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  1. There is no connection - we will all get Covid19 in our life vaccinated or not.
  2. They are better steaks than MDR, but not close to STK, Ruby's, Cut, etc...
  3. Guess they should redo their entire culinary menu as well... lots of unhealthy food on a cruise ship.
  4. It's delicious ! I don't remember any of the dishes I've had in CK being the same as MDR. They will bring you anything you want from the MDR if you don't see something you like. The food is different, and much better... Great ambiance as well compared to the chow hall !
  5. Vaccines are failing. Look at Israel Glad I'm vaccinated, but outlook looks grim.
  6. So sorry. Hope it's just a cold like it was for me. Unfortunately, this is how it's going to be for a long time. ENDEMIC - not PANDEMIC.
  7. Doesn't really matter. Just get vaccinated. Eventually we are going to have to stop this madness of testing people who aren’t sick. I am fully vaccinated and have Covid right now! Everyone is going to get it…
  8. I hope we roll with it but I fear for the worst
  9. Yes I understand completely and agree with you. Unvaccinated folks are going to drive the spread in the coming months… and even if we are vaccinated we can still get it.
  10. Just be happy you are getting one in! I think they are going to have to hit the pause button again in the next 35-40 days...
  11. I'd be more concerned about # of cycles ran 🤣🤣🤣 Have a great trip!!!
  12. Me too.. Thats okay. I'll get on board when they are no longer required. Everyone else can enjoy in the meantime!!!!
  13. That is absolutely insane (if true) that a 35% occupancy would be profitable. Wow!!!
  14. Hermit Nation Feel bad for folks down there.
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