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  1. I was on the Edge this past week. Lauren was the CD.
  2. I called last Friday. I was on hold for a hour and somebody picked up and the call dropped. Called back sat on hold for 17 minutes and call dropped. Called back sat on hold for an hour and 20 minutes and was booked on the Edge for New Years Week for fees/tips. Well worth the 2.5 hours for a $5500 cruise! I wouldn't trust waiting 2 weeks and them saying we have cabins left.
  3. It says Existing bookings. Which my cruise still exists and they haven't canceled it yet... worth a shot I guess. Existing bookings and new bookings made May 6, 2020 through August 1, 2020, are eligible to be rescheduled to the following cruise year at the initial price and/or promotion when selecting an alternative sailing of the same itinerary type, ship class, stateroom category, and voyage length within four weeks of the original sail date. Only guests originally booked on a Holiday sailing may move to a Holiday sailing the following year. The decision to adjust a current booking to the following cruise year must be made by August 1, 2020. If rescheduling within the penalty period of the original sailing date, penalties will be carried over to the new booking should the new booking be canceled later. You may only reschedule a sailing once.
  4. Our cruise has been canceled yes but no refund has come our way yet or fcc email. Plus the cruise still appears in my account to get ready to sail.
  5. I have a cruise on the equinox that I got all 4 perks plus $500 on board credit that was suppose to be Memorial Day weekend. Would I qualify for this change to next year and keep your promotions? I got one heck of a deal!
  6. My Wife and I will be cruising the equinox in May and have the premium drink package. Interested in knowing if anyone has menu's for the bars? Especially the Martini bar and if they have a wine bar that as well! Thanks!
  7. Sushi on 5 $30 all you can eat any night?
  8. Anyone who went on the first cruise out have any main dining room menu's and daily schedules of what's going on? My wife and I are heading on that ship in a couple months! Thanks!
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