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  1. The cruise lines can't wait forever for the CDC to give them guidelines that are possible to accomplish. The cruise lines are probably working every angle and potential homeport to get cruising again. As time goes by they will establish homeports in other countries with infrastructure to handle the bigger ships. It may be hard for them to come back to the US once they have invested in other countries especially if they can fill ships from there. Other countries may be welcoming of fully vaccinated tourists spending money on things like hotels, restaurants, tours etc. because with flying in
  2. My husband was supposed to get his second shot tomorrow at Publix. They called him today and asked if he could come in now because so many people didn't show up for their appointments today they were going to have to throw out doses. Maybe they went to the walk in clinic that they are holding every day this week instead. It won't be long before any one in my county who wants a shot will have been able to get one.
  3. I think some people only want threads and posts that agree with their own point of view and want any other point of view taken down. This thread does have to do with cruising or the lack thereof in US waters. Unfortunately it became political when CBS/60 minutes tried to slant a piece about cruising a certain way.
  4. Cruises that are not happening? Are you not capable to scroll on past a thread? If you don't want to read about a particular subject just don't click.
  5. It does make South Dakota our vacation destination this summer. Knowing that things are open for business and restrictions are minimal will make for a relaxing vacation.
  6. Super easy to get a shot if you want one here. Everyone I know who wants the vaccine is at least scheduled for their first shot. We have so many different places that are giving out shots CVS, Walgreens, Publix, and the Health Department Mass Clinic. They even have a number you can call for home bound people to receive shots at their home.
  7. The Blue Angels will sometimes practice in our area. They are amazing and so much fun to watch.
  8. Gee what could go wrong? What are the certain actions? Quarantine to your cabin for the rest of the cruise? What about a false positive? Even the CDC says that if you are vaccinated and exposed you don't need to quarantine or test unless you have symptoms.
  9. Nowhere and no I don't think they care. It is the principal of the tracking that I am not willing to just accept. As for the covid app or tracelets there are just too many unanswered questions. How close do you need to be to someone and for how long to be notified? How many days out? How contagious was that person at that time? For instance could you have been in a store, passed by a person, who 5 days later tested positive? On the ship could you have been in the same dining room but far away from someone who tests positive causing you to be let off at the next port?
  10. There are only 7 houses on my mile long road and all are far away from the road with trees so you actually could walk my neighborhood and not be recorded. I know there are many ways to be located if someone really wants to. Some take warrants and some are available to anyone with time on their hands who want to look through hours of tape. I won't add to those possibilities with an app on my phone.
  11. Wow that is a lot of tests. Neither my husband or myself have had a reason to get a single test.
  12. We are in North West Florida and drive over to Beau Rivage in Biloxi, Mississippi. There is a casino in Atmore, Alabama Wind Creek that is nice but we really like the Terrace Cafe for lunch at Beau Rivage. There are several casinos in Biloxi so if one is not paying we can try another one.
  13. My dog loves that commercial. As soon as he hears the start of it he runs to the tv.
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