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  1. ShakeDaddy

    How cold is Breakaway on the Baltic Sea?

    You better bring All Your Warm Gear. If NOT Your absolutely Going to Freeze !!!! Just thinking about your consequences, Possibly thinking of bring the Russian Army !!!
  2. ShakeDaddy

    Hours of MDR on embarkation day

    Get your arse on the ship Early !!! After 12 noon,,,, good luck to you.
  3. ShakeDaddy

    Celebrity Reflection so dark!

    Ensemble lounge should be dark always,,,,i.e. Jazz, Frank S, .and Great Mood Cocktails. Get Over IT.....this is Not Al Bacio. The Setting Works and is Not Even Close. An S Class ship is NOT Suppose To BE,,,,the Good Ship Disney LoLLYPop !!!!! Hahaha
  4. ShakeDaddy

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    You nailed it second guessing for sure. My haven bid compared to the overall balcony cruise price was almost double. :eek: What was I thinking?? Couldn't get into the NCL system, "Fast Enough", to cut my Bid in Half and let it ride for next Saturdays TA !!
  5. ShakeDaddy

    Booking 3 people

    Since 2014....That's Not Surprising. Perks going Down. Prices Going UP !!
  6. ShakeDaddy

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    You guys are really sad hanging your hope on 1% hoping your low ball bid gets accepted. Really do not want my bid to accepted, seriously don't even want to be upgraded to Haven. Happy being in the balcony originally purchased. Declined my Haven bid today Before it was Accepted !!!
  7. ShakeDaddy

    Celebrity Reflection so dark!

    Perfect lighting on Celebrity, love the ruby and blues hues !!! If you want bright lighting go on Disney......
  8. ShakeDaddy

    Haven actually worth 14k?

    Have you lost your MIND??? Get your sorry arse in a balcony !!!
  9. Good luck rookie. I'm sure the 1 poster specials get rough seas and storms !!! Hopefully you didn't book an inside room? :eek:
  10. ShakeDaddy

    What is OP?

    What....No Wonder YOU have 9,000+ posts??? haha
  11. ShakeDaddy

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    NCL played You. Relax and get over It. So What, IF you Fell for the Competitive upgrade process? Once on the ship you can always go to Customer Services and plead your case. haha. Bid was "Not Accepted". :hearteyes:
  12. ShakeDaddy

    Guilty conscience about accessible room

    Agree, Congrats you nailed It. That's right, "There is No Reason". Go ahead and justify, NCL allows you to book a handicap room without any disability,,,very sad for them. I'll say it again..... What is Wrong With Those? Just because you can, actually makes things very convenient for the opportunist looser living without a conscious. :')
  13. Those comparison pics gives you a great idea on expectations. For me I would call and try to move cabins. Personally, like the more desirable amenities in a regular balcony over a larger accessible cabin.
  14. That's Classic!! :cool:
  15. ShakeDaddy

    Hawaii cruise RT fr LA

    Elites are never wrong. How can you call them out?? :eek: