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  1. We hope this isn’t true. She’s our favorite Princess ship. We’ve sailed on the Princess to Alaska and also through the Panama Canal. If it weren’t for the pandemic we would have been aboard her in March on a Antarctica/South America cruise.
  2. It sounds like you had a very successful trip. As I mentioned in my previous post, unless things have changed in the last couple of years, the Regal ports many miles away from Stockholm proper. There were passengers who chose to get to the train station and catch a train into Stockholm.
  3. We also did not use a tour in Tallinn. It was walkable and enjoyable. As far as the other cities are concerned several of the attractions required some kind of transportation to get to them, for example, the Vasa Museum, the Vineland Sculpture Park, Rostock and the Schwerin Castle, etc. It would have been challenging to get to these places on your own. If you just stayed in the port or town area you would miss a lot. Also, in Sweden the Regal ports at Nynashamn, several miles from Stockholm. Our table mates chose to tour independently there and very nearly missed the ship at the end of
  4. Well, we were on the August 2019 Regal Baltic cruise and it was fantastic. However, we don’t remember seeing a lot of younger passengers. The cruise was by far, the richest one that we had ever taken in terms of experiences and culture and was, by far, our favorite Princess cruise. Since it was so port intensive we saw a lot less typical cruise activities such as swimming, drinking, and hanging out by the pool. I agree with the previous poster who praised the non-Princess excursions. They had fewer than half of the number of people on the Princess tours and were half of the price. Their
  5. Interesting discussion. Our credit cards have worked well for us. We always pay off our balances and have never incurred an interest charge. In the meanwhile, have used our credit cards as much as possible and have enjoyed many rewards including several free international flights, cash back, many free dinners. Our credit cards have worked very well for us on our cruises and in Europe. For our trips to Europe we take a few hundred dollars of local currency that we purchase from AAA so we don’t need to use an ATM at the airport. We have always come home with leftover currency. For a few o
  6. We would choose Alaska and the 10 Day Caribbean. We have been on both of these cruises once before and enjoyed the itineraries. We have no desire to do a Trans-Atlantic in November. Ugh! The North Atlantic in November would not be conducive to being outside on deck for long and that’s one of our favorite activities. We do like sea days, but not so many in cold weather with possible rough seas. We did, however, enjoy the Regal on our Baltic cruise despite it’s lack of a promenade deck. On the other hand, an extended stay in Europe might sweeten the prospect of a Trans-Atlantic. Have fun
  7. We also found it interesting and it reinforced our determination not to cruise again until the Covid virus is much more under control. As much as we love cruising, it’s not worth risking an experience like the Diamond had. It would have been interesting if they had continued the story to follow some of the people who went home. If I remember correctly, I thought I read that some of those people were infected as a result of being transported with infected passengers on the flight home.
  8. Well, we were supposed to be on a South America/Antarctica cruise on the Coral right now. As much as we were looking forward to that adventure I’m not sure if we’re comfortable taking a 31 day cruise in the future. When the pandemic began last March we followed the Coral closely because that was the cruise that we were signed up for in March 2021. Well, last year on the Coral everything was fine until it wasn’t and then they were denied entry in ports of call and at least one passenger passed away from Covid. Eventually we would like to experience a Mediterranean cruise once things improve
  9. I see that other posters have capably answered your question about finding information on excursions. I routinely check out the Port of Call forum when planning a cruise and that was where I first found out about Alla. Once I became interested in Alla I cross referenced with Trip Advisor and also found excellent reviews. I see that others have answered your inquiry about airline seating. As I mentioned above we booked our flights through EZAir and found that the price on SAS was competitive. We frequently book with American and use air miles, but we found the SAS experience to be preferab
  10. We took this cruise in August 2019 on the Regal and it was fabulous! Such a rich itinerary! We book EZ Air with SAS and we’re very pleased with our experience. We wouldn’t hesitate to fly with SAS again. We also booked the Princess transfers to and from the ship and the process was very smooth. It was too early for us to board the ship when our plane landed so Our Princess transfer gave USA tour of Copenhagen and then took us to the port. After the cruise we stayed in Copenhagen for three nights at the Scandic near the planetarium. This was also close to Tivoli. I believe tha
  11. Although we prefer the ships with full promenades we did enjoy our Baltic Cruise on the Regal. We were in a forward balcony cabin on Caribe deck and would choose that location again if we took another Regal cruise. We loved Captain Tim. Not sure which ship he is on now, but he is our favorite captain thus far.
  12. Although we’ve loved the buffets on the Royal and Regal our all time favorite is the Coral. We’ve sailed on her to Alaska and the Panama Canal and had reservations on her for the early March 2021 South America/Antarctica cruise before Covid ended that plan. We love the full promenade and fore and aft viewing areas on the Coral. After the Coral our next favorite ship would probably be the Crown. We love being at sea and a full promenade is very important to us. SinbadTheSailor stated it perfectly. Big ships without a promenade seem more like a hotel rather than a ship.
  13. Good point about contact tracing. In the event of a Covid case you could be informed if the person that you were sitting next to at Crooners or in the theatre was infected. I just thought about one more feature of the Medallion that we like. Your cabin steward can tell whether you are in or not. On our Medallion cruises we have never been bothered by the steward knocking on the door to see if he or she could come in and clean.
  14. We are in our late 60’s and early 70’s and have been on three Medallion cruises so far and have enjoyed them. I rarely use the phone functions associated with the Medallion, but I do enjoy using it to open our cabin door, pay for purchases, and when we leave and reboard the ship at port stops. It has also come in handy for locating my “better half” from time to time. For these purposes I do not need my phone. I really like the idea of not having to pull out a cruise card for these functions. We do not have a problem with Princess being able to track our location. I consider it a safety f
  15. We sailed on the Regal to St. Petersburg in August 2019 and had an excellent 2 day tour with Alla Tours. There were other highly recommended non-Princess tours that many of the other passengers took. The quality of the tour and guide was first rate and the cost was half of what Princess charged for their tour.
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