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  1. That's completely understandable and reasonable to want. I would imagine a remedy would be to provide "fully vaxxed" cruises from certain ships/locales. I am not vaxxed but I do not want to go on a cruise where I have to be masked up and distanced the whole time either, so we're not booking anything. I also don't want to be on a cruise where it's obvious between the vaxxed and un-vaxxed, I think that's a recipe for judgement and unpleasant verbal exchanges. Will be interesting to see how this plays out for everyone - I can understand both sides of the issue. As an aside, we decided to take a land vacation to Cancun last month and it was a very interesting experience. Masked of course in the airports and customs, but the resorts allowed masks to be optional. We observed maybe 10% of people wearing masks at the resort itself and there was every type of nationality at this particular resort, and of course, there was no way to know who was or wasn't vaxxed. People were still kind to each other, would be nice to see more of that on these boards regarding this topic (not directed at you, just stating in general).
  2. This negates the big picture though and is only focusing on cruising. If you're truly concerned about only being around vaccinated people, living life in general would also have to create big issues for you, not just the cruise. How do you know the people you grocery shop next to are vaccinated? Or at work? Do you currently go to the movies, restaurants, what about that? How do you know the people you're flying with are vaccinated? Once you're off the ship and on an excursion, how do you know the people you're around are vaccinated? What about those nice tight lines in customs with people jammed together! 😉 My point is that if it's truly an issue of grave concern I would imagine it's just best you stay home, because the truth is, you don't know the medical information of the people you're around just by living life day-to-day.
  3. I am tempted to book January 30, 2021 on Symphony, particular sailing has a great JS price. I just don't know if I should pull the trigger - like everyone, I've already been disappointed a couple times this year with bookings. I definitely DON'T want my money tied up - are they still giving refunds?
  4. Jeez, had our March cruise canceled now this...time to change my signature!
  5. Logged in just to report that we finally received our refund today, filled out the form on March 20th.
  6. I'm in Texas and my county has also been sheltering in place since March 14th. The first few days were the most difficult to get used to, but I think we're getting the hang of our "new normal" 😬 I feel like I cook 485 times a day and lord knows every surface has seen Lysol. So far so good though, DH works in one of our spare rooms, I'm in my office, and DS is upstairs playing away, so we spend our days working from home and then have dinner together. We're also sure to get outside for our daily walk/run to get some sunshine and fresh air. We're in a small community so it's quiet for now -- businesses might open in May, still yet to be seen. April will be a long month, but we remind ourselves we're grateful for health and a home to stay safe in. One thing I make sure to do every day is find something funny to keep the spirits up!
  7. Yeah I read the same thing this morning, bummed! I'm in the DFW area and Galveston is a nice place to drive to and cruise from. Understandable though, they're doing what they can given the circumstances. I'm just grateful we're getting Oasis class ships at all 😊
  8. I feel ya! I should be packing today, leaving tomorrow at 7am on a flight to Miami, then boarding Symphony on Saturday. I know there are "bigger problems" to be had, but it's difficult not to feel bummed about something we were looking forward to. One thing is for sure, it will be one hell of a celebration once life resumes to normal again.
  9. We used Travel Insured and took the refund (you can also choose to receive a voucher).
  10. We cruise twice a year and will resume that schedule once it's safe to do so. We absolutely love to vacation this way and can't wait until we're back on a ship!
  11. Jeez. The OP even wrote "potential" in the subject line, there were no absolutes mentioned. I'm surprised to see the arguments that stemmed from a simple post meant to spread some dang hope. I think if anyone here found out they had Covid-19, and started to experience their *health declining*, they'd be hopeful to know there "might" be something that "could" save their life - which is better than nothing, at this point.
  12. Since a vaccine could be a ways off, looks like there could be some promise using antimalarial drugs along with other antibacterial drugs. I heard during the press conference tonight that this combination was going to begin getting used in NY, perhaps beginning on Tuesday. If this is successful, I think it would help settle everything down. At least people would have a fight in the game. Hopefully we'll know more by the end of next week regarding if it's helping people or not. Here's the article, I know other news outlets have written about it as well: https://www.foxnews.com/science/french-researchers-publish-antimalarial-and-antibiotics-combination-that-could-shorten-covid-19
  13. We also decided on a refund yesterday, getting our cash back became our main focus. We can always book another cruise, but having money tied up with the state of the world became unwise for us.
  14. We decided to take the refund, today. We put out a lot of money for this cruise (for us), and I was excited about the extra 25%, but ultimately it no longer makes sense to keep cash tied up in these uncertain times. We have a small business which came to a grinding halt, so the economic impact has been swift for us. I'm now focusing on looking forward to the day we're no longer being told to stay in our homes, heck, going out to dinner will be seen as a luxury once this is all over with (I'm in TX where all restaurants, gyms, non-essential businesses, etc, are shut down). As many have said, once this blows over, we can always book another one.
  15. So what happens for those people who use the FCC to book a cruise in say, May/June, and what if that cruise then gets cancelled? Would they give another 125% FCC? 🧐
  16. I hope so too, Dallas just basically shut down everything today (bars/restaurants/gyms/theaters, etc) and I'm hoping it makes a difference. Everyone needs to do their part if we want to see this thing die down.
  17. RCCL stated FCC will come via email by April 13th
  18. This is what I'm wondering as well. "They" say it'll peak in the USA in 4 - 6 weeks, subside, then might peak again as we near the winter months. Of course, info is constantly changing so who really knows. Partly why I'm curious on when people are planning to rebook though I suppose many of us are waiting for our FCC to show up anyway before we do so.
  19. I'm only curious about those who DO plan to rebook 😊
  20. I know the situation seems to change by the hour, but curious to see when people are planning to rebook!
  21. WRONG. There is a Frisco, TX man who gave Covid-19 to his wife and *three* year old after traveling to a conference in Silicon Valley. I agree that there shouldn't be panic but we shouldn't be cocky about it either. We don't even know what/if there are any long term health effects after an infection. I, for one, am not comfortable with the unknowns even if it might be "mild" due to my age and health.
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