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  1. Miami is so much easier to fly in and out of. We live in FLL but choose to fly out of Miami.
  2. Getting authentic Cuban in Miami is like getting authentic Italian in Italy. It's everywhere but you should go to Versailles because it is iconic. Havana 1957 is my favorite chain. The best restaurant in Miami is by far Komodo. Had some of the best meals of my life there. One caveat, it is super expensive. Also Micheals Genuine Swan Prime 112 Joes Stone Crab Smith & Wollensky Hillstone Tigertail + Mary
  3. Great review! So many of us are lucky enough to call this home! We've had excellent weather this winter and spring.
  4. I haven't seen the trolley in months. Yes, you must have a mask here everywhere. The only place you don't see them is on the beach.
  5. None of the South Beach hotels have ocean views unless you are on a really high floor. Look at hotels in the Collins Avenue section of South Beach. Bruce, the name of the building is the Waldorf, it isn't the hotel brand. It's actually a bit on the dumpy side.
  6. I had completely forgotten they were under curfew right now. We went down to Smith & Wollensky and the servers were upset about the state of South Beach. Fortunately they are South of Fifth but still.
  7. I would stay downtown and just pay to Uber to the port. I would not stay at some airport Days Inn for a free shuttle. I'd hate to be in Miami and be stuck out at the airport. It's' a dismal area. Pawn shops and strip clubs.
  8. You are going to be able to see both from pretty much any room in the Conrad. I would go with the larger room.
  9. Who knows who is going to be testing in 2022? Right now the quickest way to get tested is to drive to Hard Rock Stadium or CVS. It takes me one hour to drive to the stadium and back including rapid test results. I think you are putting the cart before the horse. FWIW, there are TONS of Canadians here right now.
  10. Don't look for a free shuttle because they will be included in the price of your hotel. Look at the Hampton Inn Brickell.
  11. South Beach has gone downhill so badly this past year, I would not stay there if you paid me. Not only are off duty Miami and Miami Beach helping to volunteer to police but the mayor of Miami Beach said he would not let his family go there. If you want beach, Mid Beach, South of Fifth, or Key Biscayne but just great pools and a view, Brickell or Coconut Grove.
  12. The cruise ships are in and out of port to provision. We went by a couple of weeks ago and there were five ships in port.
  13. Getting in and out of the Walmarts in Orlando is a giant PIA. I would just go to Publix or anywhere else for that matter than Walmart. I've never understood why people congregate towards Walmart so much. I'll do anything to avoid it.
  14. I would urge you to fly down as early in the day as you can because the rental companies are running out of cars. Even with those who have confirmed reservations.
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