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  1. Thanks very much. Based on the responses I've received, I think this is where we will end up. Appreciate the info!
  2. Thank you so much for that info! 🙂
  3. Thank you! This is what we are considering doing. Pricing for transfers are not yet available on my planner, so I have no idea what they are. But they are still likely much higher than simply getting a car service.
  4. Certainly no insult intended. I have never stayed i Brooklyn either, so no comment from us re actual experience. But from reading these boards, that is often the response. I will absolutely take a look at the Marriott. Does it offer a shuttle to the ship?
  5. Thanks to you both. It helps in planning to know that. Air Canada flies into LGA. I know hotels in Brooklyn are not recommended, so figured we would stay out near the airport then head in the following morning. Not worthwhile going all the way into Manhattan. On a similar note, does Cunard do airport transfers from LGA? If we were to stay at an airport hotel, we could head back to arrivals and meet up with the Cunard transfer. We have done this in the past on other lines. Having never sailed Cunard, I am not familiar with their policies.
  6. Just starting to outline our plans for our first Cunard crossing in 2022. We plan on flying in one day early into LaGuardia. No plans to go into Manhattan. Can someone please advise which hotels Cunard has used in the past in the LGA area. Many thanks!
  7. What a coincidence - we just booked this cabin too for the first time! 🙂
  8. We had 2 FCC's that were put back into our account when we cancelled this year's Baltic/TA on the Sky. Both were due to expire within the coming months, and from reading these boards, I was not confident the $100 would be returned to us if we did not use them. So we have booked 50 nights to South America on the Discovery in January 2022. Its far enough out (hopefully) that we will get a clear picture of what the "new normal" will be in terms of cruising. We had the option of booking this as one cruise for a cheaper price and perks. But Princess will not allow the use of FCC's o
  9. Really??? Why??? I would MUCH rather be home, or on land, where availability to hospitals/treatment is readily available. And where I will be in charge of my OWN situation, not held prisoner for days on end on a ship because someone ELSE is ill.
  10. Forgive me if this has been asked (and answered), but I just wonder why we are not hearing about any issues of passengers with fevers and coughs on any other cruise line. Clearly this is not a Princess issue. How is this being handled on the other lines? I admit I don't read every post made on CC for all lines, but I am curious that there is nothing on the news about infected people tracing back to cruise ships other than the two "big" news stories (Diamond and Grand). A friend currently sailing on Azamara reported that they had to miss a port (Madagascar) as it was closed to AL
  11. Just read all 13 pages (so far) of your thread, Keith. Loved every minute - thank you so much for doing this! We were booked to sail for the 21 day itinerary, but sadly had to cancel. We have many friends on board. So through you I am able to feel like we are with you all!!! 🙂
  12. Just came across this review today for the first time. Absolutely AMAZING. And timely for us as we will be boarding the Equinox on Saturday for the first time. Hope you are enjoying your current cruising season, and I look forward to your review. (from a fellow RCMP retiree from "O" Division) 🙂
  13. We don't care for Club 6 either, and after a couple of initial visits, we never went back. I was hopeful that Take 5 was different/improved (like they seem to have improved Princess Live).
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