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  1. What no Cats on board...As my progressive "Friends" would say ..'That"s racism"..😁
  2. Or if they do keep Rhapsody in the Med, It will be for EU only
  3. Preach Preach...But you forgot to add...Have fun now!! because if the US Government keeps passing these 3 trillion bills...its going to be Inflation and a possible Depression for us!!
  4. Plus wearing a mask in Nassau in July will be fun!!
  5. Ok We are Good!! Best of luck with your customers....St Louis travel agents won't be in for another half or full hour!!
  6. Wonder if Americans /Canadians are going to get screwed on this?
  7. Mexico is out, if it were in, they would have went the Mexico route first...Cozumel does not have the port/supply chain to handle a couple of ship out of there...
  8. Never heard of Cruising Power, I believe it's a UK thing!
  9. Also, Nassau screwes you Royally(No pun intened) on Taxes and fees on your hotel room....I looked at the Courtyard by Marriot at a room rate of $169.00 USD....It's $100.00 plus in Tax and fees....So then you pay $269.00.....🤬
  10. I just posted about how expensive the flight are...about the same for me to go to Paris...
  11. Perfect example is Barbados, Try flying out of St Louis to Bridgetown in Jan/Feb 2022, then exchange Bridgetown for Paris France....Its the same or cheaper to fly to Paris....
  12. Just gave "Crown" a like!!!😁
  13. For how long should we be forced to wear a mask?
  14. Sounds like the Military!!😁
  15. I thought you said no politics?
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