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  1. We are on the Ascent in March. And Edge in July.
  2. We sailed in an IV on the Apex and very much disliked it. As others have said, it’s a window, not a veranda. We will only sail on E-class ships if Sunset verandas are available or we can do a suite. In that instance, maybe Celebrity’s strategy worked, because we are booking more Sky Suites. Ultimately, we like the S and M class ships more when doing verandas or AQ. Dale
  3. This is great news! We have a Celebrity suite this time (moveup win from a SS) and a SS in July for Alaska. We’ve only recently started sailed in suites after the E-class and their infinite verandas. I’m excited to have the experience. Dale
  4. Thank you! We will be in 11120, so that is great information.
  5. Thanks everyone. We will stay with the deck 11 suite. best, Dale
  6. Hello, I had my first MoveUp bid accepted, and I got a Celebrity Suite on Deck 11 near the forward elevators. I usually avoid next to the elevators because of the possibility of noise from people waiting. There are 2 Celebrity Suites available on the port side of Deck 12. Questions: Any feedback on the noise near the elevators? Any perspectives about asking to move to Deck 12 instead? Too much overhang? I know it's all opinion and I'm very happy for the Celebrity Suite. Thanks!!! Dale
  7. I just checked and they seem to be sold out for our cruise. No messages on the PE website about issues, so we’ll probably try it.
  8. Thanks for that note. I’ll check the website the morning of the cruise to see if there’s an alert. It would be cheaper to take an Uber to the pier, but I like not being stuck in all the people waiting for a car on the way home. So, it will be fine either way since we will be on vacation! lol
  9. Hello, We moved to Miami a couple of years ago and just started driving to the port. We’ve only done this during off-peak times, but we have an 11-night holiday cruise on 12/22. Should I be concerned that the garages at the port will sell out? We can take an Uber/Lyft, but we’ve been enjoying carrying our luggage off and being home before 10 am. Thoughts?
  10. I just got an email about all the great things for The Retreat and suites for our 3/4 sailing. There is a link for all the things that can be personalized, but the link is broken. So, I don't know if it was a form or just informational. This is our first time in a suite and it's a Sky Suite. I wasn't expecting much in terms of pre-departure communication.
  11. Ah good point. Some of my spa services and excursions aren’t showing up in the app so I have been looking in the cruise planner to make sure that I actually have them.
  12. I know that the delete button isn’t heavy. 😆 It’s poor practice to do this to your customers. Also, there isn’t a way to opt-out of specific emails. It’s all or nothing. Also, not good practice. I just got 2 more - Alaska and Europe!
  13. Does everyone get all these emails for their upcoming cruises? I understand getting people to pre-book, but I’ve already done that. Also, this is probably comes every week. I don’t see a place in my account to opt-out of these types of emails.
  14. Depends on the time of year and location. We always take a Christmas cruise and, of course, there are kids around. You should be fine. We did VV last year and we decided that it wasn’t our thing. Most of the food was better on VV, but I’ve only had one terrible meal on Celebrity (Magic Carpet on the Edge). On the other hand, Eden food was better than VV. The 21+ policy wouldn’t sway us to go back. Enjoy your cruise!
  15. For our March 4th cruise, the app says Shawna. I was exploring the days and the free slot pull says it's hosted by Cruise Director Shawna. Of course, that could change.
  16. I'm on the Apex at the beginning of March and can let you know. As long it's not Louis from the Edge, I'll be happy.
  17. I was wondering the same thing. Do I need to have extra cash around for the butler? Do people give extra cash at the beginning/end/when extra things are done? I know it’s completely subjective.
  18. I have a Volvo XC90 suv. Would that be considered oversized for the port garage? I saw that they charge $19 for oversized vehicle, but I didn’t know if they mean RVs and such. I fit in a regular parking spot. Thanks!
  19. Thanks. I don’t see a Celebrity Store. There is a gift section, which is where I thought it should be. It has Veuve Clicquot bottles, macarons, strawberries, etc., but no packages that you described. I also checked under the package section, which was specialty dining packages. So I guess it depend on the cruise. Pic attached.
  20. Just check the mailer we got. It says book by Feb 12. I scanned the QR code and it said the promotion ended. Oh well.
  21. Where did you find the celebration package? I'm looking through my cruise planner and don't see the option. Maybe it's not available on all cruises?
  22. This has been the most helpful thread of the day! Thanks everyone.
  23. My husband did the slot tournament and maybe spent another $100 on slots on our holiday cruise. I played blackjack for the entire cruise. He got the offer! I've been offered BCC cruises before and thought there must be a catch, so I never looked into them. Is there a catch? Also, he's a teacher so scheduling stinks.
  24. Thank you for the review! Staying in a suite has become easier since moving to Miami. No flights, hotels, etc. Also, I have three cruises booked currently: two are in suites, and one is Aqua. The Aqua stateroom is for a holiday cruise and far more expensive than the suites I booked. It's all relative.
  25. On our Edge holiday cruise, they did an electronic bingo on your phone before Deal or No Deal. It cost $5 and used the same app platform as the trivia.
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