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  1. Not many stars living in those houses as of late. Our stars seem to be dying off. The large yachts you see outside those homes don't necessarily belong to the home owner. It's a rented slip. My friend is paying $7000 a month to dock his 78 Hatteras at someone's home. I tell people to make sure they stay on the water taxi at night. It's stunning.
  2. Hollywood Beach is run down compared to South Beach. South of Fift and Collins north of 14th are the two areas I'd look at for Miami. mhtravels, if Beach isn't important, check out the Biltmore Hotel. Two of the Bad Boys movies were filmed there, it's a gorgeous five star resort. Also, Coral Gables is one of the ritziest neighborhoods in the US. Historic, stunning. If you want beach, The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne would be my first pick. Stunning, laid back beach.
  3. Well here in Fort Lauderdale, where the OP is talking about going and not in the burbs of Chicago where you live, a block is actually a block. Looking at a map, it is much further than three blocks. You also have to cross a major, six lane thoroughfare. I just don't want to OP to get the wrong idea especially in the heat and at night. Semi trucks roll down through there on a regular basis with no sidewalks. From the way you are describing this walk, it is like you've never been here before and are just looking at a map. It isn't any easy walk.
  4. It's a lot further than three blocks. Maybe you are thinking of Southport.
  5. You could walk but 15th Street is a narrow, busy, industrial road with no sidewalks. It houses major marine companies and marinas. Just Uber. It shouldn't be more than $5 each way. Gorgeous views.
  6. Except it isn't a rumor. I said this same thing from Carnival execs (one of my former employees) that they weren't sailing until 2021 and tons of people try and argue with me. Think whatever you want.
  7. No, he told me personally about a month ago, maybe a little longer. He is a regular in my restaurant. He said unless there is a inexpensive, reliable, quick vaccine, they are not seeing anything happen before mid 2021. That's just the US. We didn't discuss other countries.
  8. The president of Norwegian said there is no chance the cruise lines will be sailing before mid 2021.
  9. BlueHerons


    The Riverside for sure! Also, look at the Hyatt Centric on Las Olas.
  10. The BBB is a marketing scam. They hold no weight with anyone. Why are you paying $100 in transportation costs?
  11. There is no train to Aventura Mall. The Tri Rail is way west and Brightline (Virgin has pulled out) isn't running yet. If you are going to Port Everglades, just take an Uber. Total Wine is on the way. However, you don't need to stop at Total Wine. Any Publix will do. If you insist on Total Wine, you can do a call ahead or online order and they will run the order out to your Uber. I can't imagine this day and age anyone would use cruise transportation.
  12. You are definitely in the minority on Cruise Critic. Most people want to stay at the cheapest place and eat hot dogs out of the in room coffee pot for dinner. Try Larrys Limo.
  13. Many of the luxury hotels are actually individually owned units. My girlfriend actually owns a two bedroom two bath at W Hotel Brickell and we have stayed there a couple of times. It varies by hotel.
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