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  1. We went on a boat for snorkeling first in a couple places and then to a secluded beach. While they set up we took a walk up to the high spot of the island. There were yummy sides and lobster that we ate on picnic benches. There was time after to snorkel around the boat.
  2. Our last cruise in 2019 had a port stop in Antigua. We took a really nice excursion. I don't remember if it was a ship excursion or not. It was titled "Creole cruise and lobster lunch" Very enjoyable and a good way to spend the day.
  3. I volunteer at the wildlife refuge. Working with wild animals is something I always wanted to do. I wanted to work at a zoo but life got in the way and had a different path. Now I can pick how many days a week I want to work and when. Gives me a place to talk with other adults and be productive plus work with the animals I love. It is really enriching my life now. I hope you find just the right thing for you.
  4. Glad you didn't run into the house. I have had a lot of cars in my life. I don't know the exact number but my favorite was my Chrysler 200. I have a 300 now because they don't make the 200 anymore.
  5. There are help wanted signs everywhere here. Not just restaurants but all the stores, manufacturing etc. My son is working 7 days a week because they can't get anyone to apply for the other position.
  6. Wow. I took my classes and got my learner's permit when I was 15. My license at 16. I love to drive. I am the one who drives when we go long distance.
  7. Thank you for the information. They say that it can take 3 years for Maine Coons to get to full size. She is growing really fast right now though.
  8. I have thought about it. My husband does all the scooping while I work on food and meds so it hasn't been a priority for me. LOL Does it take special litter? Does it fit large cats? Elmer is large 20 lbs and Samantha may get pretty big. Was it hard to get your cats used to using it?
  9. Aww kitty purrs are the best. They get along for the most part. The two grey cats fight sometimes but nothing serious. They have all been very nice to little Samantha which I am very happy for.
  10. Just had to comment. I wouldn't worry about S. Florida. They seem to still follow the protocols. I have read comments from people who live there about still wearing masks. That is where the school districts would not give the parents opt outs for the kids wearing masks. As for the booster, I got mine 3 weeks ago at Publix. I just got online and picked which shot I wanted 1st, 2nd or 3rd and which manufacturer Moderna or Pfizer. Super easy. The only problem with the flights might be if that is an outbreak of the Freedom Flu that week. Hopefully by the time you are flying that won't be an issue anymore. Tests should be easier to get then too. I drove by the testing site here two different times yesterday and there was no one there expect the people who do the tests.
  11. I am sorry for your loss. I just told my husband yesterday we will need to get the leaf sweepers out soon.
  12. Since you asked. LOL. Samantha has decided that the bed is a good place to hang out. I had to take the puffy soft pad out. I put it in her playpen and she beats it up.
  13. Pumpkin fields would be fun to see. When we lived in Texas my parents and I would pick peaches in the Hill Country each year. Yum.
  14. Here we have corn, soy bean, cotton and peanuts. My favorite fields are the sunflower fields in South Dakota.
  15. My neighbor is turning the peanuts in the field across the street. I think this is his last peanut field to harvest. Then he will be on to beans and cotton.
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