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  1. ""Yearwood said that since the first charter flight went from Barbados on March 24, there had been another 27, taking in excess of 9 450 crew to many parts of the globe."" Your comment just proves my point. In over two months, they've only gotten 9,450 crew members off ships. I'm not trying to argue here, all I'm pointing out is that there are still tens of thousands of crew stuck on these cruise ships. Do you think they will really want to get back on one to work when ports open up?
  2. Here is an article that is a week old. https://www.tampabay.com/news/health/2020/05/18/100000-cruise-ship-crew-members-remain-trapped-at-sea/ It would be all over our local news, Miami, if any of these people flew out. The Miami news is also the local news for parts of the northern Bahamas and Fort Lauderdale to Key West. You can choose to ignore this all you want or think it isn't true but it is. These ships are still full of crew members. They aren't far off our South Florida shores so you can see the cabin lights. I cannot see how at all these ships will start sailing again at all.
  3. I would suggest you start reading our local South Florida news. It is very bleak for these workers stuck on these cruise ships. 54,000 employees stuck in US waters alone. 100,000 around the world.
  4. I agree with this. The industry is pretty decimated. There are tens of thousands of employees stuck on cruise ships not being paid and desperately wanting to get off the ships and never get on one again. They've had crew members commit suicide by jumping off the ships. They are hanging signs and banners and calling the local news stations trying to get the press to pressure the industry into getting them home. There are dozens of ships floating off the Florida coast and Bahamas. I don't know how they are going to staff any of these ships or ports that are going to let them enter.
  5. Edited to delete, I just saw what it is. It is pretty expensive compared to a day pass at one of the resorts.
  6. As a product, Hyatt Centric has memory foam beds. Why would you eat at the hotel when 25 fantastic restaurants are within steps of the restaurant?
  7. The Guild and Leamington are closer than the Intercontinental. I think a couple more may be closer. My preference is The W Hotel at the Icon. Lots of posters like Hampton Inn downtown. Whatever you do, I would not stay out by the airport.
  8. The Hyatt Centric on Las Olas is MUCH nicer and only a little further from the port and airport. Walking distance to fantastic dining.
  9. If you are flying in a day early, stay downtown/brickell in Miami. I would not stay anywhere near the airport unless I was flying in really late.
  10. Just realized the Mandarin Oriental on Brickell Key has balconies but very expensive.
  11. I don't think hotel high rises can have balconies. I would imagine, like Las Vegas, it is an insurance issue. That said, if you can rent a condo in The W Hotel Building, they do have balconies. It will be expensive because it is a two or three bedroom but the condos do have balconies. Also, if that doesn't work, the pool decks all have amazing places to sit with stunning views. I would skip the balcony, go with the view, and lounge by the pool. I am speaking specifically of downtown/Brickell. Otherwise your option would be the Mondrian South Beach.
  12. It's really nice. Gorgeous hotel.
  13. I would try the Ritz-Carlton and Lago Mar. Also, the Riverside Hotel didn't have any spring breakers. We know because that's the pool we went to to avoid the spring breakers the short time they were here.
  14. Unless you are at an airport hotel, most local hotels will charge you to park and then you have to pay to get to the port and back. It would probably be easier just to park at the port.
  15. I love The W. By far the coolest pool in Fort Lauderdale.
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