lot of walking..and for me that's not possible anymore...I know it sounds harsh but some travel just isn't good for some people with certain disability's "It is what it is" Mike
  8. Hi, Still and as always, i recommend a passport!! Go Cards Mike
  9. Only on Cruise Critic 🙄...Do what you think is best!
  10. I think it's Double Word Score,,,, sorry OP...
  11. Cruise Contract "may" be legal but that doesn't make them always morally right Mike
  12. Until people start voting with their pocketbooks, stuff like this will continue...Just got off the Dream two weeks ago, seemed like Security was always getting into it with unruly guests,, pulled a lot of Drink packages and drinking privileges from Drunks..Never saw this stuff until a couple of years ago.. As a Retired police officer I don't need this stuff..saw enough while I was on the job!!! Mike
  13. Thanks For making my point for me, Just found this thread... Mike St Louis
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