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  1. I love Beach House! We will sometimes go up there on Sunday nights! It is such a great addition! Great food also! My husband shot an informercial up there on the beach last winter. It really is a lovely spot.
  2. I love the Lighthouse Point area. Pompano reminds me of old Florida.
  3. The train has been a Godsend for a good chunk of the dense downtown populations of Miami, FLL, and WPB. I know a lot of people who use it on a regular basis. The people behind the train are developers, not in the transportation business. They've bought up the distressed property around the stations and are spending billions developing it.
  4. Keep in mind that we measure distances in time and not miles because two miles could be 25 minutes. Not a bad deal but that is off season.
  5. Between Norovirus and a couple of other things, disembarkation has been a bit of a hot mess lately at Port Everglades. I know what is in the past has nothing to do with your ship but anything can delay a ship. I'd play it safe and take a later flight.
  6. Once you get into South Florida, the cops aren't as bad as they are immediately outside Orlando. We usually head up to Disney on Sunday nights and head back Wednesday so do that run quite a bit.
  7. I have had friends stay there. Excellent location, lots to do, great beach. There probably isn't a better Hooters anywhere.
  8. I can't think of any putt putt in Miami anywhere. I would imagine you'd have to head out to the burbs. What about Top Golf? It is a lot of fun. I like Vizcaya. Also, walking tours of the Historic Deco District or the HOHO bus. Where are you staying? Miami is a big place. Cuban is always good food and Havana 1957 has locations all over.
  9. Any of the hotels north of 14th would be a great place to stay. Collins Oceanfront and even the hotels across the street. I love South Beach! Such a fun, grown up place but you definitely want to be North of Ocean Drive or South of Fifth. For dining, Joes will be closed but Prime 112, Smith & Wollensky (views) are both excellent.
  10. Shouldn't be an issue of you are on a direct flight that is one of the first planes out. Of course if you can change it, I would. Did you try and just book a new, one way flight? I guess that would cancel your return flight for being a no show on the first one.
  11. The Pier 66 was not a corporate owned Hyatt but a privately owned franchise. We go to private events at the top all the time. Love that hotel. They just started doing brunch again.
  12. We ride Brightline/Virgin often and are thrilled with how it has opened up travel between West Palm Beach and Miami. My company is headquarted in WPB and head up there about once a week now and can walk to the station from my house in a pinch. Mostly I uber/lyft because I have to take a bunch of crap with me. We keep putting Ball & Chain on deck for some merengue, bachata, and mojitos! The Disney thing is exciting for sure. We just bought annual passes this year.
  13. The closest grocery store to the Hilton FLBR would I think be one of the Publix stores on Sunrise. Probably not walkable in the heat of the day but possibly walkable in cooler weather.
  14. You don't want to be anywhere near South Beach that weekend. It's Urban Beach Weekend which ends up being ratchet as hell. Most Miamians I know get out of town. Vizcaya is a lot of fun. I would hit the beach on Key Biscayne. Bill Baggs is a great beach.
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