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  1. I belonged to a gym for years before we moved and never got a cold so maybe it was something else that was exposing you to the cold virus.
  2. Where gyms have opened there have been no documented cases attributed to them. I have been getting my nails done every other week here and have felt perfectly safe. As long as people are not crowded together and everything is wiped down after use there would be no problem. Standing in a line waiting for something to open would be more problematic in my opinion.
  3. It would have to be the quick test. The longer test would do no good since if there was a positive test result found days later it would defeat the purpose of testing.
  4. Would that be one of the tests like DeWine took or a different one?
  5. When we lived in Texas there were a lot of raccoons, deer, coyotes and the last couple of years bobcats. Here we have seen deer and foxes. It will be interesting to see what else is out there when we have time to set up the game camera.
  6. It is. The nursery tree people are so thoughtful. They planted camellias next to us so we could enjoy the blooms.
  7. East of us are cotton and peanut fields, North and West is a nursery tree farm that is 350 acres and South of us is a home (we each have 10 acres). The way their house is situated we have a view of their horses and back pasture.
  8. We live on a road that is a mile long. There are 7 houses on the road. I never see my neighbors except at a great distance.
  9. Ok. I just have to ask. Since the purpose of wearing a mask is to protect others on the off chance a person is asymptomatic why would she need to wear one in a car if she and you are the only passengers? Maybe the other activities if you live in a crowded area but here I can take the garbage out and get the mail without seeing another person.
  10. Several people on here have said to "follow Dr. Fauci, Dr. Fauci is their hero" I am not sure why Dr. Fauci's actions would not be acceptable to follow.
  11. Like I said I will follow Dr. Fauci's lead. By the way he was sitting next to a gentleman who I don't believe lives in his home.
  12. I will wear my mask just like Dr. Fauci at a baseball game.
  13. I am on the other side of Florida so no rain for me. In fact we are going to have a dry week ahead. Camping is not for me either but I like all the upgrades everyone does to their camp sites. I have a set of Southern Living Cookbooks but lately I have been cooking out of Pioneer Woman and Magnolia Table. We have a Vera Bradley outlet not too far away and that is where I go for purses. The last time I was there a line about 20 people long were waiting to get in so I will wait till next time. I dislike shopping in general and especially now with all the rules so I have been using Amazon for any non-food items and Land's End for clothes. Winn Dixie is a quick stop for food items.
  14. I know here we were eating dinner and were offered to go cups for our margaritas. I was finished but my husband got the rest of his in a nice coke cup with ice and a straw. Fun times!
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