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  1. You need to calm down and have a glass of Lagavulin. You are so woke that anyone who thinks different than you is a “denier” or any other label you can come up with. Sorry, I ask questions and think for myself. It’s worked so far in life and I don’t plan on changing - even if I trigger some sensitive people along the way. 1.) I will probably take a vaccine (not one of these first two) 2.) I am not a denier 3.) They have zero long term studies of safety 4.) They did not test the vaccine on anyone 80 or older 5.) Vaccines have th
  2. Fun fact - these two vaccines had no participants over the age of 80 in their trials. I’m sure it’ll be okay tho!
  3. Lack of testicular fortitude/common sense is rampant these days. All my spots are open in Colorado! Covid19 loves outdoor areas where people are spread out constantly moving. How dare you!!!
  4. The problem is CVS/Walgreens are the only ones permitted to stick the arms in nursing homes. Tell me how much sense that makes? IF we have vaccines let nurses stick em in!!!! In 2 - 3 months we will be bleeding from the ears with vaccines. It''ll be ok!
  5. I don't think we are disagreeing either. People have every right to be weary of this vaccine (might be different if it was killing everyone) as it came together pretty quickly - no reason to judge them. What if in 5 years all of a sudden you start growing a tail and they say it was because of the vaccine? Then who is the *****? I am only kidding as I personally will be taking the Astra or Johnson vax as I will be flying overseas often in the coming years (positive it will be required to fly internationally) This country doesn't have a problem with "science" - this
  6. Yep funny how that works. Bet his brother will never question him on air about any of this.
  7. My high level of uncommon sense tells me vaccines will be required - how could they not be?!
  8. https://www.thinkglobalhealth.org/article/nursing-doubts-about-vaccine https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-12-31/healthcare-workers-refuse-covid-19-vaccine-access 20-40% refusing https://www.businessinsider.com/houston-doctor-half-the-nurses-wont-get-covid-19-vaccine-2020-12 See attached - from my friend at a Houston hospital - so many nurses want it they are paying them $500 for being good sports! LOL My post makes complete sense - the people who fill hospital beds need to be vaccinated first. Once you bang out a big porti
  9. Bad math Dingleberry. When you vaccinate the older folks, hospitalization rates drop significantly. This was Not Enough Cruising's point and she/her/him/he is spot on. Anyways, a lot of RNs don't want these first two vaccines anyways
  10. Yes I did miss your point. Yes we are vaccinating people which I support. Your experience is different than what my area is experiencing.
  11. Agreed. "College Mixers" makes me laugh. 18+ year olds would also laugh at that - they just want to drink and court one another. The perfect place to do that is bars on a cruise ship!
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