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    Think the price will drop?

    JamieLogical, here are my thoughts..... If only looking at the price of a cabin just before final payment is due and then shortly after final payment, every cruise we have been on the price has dropped - and we have been on 13 cruises with NCL. But in our case, because we tend to book so far in advance, we still came out ahead by sticking with our original booking on 12 of the 13 cruises. For example, a family suite for our March 2019 Panama Canal Cruise when we booked was $3299pp, right before final payment it was listed for $4049pp, today a week after final payment it is listed for $3899pp (and there are only a handful of suites left - most are all sold out). So there was a price drop after final payment, but you would still have paid more than if you booked early. So in my opinion I think the prices will drop from the current price....... but will the drop be more than what you paid is the question. We tend to book suites, and if you were in a suite, and there were a lot of suites left, I would have said wait, I think it will drop more than $60pp ..... but I’ve never tracked the cost of balconies so no opinion in how much the drop will be, but I would bet there will be a drop. No matter what you decide, let us know what happens to the price after final payment, curious. Either way have an awesome cruise!
  2. deefer

    NCL CAS Offer

    That’s awesome! You still have to pay taxes/port fees & a small admin fee but still a great deal! This is how we were first introduced to NCL. But now we get much better offers by phoning CAS directly. For example, we also each just got an offer from Foxwoods for an inside cabin (I believe we have to pick up the certificate Dec1), we can combine them and get an oceanview, sailings are limited to Alaska & the Caribbean for us. By phoning CAS directly we were comped a mini suite on a 14 day Panama Canal Cruise. If you’ve sailed and gambled on NCL in the past I would give NCL a call, they may be able to give you a better offer than your Foxwoods certificate. Either way congratulations and a have a fantastic cruise!
  3. deefer

    Swimming with Dolphins....Caribbean Ports

    When you are out in the water you “swim” with 2 dolphins. Really it’s more like they push/pull you around the water than actually swim, but it was really fun. For example, you float with arms stretched out, palms facing back and a dolphin swims up on each side of you, their fins meet up with your hands and they take you for a ride. They do take pictures, we had a water camera and got some amazing photos so we did not purchase them. I do remember thinking that they were expensive but I’m sorry cannot recall the actual cost.
  4. deefer

    Swimming with Dolphins....Caribbean Ports

    We did the Royal Dolphin Swim at Chankanaab Park in Cozumel. Truly enjoyed it. It was a 2 dolphin experience, in the ocean, not a pool. If if one of your stops is in Cozumel check it out.
  5. Thanks! The other day when I clicked on the search box the drop down menu did not show up.....but it did today! Thanks again!
  6. They recently updated the site....I cannot figure out how to do a search within a specific board either. So following this thread to see what the answer is.
  7. deefer

    Test post with photo

    Thanks LC & MsJ! I’m going to give it a try. On an iPad....let’s see what happens, photo one.... Photo two.. Looks like it worked! Thanks again LC1950 & MsJersey84!
  8. deefer

    Test post with photo

    Could you please share what you did to “split” the photos and insert words. Couldn’t figure it out 😫
  9. deefer

    Test post with photo

    Testing again to see if can put in script between photos Let’s see if it worked....did not. If someone figures out how to split the photos so there can be text between them please share
  10. deefer

    Test post with photo

    Now testing to see if can break up photos with script.... Not sure what went wrong, now when I click on the link to attach a photo it says there are no photos in my library but I was able to post one in the previous post. I will wait a couple of days to see if they work out the kinks
  11. deefer

    Test post with photo

    Just testing adding a photo
  12. deefer

    Shopping on board

    This is always our 1st purchase, spend $250 for $500 worth of certificates then go "shopping" with whatever is left! Another poster mentioned tips, I did not think that non refundable obc could be used for tipping (that's the type of obc we tend to have offered to us)
  13. deefer

    Looking for advice

    I saw it too, looked into it and quickly concluded it’s not a good product for me. I can’t remember the name of the company but it didn’t appear to be a direct NCL product as when I clicked on the link it brought me to a completely different web site. They charge you interest, so the cruise costs you more. I think I saw the interest rate around 8-10%. As another poster already said if you book the cruise a few months out you can go on line every month/week or whatever and make regular payments interest free!
  14. deefer

    Shopping on board

    Whenever I have non refundable obc I stock up on high end makeup & skin care products. I have also bought a very nice movado watch (which ended up being cheaper on the ship than on land, dumb luck that I hit a good sale!) and some nice Swarovski jewelry. Most goods (except for cigs/alcohol) tend to be more expensive on board but if you don’t use that non refundable obc you lose it - so I rather have some Lancôme mascara that I paid 2 more dollars for using obc than nothing at all. Some ships do have handbags but I’m sorry cannot recall which brands they were. I know I have never seen Coach or Louis Vuitton. The selection varies ship to ship. I think that some of the smaller ships don’t even carry makeup but I could not be remembering properly as I don’t always “shop”. Enjoy your trip and hope Mrs Gut finds stuff she likes in the stores🚢👜🛍
  15. As well said NLH Arizona ....so weird!