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  1. Someone in another thread posted that they got an advantage upgrade notification ( to bid on cabins) for their Jade July 25th sailing. So it still looks promising.
  2. Are business class seats an option? On our long haul flights (>10 hrs) we book with points as paying outright for the flights is a little too rich for our blood…..but if we could get a “buy one get one free” it maybe doable!
  3. May not be the case…..our Singapore cruise in 2018 disappeared for months before sailing bc it was sold out….it reappeared briefly after final payment was due as some cabins became available, then promptly disappeared again. Hope this is the case with your cruise….I am a “glass half full” kind of person!
  4. Maybe it is just sold out…..there are a lot of people looking to use there FCC and we have been on many cruises that are sold out 6-8 weeks before sailing (especially the ones with more exotic ports) 🤞
  5. We are booked on a 12 day Cape Town cruise in Jan 2022. Our plan is to get to South Africa 10 days before the cruise, do a Safari in Kruger Park and explore some of South Africa before getting on the ship. We have never been on a Safari before but our understanding is that the best game viewing is very early in the morning and at dusk. These times will make it difficult to get a good safari experience as a shore excursion. I am following this thread with great interest as would love to hear what others have experienced! Fingers crossed that our cruise will
  6. …….if you’re curious as to what the certificate looks like (pen strategically covers my name😀)
  7. We were on the Star in 2019 - (west to east) Every Sea Day before Day 11 (that was the Panama Canal Day) a lecture at 930a was offered in the Stardust Theatre. These were the topics: Day 2 - The Panama Canal: How it Works Day 4 - Why Panama? Why not Nicaragua? Day 6 - Panama Canal: How it was built Day 10 - Panama under American Occupation I found the information very good, the presentation was a little on the flat side but went to all the lectures and would recommend them. Don’t worry if you miss a lecture - they played on a loop on Channel 3
  8. You just met your first medical professional who wears her mask at all times when outside (except if alone in my car). Because it is impossible to wear a mask and eat/drink we only get take out from restaurants. I never relax by a pool but I did play 90 minutes of pickle ball the other day and wore my mask the entire time. I will wear a mask when outside my cabin on my cruise in Jan 2022 (if the cruise is not cancelled 🤞). The vaccines are fantastic but they are not 100% effective and with these new covid variants being more virulent I think it will be several more months before my
  9. The most important part of a “cruising” vacation for me is the ports. We pay a huge amount of money to be able to unpack once and see various parts of the world. The breeze from the ocean makes it a pleasant way to travel from place to place but for us this is no where near the most important part of such a vacation. I have yet to lay on a lounge chair in the sun - and we have done 14 cruises. We pick itineraries with very few sea days, (I personally find sea days boring) which is why we would have no problem cruising wearing a mask as it would do little to diminish the experience for us.
  10. We did a Singapore to Hong Kong in 2018. I attached a link to the review I did at the time (I hope it works, it’s hit and miss when I copy and paste on my iPad). Singapore, Bangkok and Ko Sumai (not sure if you stop there) are in this review. The other ports I’m pretty sure will not be relevant to your cruise but you can just scroll through those. Hope this gives you some ideas. Loved this holiday!
  11. We were in 12030 and had no issues with fogged windows. This was in 2016. The nice thing about this cabin is the window cut out a bit so you actually have a bit of a forward facing view also.
  12. Did not miss the balcony at all. I think that’s because the cabin is so large and you have a wall of floor to ceiling windows. if the decision is between a regular balcony or club balcony cabin vs family suite. My vote would be for the family suite for sure. When we booked the family suite on the Star the decision we had to make was family suite or aft penthouse suite (which has a balcony but room is much smaller). We had never sailed without a balcony but because the 9 day cruise only had 2 sea days we decided the larger space and $$ saved by going with a family suite
  13. Here’s another one .... we cancelled on April 21st (by phone) for a Sept cruise (final payment was due at the end of May). We were told it could take up to 90 days. Got the cruise next certificates back in our account within 3 days and the remainder $1000 credited to our credit card on April 29th - 8 days! Nice surprise.
  14. I just hope no one in the group is also on cruise critic otherwise your caught 😁 I have no advice, just wishing you luck on this endeavor!
  15. We were on the Jewel in an aft suite on deck 10 in March 2018 - back then NCL did not charge more for these aft suites. Here are a couple of photos of the balcony - you can see it easily accommodates forward facing loungers! Enjoy your travels!
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