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  1. Exactly. It has nothing to do with how they “behave.”
  2. There will be at least one dining room open as well as the International Cafe. Information on disembarkation breakfast will be in the Patters.
  3. Thanks for this advice. Since at this point we are only having our port times changed at two ports I’m not expecting anything, however, if there are more changes I will certainly inquire.
  4. We are on the January 26 Crown Cruise and this is disappointing news. Since two other cruise lines cancelled their stops at Antigua it seems that the two port cancellations are probably weather related and not due to the Crown’s propulsion problems. The water problems are another story, though. We are not scheduled to go to Princess Cays so it looks like we won’t get any compensation. We were excited about this cruise because it offered stops at six different islands. Hope we don’t run into too many cancellations. We already knew that our port times had been shortened at a few islands, but that didn’t bother us. We have our fingers crossed.
  5. I’m not sure, but I believe that I read on these Boards that payment for excursions is now taken as soon as you book them. For that reason we’re not booking excursions until we’re really sure that’s what we want.
  6. Well, after reading costalb2000’s post I can see that our January 26 cruise will be affected (which I already assumed). For once we had not precooked any excursions, so we won’t have to make any adjustments there. We’ve been to St. Thomas several times so we’re not too concerned about that. If we’re offered the OBC we may decide to take a ship’s excursion to Magen’s Bay Beach. We’re not interested in shopping in town. Antigua will be a new island for us so I’m not sure what to do.
  7. Good to know as we will be sailing on the Crown on January 26.
  8. Yes, as Istone has said, the dining times are planned to accommodate both traditional dining seatings. We were on the Baltic Regal in August and the shows were excellent, particularly the Beatlemaniacs.
  9. We’re on the Crown on January 26 and we’re dying to hear how this works out for the OP. We received three offers for our August, 2019 Regal Baltic cruise (one Move Over and two Move Down), but didn’t take any of them. We were too interested in taking the cruise. The Caribbean, however, is a different story. We would certainly be interested in accepting an offer for this cruise.
  10. Well done, Princess. A class move.
  11. I agree. All of the soft serve that we have experienced on Princess ships has been poor quality and very disappointing.
  12. 1.) Coral 2.) Regal 3.) Royal 4.) Caribbean That’s all we’ve sailed on so far. Will be sailing on the Crown at the end of the month. We’d also like to try more of the ships that have a full promenade deck. Not really interested in the new ships.
  13. We have had the most cruises on Disney followed by Princess. We love the classic Disney ships, the entertainment and the excellent Disney service. Princess is our second favorite and we have really appreciated their varied itinerary (Alaska, Panama Canal, Baltic, etc.) and will continue to sail with them. We were on 2 RCL cruises and have no desire to return. Lately we’ve been a bit curious about MSC.
  14. Another sincere thank you for taking the time to give us this excellent review. We will be sailing on the Crown on January 26 and have enjoyed this “preview of upcoming attractions “.
  15. Yes, we frequently get this from our Travel Agent. If it is a 7 night cruise then the free specialty dining is probably for one night. They will probably assign you to a specific night and restaurant, but you can easily change this to a night and restaurant of your choice by calling the number for dining reservations on the ship. We have always been able to do this. Enjoy your dinner!
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